11 Best Etsy SEO Tools 2024 – Keyword Research and Much More


Are you an Etsy business owner eager to skyrocket your shop’s visibility and drive more traffic to your listings? Etsy SEO tools can help with Etsy Keyword Research and much more.

Best Premium Tool
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  • Powerful Research Tools
  • Email List Builder
  • Follow Up Reminder
  • Listing Optimizer
Best Keyword Tool
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  • Affordable Plans
  • Google Integration
  • Lots of Etsy Data
  • Run By Etsy Sellers
Best Budget Tool
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  • Easy to Use
  • Find In Demand Products
  • Estimates Sales Data
  • Powerful Chrome Ext.

In the vast and competitive Etsy marketplace, it’s crucial to make your products stand out from the crowd.

That’s where the power of Etsy search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

There are 5.9 million sellers on Etsy if you want to stand a chance of competing with them you need to use an Etsy SEO tool or two.

In selling thousands of items on Etsy I‘ve tested pretty much all the tools and have settled on a few top Etsy tools. There are some other Etsy tools I recommend you avoid read on to find out more. I’ve included cheaper tools and free options.

This blog post contains links to services I recommend. I may receive a commission if you purchase a product or service through a link on this site. This does not cost you or impact your purchase in any way.

Best Etsy SEO Tools

With so many Etsy SEO tools out there, all offering different features, some that you need, others that you dont, here is a rundown of the key ones.

eRank (Free and Paid tool)

eRank is my favorite Etsy SEO tool for data and the one that I use for my own keyword research.

Best For Keyword Research
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One of the original keyword research and Etsy SEO tools, eRank provides all the key data and more to enable you to find the right keywords and analyze your competition

eRank is an SEO tool that uses Etsy search data making it critical to help you improve your search engine ranking. Key features include:

eRank Key Features

Rank checker – enables you to see what the average user would see if they searched for the term you enter. It shows the top listings along with their title and tags which will give you lots of ideas for your listings and you can glean lots of Etsy SEO tips by looking at what the top listings are doing and which keywords they are using.

Listing Audit – Scores your listing against eRanks grading criteria and checks some key criteria to see if you have any misspelled tags, whether you are missing any tags, whether your key tag appears in your title, and many more.

Keyword tool analyses the top 100 listings found for the Etsy search term you enter and tells you the most popular keywords used by Etsy sellers, how often the keywords in those tags are searched for on Etsy, common price points, and other data to help you select keywords and optimize your Etsy listings.

Keyword Explorer – helps you find keywords that real shoppers are using to search. Not only does eRank use Etsy data, but it also includes data for Amazon, eBay, Pinterest and Google.

My favorite for this Etsy SEO tool and the one I use most is the keyword tool that provides key volume and trend data directly from Etsy (see example below).

eRank Etsy SEO Tool

eRank Pricing

How much is erank? eRank offers a free plan as well as two paid plans, Basic and Pro. There is a huge list of features and the two paid plans are very reasonable and significantly cheaper than Marmalead.

eRank Pricing Table

CJ’s Take

If data is your thing the eRank could be the tool for you. While they don’t have industry-leading new features eRank is great for detailed analysis of keywords, listings, and competitors.

It helped me find new niches with low competition and high search volume which led me to get in early and make sales fast.

Alura (Free and Paid)

Best Premium Tool
Alura Logo

Much more than just a keyword research tool, Alura offers a suite of features to help manage and improve your store. AI included!

Alura is an Etsy-focused suite of tools specifically made for Etsy sellers. It’s been around longer than many other tools and so is well established.

The blog offers a wealth of information and the team has always been responsive to any questions I’ve had.

Alura Homepage

Alura Key Features

All-in-One Solution: Alura.io is a comprehensive platform to help with each aspect of the Etsy seller journey from research to marketing, making it easier for sellers to manage and run their shop.

Keyword Research: Alura.io enables sellers to learn how to do keyword research to rank their products in Etsy searches and optimize their listings to appear on the first page of Etsy.

Winning Products: Alura.io helps sellers find winning digital products to sell on Etsy by uncovering high-demand, low-competition keywords.

Listing Recommendations: Alura.io offers an effective way to manage day-to-day business on Etsy with listing recommendations, follow-up reminders, and financial reports.

Email Marketing: Alura.io drives sales to Etsy shops with an integrated email marketing solution and automated social media posts.

Research Tools: Alura.io’s research tools make the selling journey easier for Etsy sellers. They learn what’s selling on Etsy and discover high-demand products to boost their sales.

Financial Tracking: Alura.io helps sellers see profits instantly, keep track of Etsy fees, and understand the health of their shop.

