Evlista Review – Dont Waste Time, Bulk Edit Etsy Shop Photos Fast

If you’ve got an Etsy shop with a decent number of listings you’ve probably felt the pain of bulk-editing your listings.

Hours spent tediously editing your Etsy listing photos; delete the old, upload a new image, and then publish. 

You can multitask and edit your Etsy listings while watching Netflix, it’s easy to mess it up, lose where you’re up to, and for it to take longer than it should.

Evlista is an Etsy listing bulk editing tool that makes it super simple and easy to quickly bulk edit your Etsy shop listings.

Evlista Review summary:

I added new images to 350 listings in literally a couple of minutes

Evlista functionality works well and is easy to use.

It also offers functionality that its competitors don’t (Bulk Video Editing anyone?).

There is even AI to help with auto emails and newsletters.

Evlista Logo

Bulk edit your Etsy Listings with Evlista and save time.

Time you can spend on other areas of your business.

Use code CHRIS10 for 10% off.

Evlista Features

Evlista keeps it simple by focusing on two main areas of functionality; Editing Etys listings in bulk and providing email functionality that adheres to Etsy’s policies.

Evlista Features

Bulk Editing

There are several features when it comes to photo editing.

Some you will find elsewhere, others you will not.

Bulk Edit Photos

You can:

  • Add (etsy bulk listing upload images)
  • Delete
  • Replace
  • Photo Edit – You can edit right there within the tool. No need to use another app. Perfect for adding additional info to an infographic
Evlista photo editor
  • Revert Photo edits – Reverts back to the previous version of images – ideal if you have added holiday order cut-off dates and want to remove them after the holidays.
  • Edit Alt Text – Soooo useful as many sellers still haven’t updated alt text. You should!

Bulk Edit Tags

Bulk Editing Tags is another key feature of Evlisata. 

It allows you to create Tag profiles that can then be applied to listings in bulk.

Say you’ve created in draft 25 versions of a product and want to use 10 of the same tags in each, simply create the tag profile once and apply it to all 25 of the listings.

Bulk Edit Variations

Variation Bulk Edit works in a similar way to Tags. 

You create a variation profile and can apply it to as many items as you sell.

Again, if you create draft listings for products that have a lot of variations, then this tool will save you a lot of time.

Create the profile and then bulk add them to your listings.

Bulk Edit Videos

Etsy puts a lot of importance on including videos of your products in your listings.

This enables your customer to review the products in your store and learn all they need to before making a purchase.

Unlike its competitors, Evlista enables you to add and delete videos in bulk.

If you have a video about your production process that you need to update and add to lots of listings, this function is ideal.

Evlista Email

Evlista Email Features

Building your own email list is important.

Having a sale? Email and let people know.

Launching a new product line? Drop out an email.

This will get views to new listings which send Etsy a signal that the listing is worth ranking higher in Etsy Search.

If you ever want to move away from Etsy, having an email list means you can let people know about your new store.

Evlista Email Types

There are two types of campaigns, Automated and Newsletter.

Automated are things like Order Confirmation, Shipment Confirmation and Review Request that trigger based on obvious criteria, new transactions, shipping a product etc.

For each one, you can create a template that helps your business look far more professional.

The template builder is simple and easy to use. The prebuilt template (see below) is easy to edit and is so more impressive than the standard message you get via Etsy.

Did You Know – Evlista even has built-in AI called Smart Text that will create text e.g. a Headline based on a couple of words input. Need an image for your email? The tool can do that too. (it’s freaking awesome)

Evlista will record users who subscribe (from a link in one of your emails) and will also show the Email activity e.g. % opened.

The only thing missing is the ability to get the link to your email list and add a landing page for people to sign up.

Evlista Pricing

Evlista offers a 7 day free trial that you can use for either the Baisc or Pro plan.

You have to enter your card details to sign up.

Top Tip

When you sign up, set a reminder in your calendar to cancel the subscription in 6 days time just in case

The key difference between the plans is that with Pro you get Email Marketing, Bulk Video, and Variation Editing.

