Everbee Review | The Best Etsy SEO Keyword Research Tool?


There are so many Etsy tools out there, all claiming to be awesome. Some are, some aren’t.

Everbee is one of the better ones for sure.

If you’re not sure which keywords to use, and you’re struggling to come up with new products that will sell Everbee can help.

EverBee claims to be able to save you time and money and help you find new products that stand a better chance of selling.

Its data wasn’t as accurate as Alura’s when I tested it, but the functionality offered is pretty solid.

Read my EverBee review and I will tell you whether it’s worth your investment.

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What is EverBee?

EverBee is a powerful market research tool that helps Etsy sellers to boost their sales. It comes in the form of a Chrome extension that offers keyword research and estimated information about revenue, traffic, and other analytics. 

The tool provides sellers with real-time analysis of the market and offers suggestions for specific keywords and tags related to their products. EverBee helps Etsy sellers to save time and resources in doing market research tasks, as the tool automates most of the research process.

This way, sellers can focus on more important aspects of their business, such as product creation and marketing. In conclusion, EverBee is an essential research tool that helps Etsy sellers to stay ahead of their competition and achieve success in the vibrant and competitive Etsy marketplace. 

How Does EverBee Work?

Everbee sidebar

EverBee is a Chrome extension that once installed overlays additional features and information right into Etsy.

This sidebar appears once you install the Chrome extension.

From here you can access the key features of EverBee

Search stats also show up in the Etsy search bar as shown below.

Etsy Search Bar with everbee stats

What Are Everbee’s Key Features?

Everbee has two key features Product Analytics & Keyword Research:

Key Features

Provides revenue analytics – Everbee provides estimated revenue for each listing, which helps me see which products are performing well and what price points people are willing to pay for them.

Keyword research tool – One of the best features of Everbee is the keyword research tool. It gives me estimated monthly searches for different keywords, which helps me optimize my listings and improve my SEO.

Everbee claims

Saves time and money – Everbee is a tool that helps me confirm whether or not a potential product idea is worth pursuing. This way, I don’t waste time and money creating products that won’t sell.

Helps with product research – Everbee gives me in-depth product research in no time. I can see what products are in high demand, what’s working, and what’s not.

Easy to use – Everbee is super easy to use, and the customer support team is amazing. They have helpful tutorial videos and are always available to answer any questions.

Helps create best-selling items – Everbee shows me exactly what products are best-selling, which gives me ideas for new products to create. This way, I can stay ahead of the competition and bring in more sales.

Gives tag ideas – Everbee shows me the tags that the top listings are using, which gives me ideas for tags to apply to my own listings for better visibility.

Connects with my shop – Everbee needs to connect with my Etsy shop in order to provide accurate data. It doesn’t have access to my personal or shop information, and I can revoke access at any time.

EverBee Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool allows users to search for a particular term to get an indication of the number of searches, competition, and demand trends. Whist helpful I don’t think EverBee can compete with tools like eRank for keyword research.

Below you will see the result of a search for Mountain Bike Hoodie carried out in eRank and Everbee.

EverBee V erank comparison data
eRank Keyword Data
Everbee Keyword Data
EverBee Keyword Data

As you can see from the above, the amount of data that you get from eRank is far more in-depth. However, keyword research isn’t really EverBee’s main focus.

EverBee Product Analytics Tool

When you use Etsy Search and click on listing EverBee shows stats for the item and you can use the tool to see stats for the shop too.

EverBee Listing Stats

You can get the same information for all items listed on a page of search results too.

EverBee Product Analytics

The data provided, even on the free option can provide insights for your Etsy business on what items may be selling and in the highest demand. This way you can focus your energy on creating products to ride the trend and optimize your own listings based on your findings.

Is EverBee Accurate?

I tested the main two types of data, keyword volume data, and revenue data with mixed results.

Keyword Search Volume & Competition Data

As you can see from the images in the Keyword research section above the data that Everbee provides is a little different from that of eRank. eRank shows an average of 200 per month (peaks at 1200 per month down to 10 per month) whereas EverBee just states <20 per month.

The number of competitors is different too. 981 in eRank to 1172 in Everbee.

Having sold many Mountain Bike Hoodies I know that the trend chart in eRank is more accurate with a peak leading up to summer and a larger peak in the lead-up to Xmas.

Revenue Data

EverBee uses its estimated sales algorithm to show you what an existing Etsy shop or Etsy listing is earning in revenue. I tested the accuracy with the following results.

For one listing the tool stated it had sold 12 times. In reality, it had sold 60 times. Not a good start.

For another, it said the item had sold 36 times when it had actually sold 42 times. A little closer.

On further analysis, I found that the tool isn’t accurate with the total number of sales, but it did provide valuable insights into which listings are performing well in terms of sales.

So the data is useful, albeit not entirely accurate. Given that Etsy doesn’t provide sales data via its API, it’s hardly surprising that any tools for Etsy aren’t able to be precise in this area.