Shop Analyzer: Alura.io’s Shop Analyzer tool enables sellers to enter a store name and get a wealth of information on that shop. They can analyze their competition and those shops that are doing well to learn what does and doesn’t work when it comes to selling on the marketplace.

Alura Pricing

There are three price plans offered by Alura.io including a free plan so you can test out some of the features.

If you pay annually the prices come down to the equivalent of $19 pm and $29 per month.

Alura Pricing
Alura.io Pricing

Whilst not one of the cheaper tools on the list it’s worth remembering that Alura is far more than just a keyword research tool.

CJ’s Take

I’ve got a soft spot for Alura. It was one of the first Etsy SEO tools I started using, years ago, shortly after it launched.

It offers far more than just keyword research functionality. It’s more of an Etsy Shop management tool that includes Etsy keyword research tools and product research capabilities at the heart of it.

If your budget allows, I’d give Alura.io a go. You won’t regret it.

They are always looking for new ways of helping Etsy sellers shown by the email marketing tool and their early adoption of AI for their AI Assistant too. (Worth playing with, it’s great!)

I hear there are some cool new features coming soon so well worth keeping an eye on.

Etsy Hunt

Best Budget Spy Tool
EtsyHunt Logo

Etsy Hunt

With numerous chrome extensions including two AI driven tools, EtsyHunt is ideal for anyone on a budget. If you want to conduct product research, keyword research, and spy on your competitors (its a great way to grow) give EtsyHunt a try.

EtsyHunt is a fairly new entrant to the Etsy SEO tool market and they claim to have the world’s largest database of Etsy product listings. (that’s pretty impressive isn’t it?)

Etsyhunt Stats

EtsyHunt Key Features

Product Database: Massive product database to search and research so you can find what products sell and not waste time selling duds.

Keyword Research Tool: To find and analyze keywords used by your competitors.

Shop Analyzer: Review shops on Etsy to see what etsy shoppers are buying with EtsyHunts estimated sales data and analytics.

Review Request and Analyzer: Follow-up with customers to boost your reviews then use Etsy Hunt to analyze them to learn from what your customers are telling you.

Free ChatGPT Pluggins: including “Etsy Niche Finder&ChatGPT Review Analysis” and Etsy Customer Service Helper with ChatGPT which you should start using today.

Etsy Hunt Features

EtsyHunt Pricing

With a free plan and three levels of premium plans, there is something to suit everyone’s budget.

The free plan includes a limited number of product and keyword searches (10) and the key tools aren’t available.

The Basic plan at $3.99 per month is a bargain for all the functionality you get.

The pro plan comes in at $19 per month and a $59.99 the team plan is great if you have a whole team working with you.

CJ’s Take

You can’t beat a good Chrome extension and Etsy Hunt offers a few that you can use, for free to use (no brainer right).

Installing the main extension displays so much extra information directly in Etsy that it makes research easy and reduces bouncing around between different sites.

The Basic plan is super cheap and definitely worth trying out.


Marmalead is one of the most popular Etsy SEO tools available and for good reason. It offers a wide range of features to help you improve your Etsy search engine ranking and get more traffic to your Etsy shop.


Marmalead Key Features

Keyword Search Feature: The keyword search feature of Marmalead allows sellers to research the most relevant and popular keywords for their products. It provides data on search volume, engagement, competition level, and popular tags. This feature helps Etsy sellers optimize their listings for maximum visibility in search results.

Price Ranges: Marmalead shows three different price ranges- bargain, midrange, and premium for the listings that rank for a specific keyword. This feature allows sellers to price their products competitively and capture a larger share of the market.

Keyword Tag Generator: The keyword tag generator of Marmalead provides suggested tags that are relevant and popular for a specific keyword. It helps sellers to optimize their listings further and increase visibility on Etsy.

Keyword Tracking: Marmalead tracks the status of every keyword used in a seller’s listings. It shows how well the keyword is performing, the amount of engagement it’s generating, and how many views are coming from it. This feature helps sellers determine the effectiveness of their keyword selections.

Listing Grades: Marmalead’s listing grades feature rates a seller’s listing based on various criteria such as the number of tags, the use of focus keywords and long-tail tags, number of photos, sentiment, etc. This feature helps sellers make improvements to listings that are underperforming.

Competitor Analysis: Marmalead provides data on the performance of a seller’s competitors. It shows the keywords they’re ranking well for, the keywords they’re targeting, and their strengths and weaknesses. This feature enables sellers to gauge their position in the market and sharpen their competitive edge.

