59 BEST Etsy Tools for Etsy Sellers to Help You Grow Your Business

Running an Etsy shop is difficult with so many things to think about and do. There are so many Etsy tools available its hard to pick which to use and many you may not even know about.

In this article, I share the tools to grow your business, tools for keyword research, and productivity tools to help you become more efficient.

I will highlight my favorite tools and the ones I still use today in managing my own Etsy shop.

This blog post contains links to services I recommend. I may receive a commission if you purchase a product or service through a link on this site. This does not cost you or impact your purchase in any way.

Etsy Tool and Keyword Research Tools

Understanding Etsy search is extremely important for anyone who sells on Etsy. It’s the key to getting your listings to high up the SERPs and to benefit from organic search. Successful Etsy sellers use them and you don’t want to be left behind.

I use these tools for my Etsy research including working out which products to sell on Etsy and getting insight into what to set my sale price as.

Here are some of the best Etsy SEO Tools out there.

Our Pick


My Etsy favorite Etsy Keyword tool. Having tested both Marmalead and eRank, I found I preferred the eRank interface, the masses of critical data it provides, and the fact that eRank includes additional functionality aimed at print-on-demand sellers (like me).


eRank and Marmalead (see below) are the two market-leading tools for keyword research for Etsy search engine optimization. Erank is cheaper than Marmalead and offers additional functionality for print-on-demand sellers along with Etsy listing grader and Etsy Tag analysis tools.

This is my go-to tool that I have used since I started my Etsy business. I couldn’t live without it. Analyzing Etsy products, looking for trends, finding low competition terms, the number of uses goes on and on.


Marmalead is the original Etsy Keyword tool, loved by sellers on Etsy of handmade and vintage items. Much of the functionality is similar to Erank such as the Etsy tag analyzer and listing grading, but Marmalead includes things like Storm which is great for getting new ideas for tags.


Alura is a powerful Etsy SEO Keyword tool that can help you to improve your items and boost your traffic and sales. With Alura, you can easily track your progress and see which search terms are working well for you.

You can also get insights into your competitors’ strategies so that you can stay one step ahead. In addition, Alura makes it easy to manage your product photos and create professional-looking product descriptions.

With its wide range of features, Alura is an essential tool for any Etsy store owner who wants to get the most out of their business.


Similar to Alura, EtsyHunt is an Esty SEO Keyword tool that shows estimated sales data for listings and shops. With two really useful Chrome Extensions and (they claim) the world’s largest Etsy product database, I strongly recommend you check them out.


Everbee Etsy Keyword Research Tool is a powerful tool that allows you to optimize your Etsy shop for better search engine ranking. It provides you with tools to easily identify and optimize keyword phrases that your potential customers are searching for, and make sure that your shop is visible in search results.

Using Everbee is easy and straightforward. You can quickly identify the best keywords you should be targeting, and then track their performance in search engine results.

The tool also helps you optimize your product titles, descriptions, and tags, so that your products are more likely to be found in searches.

Sales Samurai

Sales Samurai is an Etsy marketing tool that helps shop owners boost their sales and exposure. It does this by optimizing listings for maximum searchability, providing detailed analytics and insights, and automating some of the tedious tasks involved in online selling.

As a result, the tool can help Etsy sellers carry out product research, save time and increase their earnings.

Keywords Everywhere

A Chrome Extension-based tool that provides additional data for searches you make on Google and Etsy. For example, it shows the Google search volume of searches you make in Google and suggests similar keywords that can help spot trends, find new product ideas and conduct market research.

The tool also provides the Google search volume stats alongside the searches you make in the Etsy search bar.

Keywords Everywhere is great at h helping to find hashtags for you to use on Instagram. Simply go to Instagram on your desktop, click the hashtag symbol and hit search. KE then gives a list of tags with the usage volumes.


Keywords.io is a free tool for finding longtail keywords across a number of platforms. Whilst the list of platforms doesn’t include Etsy, it can still be extremely helpful in finding terms to research further in your favorite Etsy seller tools.