Is Everbee Worth It?

I would use EverBee alongside an Etsy SEO tool like eRank or Marmalead as it doesn’t give me the detailed keyword data to help with keyword ideas and optimizing my listings.

However, that’s because I prefer data rather than searching through Etsy using a Chrome extension in order to provide the data I am looking for.

I strongly recommend testing EverBee for yourself to see whether it works for you in the running of your Etsy business.

EverBee Pricing

The good news is, EverBee offers a range of pricing plans that cater to different Etsy sellers’ needs and budgets. Everbee even offers a free plan called the Hobby Plan.

EverBee Pricing
EverBee Pricing

The Hobby Plan is perfect for beginners or those wanting to test out the tool. It includes revenue analytics, tag analytics, and ten analytics searches per month, without requiring any credit card details.

For those looking for more features, the Pro Plan at $7.99 per month offers 30 analytic searches per month, tag analytics, and unlimited favorites folder uses. 

The Growth Plan at $19.99 if paid annually or $29.99 when paid monthly, is ideal for established sellers as it offers unlimited analytics searches, listing tags, and revenue estimates per month. You also get unlimited favorites folder uses and additional listing and shop data.

EverBee vs. eRank

 When it comes to optimizing your Etsy shop for better visibility and sales, EverBee and eRank are two of the most popular tools that come to mind. While both tools are designed to help Etsy sellers improve their listings and increase traffic, they take different approaches.

EverBee is a Chrome extension that offers a wide range of features such as keyword research, listing analysis, and product ideas. By providing estimated sales data EverBee aims to help direct your next best-selling product.

Both EverBee and eRank offer free plans, however, a paid plan is required to benefit from all key functionality.

eRank is a more comprehensive Etsy SEO tool that focuses more on SEO and search data, listing analysis, trend tracking, and competitor research. 

Both are solid tools. Which you should choose depends on what you need a tool for. I actually think that a tool that provides estimated sales data works really well alongside a data-heavy keyword tool like eRank. So if you can afford it, maybe try both.

EverBee vs. Alura

These two tools have similarities at their core. They both have Chrome extensions and show estimated sales data as one of their main selling points.

However, Alura offers a more comprehensive suite of tools for Etsy sellers such as listing recommendations, follow-up reminders, and an email marketing system with AI-powered message drafting.

EverBee VS Marmalead

Comparing EverBee to Marmalead is very similar to comparing EverBee to eRank. Both are solid tools but serve slightly different purposes.

When it comes to choosing between EverBee vs Marmalead, it is important to assess which tool is right for your Etsy shop’s needs. EverBee is a newer player in the game, offering a unique feature in their search results that allow users to see the estimated sales data for each product listed.

On the other hand, Marmalead has been around for a while and has established itself as a go-to research tool for Etsy sellers focusing more on SEO and keyword research.

 As with eRank, having an SEO tool like Marmalead and a revenue estimating tool like EverBee can be really useful. Don’t rule out one because you have the other.

EverBee Review – The Verdict

If you get past the fact that any sales and revenue data provided by any tool, including EverBee, is simply estimated and not 100% accurate then tools like EverBee can benefit your Etsy business.

From a tools perspective, eRank or Marmalead is a must and they work well alongside a Chrome Extension that provides product insights.

I recommend trying all three tools listed below as they all have free trials, then deciding which works best for you:


What is Everbee and how can it help my Etsy shop?

A: Everbee is a keyword research and analytic tool designed to help Etsy sellers optimize their listings. It provides accurate keyword suggestions, estimated monthly revenue, and product analysis for your listings. Using Everbee can help improve your Etsy shop’s estimated sales algorithm, making your listings more visible to potential customers.

Can I use Everbee for my Etsy shop?

Yes, Everbee is designed specifically for Etsy sellers to help optimize their listings and improve visibility.

How does Everbee help me find the right keywords for my listings?

Everbee provides accurate keyword suggestions based on its product analysis and accuracy rate. It shows you estimated sales information and listings for a certain keyword or specific keyword that you search.

Can I try out this tool before purchasing it?

Yes, Everbee has a free version that allows you to use the tool and see its features. However, the free version has limited capabilities compared to the paid version.

Is Everbee’s estimated monthly revenue accurate?

Yes, at a high level Everbee’s estimated monthly revenue is based on its accurate analysis of similar listings and their sales data. It uses a special algorithm to calculate sales.

How can Everbee help me improve my Etsy shop’s estimated sales algorithm?

By providing accurate keyword suggestions and estimated sales information, Everbee can help improve the visibility of your listings and increase the likelihood of potential customers finding and purchasing your products.

Can I use Everbee for other websites or only for selling on Etsy?

Everbee is specifically designed for selling on Etsy and optimizing Etsy shop listings. It is unlikely to be as effective for other websites or platforms.