Shop Health Score: Marmalead provides a shop health score that reflects how well a seller’s shop is performing. This feature helps sellers monitor the progress of their shop and identify areas that need improvement.

Listing Audit: Marmalead’s listing audit feature provides a comprehensive analysis of a seller’s listing. It shows what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve it. This feature helps sellers optimize their listings and improve their chances of attracting buyers.

Trending Products: Marmalead provides data on the trending products and keywords on Etsy. This helps sellers stay up to date on the latest trends and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Customer Insights: Marmalead provides customer insights such as their location, gender, age, and device used. This feature helps sellers identify their target audience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.


Marmalead only offers one paid plan, the Entrepreneur is $19 per month which is over 3 times the price of eRanks basic plan and twice as expensive as their Pro plan. That being said, some users strongly prefer one tool over the other due to the interface and approach.

CJ’s Take

Marmalead is very similar to eRank in terms of functionality. However, its user interface is very different. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t bring myself to like to. So I switched over to eRank and haven’t looked back.

It’s a good tool that many swear by but more costly than eRank and so not one that I would recommend, especially if you are doing Print On Demand.

Free Etsy SEO Tools

Etsy Search Bar (Free)

The Etsy search bar is a great place to find the best keyword ideas as it shows what has recently been searched for on Etsy.

Enter a word or even a letter and Etsy auto-populates and shows a list of keywords. For example, below I entered the word art and Etsy gave me a list of 10 other things that start with the word I entered.

Etsy Search Bar

Google Search (Free)

When it comes to finding keywords for your Etsy shop, Google is a great place to start. Just enter the keyword you’re interested in into the Google search bar and hit enter.

You’ll see a list of related terms that Google thinks are relevant to your query. These are all potential keywords that you can use in your listings.

You may also see an Etsy Market page show up in the search results, as shown in the image below. This shows that it is something that Etsy recognizes and by clicking through to this page may also provide other keywords to use in your Etsy SEO.


Google Trends – Web Search (Free tool)

Google Trends, found at https://trends.google.com/ and is a free online service provided by Google that allows you to see how often particular keywords have been searched for on the internet. You can use this information to help you choose the right keywords for your Etsy shop and optimize your listings for better search engine visibility.

The Google Trends website provides a wealth of data on popular keywords, including the following:

  • The number of searches for a keyword over time
  • The geographic location of searches for a keyword
  • The related keywords associated with a particular keyword
  • You can use this information to help you understand which keywords are being used most frequently and decide whether or not to use them in your Etsy listings.

If you are selling print-on-demand products, Google Trends can be a great way to spot trends and niches that are on the up you can then use eRank or Marmalead to find the right keywords for your Etsy SEO.

Google Trends

Google Trends – Google Shopping (Free tool)

Google trends also provide the functionality to get search data and trends on Google Shopping by simply selecting it in the drop-down as shown below.

This option helps identify good trends with buyer intent which can be used in conjunction with other Etsy Search Engine Optimization tools to find good keyword suggestions for inclusion in your Esty listings.

Google Trends Chart

Pinterest Trends (Free tool)

Pinterest is a social media platform where users can share images and videos of things they’re interested in. Pinterest works a bit differently from other social media platforms in that it is a visual social platform.

As people use Pinterest to find ideas for things they want to buy, as well as to find inspiration for projects or recipes it can be a great place to find ideas and keywords for Etsy listings.

This is where Pinterest Trends comes in. It’s very similar to Google Trends in that it provides trend data for any item you enter in the search box. It also allows you to compare trends as shown below.

Pinterest Trend Graph

Other Paid Tools

Ubersuggest (Free and Paid tool)

Ubersuggest is a great tool for finding keywords related to your product or service. It gives you data from Google search results, so you can see what people are searching for and how popular those keywords are. This tool is free to use, and it’s a great way to get started with your keyword research for your Etsy listings.

You can do 3 searches per day for free and without signing up. Ubersuggest provides lots of information including related keywords that can help you get some great keyword ideas to check in those specialist Etsy SEO tools.

Keywords Everywhere (Paid tool)

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of keywords, Keywords Everywhere is a great tool to check out. It’s a paid tool, but it offers some great features that can help you with your research. Not only does it give you data from Google search results, but also includes Pinterest, Amazon, and eBay. This can be really helpful if you want to get an idea of what people are searching for on other platforms.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a chrome extension for which you buy credits (100,000 for $10) and once activated simply go to Google search, enter in a term and the tool will then provide:

  • Keyword trend data for the item you searched for (see image below)
  • Related keywords
  • Keywords people also searched for
  • Long tail keywords

All the above is great to give you some ideas to investigate for use in your Etsy SEO.