At $10 per month, if paying monthly and $60 for the whole year, the Pro plan offers great value especially if you are using the email feature.

Evlista Alternatives

There are a number of Evlista alternatives but they are all either more expensive or come with fewer features.

Evlista alternatives include:

  • GetVela
  • Sellbrite
  • Zetsy
  • ShopShaper
  • EtsyOnSale

Who Needs Evlista

Me. I’ve signed up and I plan to keep it. 

My time is worth more than $60 per year.

Every holiday season I used to spend hours changing my infographics with holiday specific information.

Now, I can do that in literally a couple of minutes.

If your store has more than 50 listings, this tool is worth it due to the time it saves you.

Evlista is also right for those who want their shop to look more like a business than a hobby.

Using the email campaigns for both the auto-generated emails and a newsletter will really help your store.

Top Tip

Make sure you set up the Review Request. More reviews are proven to result in more orders over the long term.

If you want your shop to look more professional then set up the auto emails.

How To Sign Up & Bulk Edit With Evlista

Evlista Logo

Bulk edit your Etsy Listings with Evlista and save time.

Time you can spend on other areas of your business.

Use code CHRIS10 for 10% off.

Sign Up To Evlista & Connect Your Etsy Shop

To sign up to Evlista and connect your Etsy Shop, follow these simple instructions:

Click “Create Free Account

Evlista Sign Up

Enter email

Enter First Name and a Password

You’re then taken to the main dashboard and now need to connect your Etsy Shop

Evlista connect your etsy shop

Click the Connect Your Etsy Shop button and you’re taken to an Etsy login screen. Login and click Grant Access on the next screen.

Evlista grant access

To start the magic, you need to click the Refresh Shop button.

Evlista Refresh etsy shop

My Etsy shop has 770 listings and the tool pulled them all in via the Etsy API in less than a minute.

Bulk Edit With Evlista

To bulk edit with Evlista, simply select the listings you want to edit and a blue button shows up that says Edit # Listings.

The number of listings you have selected will be displayed on the button.

At this point you will get asked which plan you want to sign up to, Evlista Basic or Evlista Pro.

There is a 7 day free trial so you can get your bulk editing done and then cancel (but I think you may keep it).

Evlista Thank You For Subscribing

Now you should see all your listings.

If you want to edit your photos in bulk, select photos on the left menu, then simply select the images you want to edit.

Choose what you want to do, add, delete etc and then follow the simple steps.

Click Apply and you’re done. Time saved.

When You Dont Need A Bulk Edit Tool

You dont need a bulk edit tool if you only have a few listings or you want to bulk edit text.

If you only have a few listings then you can manually update the images etc. Save your money for when you need it.

If you just want to Etsy bulk edit text, say add an update to all your listings, you can do this in Etsy.

To do this, go to your Etsy Shop Manager, click on Listings. Then select all the listings you want to edit.

Click on the Editing Options button and you can then select Edit Descriptions. Etsy gives the option of adding text to the Front or End of your listings.

When You Might Need To Bulk Edit

Rebranding – Every so often you may want to update or change your Etsy Shops brand. That means updating all your info graphics, size charts etc. Evlista helps by making image changing at bulk super quick and easy.

Share Additional Information – Want to add additional information to your shipping info graphic? Holidays shipping deadlines? You can use Evlista photo editor and do just that in a few minutes tops.

Product Changes – Have you changed one of your products? No longer using the B&C3001, now using the Gildan 64000? Make the change to all your size charts using Evlista.

Massive Sale – Having a sale and want to add a photo with the details to 100 listings? Done.

Evlista Review – Conclusion

If you’re an Etsy seller with more than 50 listings, you are going to need to want to use Evlista to bulk edit listings in your Etsy shop. 

It saves time so you can focus on other things.

The email functionality is an added bonus too. Sending more professional order confirmation email helps your business look like a business, so for $60 a year (when paid annually), it is well worth it.

Evlista Logo

Use code CHRIS10 for 10% off.

If you only want the email functionality, then I would suggest checking out other options like EverBee as that has lots of additional functionality alongside email.