Etsy Search Bar

Looking for product or keyword ideas? Want a free keyword research tool? The auto-complete on the Etsy search bar can be extremely helpful as it provides insight into recent searches on the marketplace.

Check out a guide on the best Etsy SEO Tools

Etsy Product Photos & Videos


If you are selling print-on-demand products on Etsy and don’t want to order items and go through the hassle of doing a photoshoot then Placeit is THE tool for you. Simply upload your design to the platform and you can see your design on thousands of mockups including t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, hoodies etc.

Placeit also has video mockups so you can get a video of your design on a video of someone wearing it.

Whilst you can buy flat lay mockups I use Placeit to give my shop a wider variety of images and models as well as using Placeit mockups in my social media marketing.



If you are selling vintage clothing it can be difficult to do amazing product photography without spending lots of money on professional-grade equipment. This is where Pixelcut comes in. Improving your images will help grow your shop.


Etsy continues to favor shops that use videos in their product listings. Creating videos from scratch can be time-consuming so this is where Minta comes in. They describe themselves as the automated content marketing platform.

Simply integrate the tool with your Etsy shop and Minta will gather your product images and create a video slideshow using them. You can add music, effects, and text too.


What a free way to show off your design process for your Etsy shops about page? Loom is great for this and even has a chrome extension too. You can record up to 5 minutes of screen (and face) footage for free and share it to your shop. Ideal for standing out from the crowd and giving your customers a little look behind the curtain.


Canva is an online design tool that has so many use cases for an Etsy seller. From creating your shop banner and logo to creating social media posts and scheduling them to be posted across various social media channels.

You can even use Canva to create templates to sell on Etsy.


Evlista is a bulk image and video editor which also offers email functionality that is integrated in to Etsy and adheres to their policies.


GetVela is similar to Evlista, but more expensive and doesn’t offer email functionality. It was the market leader in this space, but I feel its got lazy and let others (Evlista) over take them.

Social Media


Whilst Etsy has 90+million active buyers it’s still useful to build a following via social media. This becomes especially useful if you decide you want to open a website alongside your Etsy shop. Here are our favorite social media sites to publish your listings to:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok
  5. Pinterest
  6. Youtube


If you post on social media you know how time-consuming it can be, especially if you are posting to more than one platform and or you manage multiple shops on Etsy. Here are a number of social media management tools that help streamline and in some cases automate the process:

  1. Outfy – Outfy uses automation to create social media posts from the products you list on Etsy
  2. FP Traffic – Great for building a niche-based following on Facebook and Instagram. You can quickly set up and schedule images to be shared on your social media profiles.
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Later
  5. Tailwind
  6. Buffer


With so many tasks to manage and keep track of finding the right tools is key. Here are a collection of the ones I use. These productivity tools make life easier and I couldn’t do without them.


Asana is a work management platform that helps teams plan, track, and manage their work. Ideal if there is more than you working on your Etsy business.

Asana allows users to create and assign tasks, set due dates and priorities, and track the progress of projects. Asana also offers features such as team calendars, custom fields, and task dependencies. Asana is designed to help teams better collaborate on their work and get more done. Did you know more than 85,000 organizations worldwide use Asana, including companies like Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, and Pinterest.

Asana Features


Evernote is a note-taking app that helps you keep track of everything in your life and or Etsy store. You can use it to take notes, save web pages, and even record audio notes. Evernote syncs across all of your devices, so you can always access your notes no matter where you are.

And because Evernote is cloud-based, you can share your notes with others and collaborate on projects. Whether you’re taking notes for school or work, or just trying to keep track of your daily life, Evernote is a great tool to help you stay organized and productive.

Google Drive & One Drive

Having access to all your files no matter where you are can be a lifesaver. Ensuring that your files are backed up is even more important. I use both Google Drive and One Drive to backup and sync all my documents in the cloud so that when I’m away from my desktop, I can still access all my Etsy-related designs and shop-related files.

Google Sheets & Excel

Every business runs on spreadsheets and my Etsy business is no exception to that rule. I use Excel to run my finances and order tracking spreadsheets and I really couldn’t do without it.


Keep is Google’s version of Evernote. It allows you to store notes in the cloud and sync them across multiple devices. I use Keep to capture design ideas that I later turn in to print on-demand products. It’s free too.


Trello is a project management tool that helps you stay organized and on track. It’s simple to use and easy to get started with, making it a great option for small businesses and individuals alike.

Trello lets you create boards, which are like virtual bulletin boards, and add lists and cards to them. You can use Trello to keep track of tasks, Ideas, deadlines, and anything else you need to stay on top of. And because it’s online, you can access your Trello boards from anywhere, making it perfect for collaboration.

eCommerce & Blogging

If you are lucky enough to have consistent sales on the Etsy marketplace you may want to branch out to your own website to sell your products and or build a following through blogging.


The most well-known market leader, Shopify is a fantastic eCommerce platform for selling your products. There are many apps available, including some that will help manage your inventory across both Etsy and Shopify.

Launch Cart

A challenger to Shopify‘s position. Launch Cart provides an eCommerce platform that includes a free plan so can run an online store alongside your Etsy shop.

Launch Cart


Squarespace is a beginner-friendly eCommerce platform with quick-start themes and prebuilt pages help to get you going fast.


BigCommerce was founded in Australia and offers a 15-day free trial that provides functionality to enable you to advertise and sell products across many different channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


WIX is maybe the simplest system for constructing sites and doesn’t demand any technological aptitude or programming. It has commercial abilities and most recently added affiliations with Printful and Printify giving a plentiful selection of wares.


A WordPress-based eCommerce platform that has heaps of functionality and plugins, is cheap to run but comes with a steep learning curve.


The blogging platform can be utilized on a self-hosted basis or hosted on WordPress.com. It’s cheap and fairly easy to run with many plug-ins to help grow a blog.

Print On Demand

In recent years Etsy made a change to its policies which allowed Etsy Sellers to use manufacturers to produce items that the seller had designed. Through integration with Etsy, the print-on-demand supplier can automatically receive an order from your Etsy store, print the item, and ship it for you. Here are a few of my favorites.


Printful is one of the most renowned and esteemed print-on-demand businesses in existence. It does all its printing internally and has 17 distribution centers spread across many countries like the US, UK, Spain, and more. Furthermore, it links to 18 different eCommerce platforms plus 4 marketplaces which makes it a great selection regardless of what platform you are using for sales. It is especially praised for its superior print quality.

Etsy Tools - Printful


Printify is another of the large well-known print-on-demand sellers. Boasting a catalog of over 500 products to choose from, competitive pricing and a premium plan (with free trial) that reduces prices further, Printify is a great option. It’s worth noting that Printify doesn’t do any printing or fulfillment in house rather it partners with print companies across the globe.


Artsadd is a company located in China that specializes in printing items on demand and provides services to the USA and Australia as well. Products like AOP trainers and bags are among the many options offered. Shopify users can take advantage of Artsadd’s services, which include manual order support and CVS bulk order uploading. Moreover, Artsadd is a part of Printify’s network of printing partners, so people can access it through Printify.


Like Printify, Gelato has a vast global production and delivery network with over 100 printing facilities located across 34 countries, making it more robust and efficient in terms of time and cost of shipping; as well as being environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is seamlessly integrated with the main eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces.

I use Gelato as one of my backup suppliers. Unfortunately, they don’t stock the color range I need for sweatshirts and hoodies that my Etsy shop needs but whenever I have used them they have been quick to ship and of sound quality so a good choice for your POD supplier.

Our Gelato
Gelato Print On Demand Logo


My most used print-on-demand supplier.

Global fulfillment, solid catalog and great pricing.

Excellent customer service.

Quick high quality printing


AOP+ is a London UK-based company that has been in the business for many years. They offer more than 130 different items, including top-notch cut and sew AOP hoodies, sweaters, and tees as well as custom-shaped pillows and products that can’t be found in other places.

I started using AOP+ in 2020 and have used them for thousands of orders. They are my go-to UK supplier.


InkThreadable is another UK print-on-demand supplier based in the northwest. A good reputation, competitive pricing, and a solid range of products including an organic range.


Did you know you can get print-on-demand jewelry from a supplier that integrates with Etsy? Check out ShineOn. Their product quality is very high and so are the profit margins you can make by selling them.

AI Writers

Now you might be thinking why is an AI writer a helpful tool for an Etsy seller? Well, AI writers are great at coming up with text for emails, product descriptions and product reviews. Here are a few to get you started


Jasper is the leading AI writing tool on the market and was recently valued at over $1.5bn. Jasper comes with 70+ writing templates, a long-form editor and even a way to turn text to art with its new AI-driven Jasper Art feature.

Jasper recently launched a Chrome extension making it easier to use the tool anywhere you are e.g. on Etsy when creating a product listing, on Pinterest creating a pin or when doing some email marketing. A great tool but more expensive than many of the other AI writing tools you’ll find.


WordHero is one of the up-and-coming Jasper challengers that many people on a tighter budget opt for if they done want to pay Jasper prices. With over 70+ templates its a solid alternative.

Etsy Tools - WordHero Templates
Word Hero Templates


Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT is a free to use AI driven chatbot that can help in many different Etsy shop tasks from product descriptions to keywords and replying to customer messages. Well worth a look if you’re on a budget.

Jobs and Staff

Need a logo created or Etsy banner produced but arent that great with design tools? Well, there are a number of gig economy sites where you can hire someone to do such things for just a few bucks. Need a t-shirt designer? You can find that too.


Upwork is a popular online platform that connects freelancers with businesses that are looking for talent to complete projects. With Upwork, businesses can easily find talented freelancers from all around the world who are experts in their fields and can help them get the job done.

Etys sellers can post jobs, review bids from freelancers, and hire workers through Upwork’s easy-to-use interface.


Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers and businesses with people who need specific services done. With its wide range of services, Fiverr is the perfect platform for Etsy sellers who are looking to outsource tasks and complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant, acquire design services, or even get some marketing advice, Fiverr has the perfect solution for you. Explore the benefits of Fiverr today and discover how it can help you get the job done right.


A lesser-known gig economy site, Freelancer is another platform where you can find and hire freelancers to complete one-off jobs or higher someone for a longer-term project. Worth a look if you need someone.


URL Shorteners

Etsy product URL’s can be quite long so when you share them on other platforms or on social media its good to use a URL shortener. Here are my two favs:

  1. Bit.ly
  2. Tiny Url

Etsy On Sale

Etsy On Sale is a website that helps buyers find items that are on sale on Etsy without having to search around. They also offer a number of useful Etsy sellers tools like an auto-renew tool that schedules when an item auto-renews in order to increase its visibility.

Etsy Sold

Etsy Sold offers a Chrome Extension that shows you the sale price of an out-of-stock Etsy listing.


Etsy360 helps Etsy store owners to display their products on other eCommerce platforms. For example, you can add your Etsy store to a WordPress site by following some very simple steps.

Etsy Tools - Etsy360
Etsy360 Demo Shop

Etsy Seller App

The Etsy seller app isn’t perfect but I use this more than any other. It helps me run my shop from anywhere and it’s free. It’s available on iOS and Android and whilst you can’t do everything that you can do on a desktop, you can complete most tasks even adding new listings.

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve found this list of Etsy tools useful. Most of the tools that I use have alternatives so I have included some of those too.

I hope they help you grow your Etsy business.

Please be sure to check back soon as we will continue to add more Etsy tools and resources to this post.