Keywords Everywhere Chart

SALE SAMURAI (Free and Paid tool)

Is a paid-for Etsy SEO tool that offers a 3-day free trial. At $10 per month, it is cheaper than some of its competitors but may not provide quite as much functionality as eRank or Marmalead

Sale Samurai provides a tool that gives search volume, competition data, and much more in order to help you choose the right keywords.

The tool’s interface is clean and easy to use as shown below.



Roketfy only launched a few months ago and I managed to test the tool recently. It’s early days but given all the tools above Roketfy isn’t one I would recommend at the moment.

The SEO Etsy tool is a little pricey and limited functionality just means they’re are many better options.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Generally, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines. The higher a website ranks, the more likely it is to be seen by potential customers.

SEO is important for Etsy sellers because it helps them to get their products seen by more shoppers. By optimizing their listings with the right keywords, they can improve their position on the Etsy search results page and increase the likelihood of getting visits, views and sales.

What are Key Words?

When people are looking for things on the internet, they usually type in words into a search engine to find what they’re looking for. These are called Keywords and are used by the search engine to match the search with a website or in this case an Etsy listing. So by using the right keywords on your website, you can improve your chances of being seen by more people.

Etsy SEO tools help you find the most popular keywords on Etsy to use in your listings.

Keywords and Etsy

Etsy uses the following as part of its SEO algorithm:

  • Listing title
  • Listing tags
  • The attributes of your listing
  • The categories you put your listing in
  • The description of your listing (added last year)

Useful tips

Keep Costs Down

Starting any business can be costly and spending on tools when you haven’t yet got lots of orders coming into your Etsy shop can feel a bit counterproductive. But you don’t need to subscribe to the tools every month. You can sign up, do your keyword research, then cancel after a short period.

You can trial Etsy SEO tools free of charge as many offer free trials for 7 days or up to a month. Some tools like eRank also have free plans that arent limited in terms of time, but they are limited in terms of functionality.

Blogs and YouTube Channels

The paid-for Etsy SEO tools like Marmalead and eRank have great blogs and their staff or people who work with them post great YouTube videos that every Etsy seller will find useful.


To be successful on Etsy you must implement effective Etsy SEO. This requires extensive keyword research and a dedicated Etsy SEO tool is the only way you will get Etsy-specific data.

Keyword research tools help you find the most popular Etsy search terms to use in your listings. But, with so many Etsy SEO keyword tools available it’s hard to know which is the best Etsy SEO tool for you to use to find the best Etsy keyword.

Over the years I have used all of those detailed in the list to make more Etsy Sales and have found that I like to use one main tool (eRank) supported by a number of secondary tools (EtsyHunt and Alura)

Using a collection of tools helps when brainstorming for new ideas, which you can then enter into a tool like eRank to get more Etsy-specific keyword data for, like the number of competitors and search volume.

Best Premium Tool
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Best Keyword Tool
erank logo
Best Budget Tool
EtsyHunt Logo


Do You Need An Etsy Keyword Tool?

Yes, you need an Etsy Keyword tool as they help you use the right keywords in your title and tags, can help you find new niches and products to sell.

What is the best SEO tool for Etsy?

Effective keyword research requires multiple Etsy SEO tools, so picking which is best is difficult. If you can, then you should use either eRank or Marmalead alongside some of the other free tools. Use the free tools to give you ideas and suggestions and then use one of the paid tools to see how those terms actually fair in Etsy.

How do you do SEO on Etsy?

Etsy SEO is complex and the Etsy algorithm is updated and changed regularly. If you want to ensure your Etsy shop is found in search you should make sure you read the information that Etsy provides Etsy sellers on their site like in the Keywords 101 article. It provides lots of information and specific Esty SEO tips to help with search ranking and they update it when there is a significant change to how the algorithm works.

The best Etsy keyword tools really help too as they enable sellers to optimize their product listings for maximum visibility and sales.

Which is better Marmalead or eRank for etsy keyword research?

Marmalead users will say Marmalead, eRank users will say eRank. The tools are very different in look and feel and both have functionality and features that are unique to that platform.

I use eRank as I didn’t really like the Marmaleads interface. I strongly recommend trying both tools out to find which works best for you.

Is Marmalead worth it for Etsy keyword research?

Yes. Using an Etsy keywords tool as part of your Keyword research is extremely important as they show data on Etsy searches and competition and help you find the best keywords for Etsy.

As one of the leading Etsy SEO tools Marmalead is a great choice and whilst it’s more expensive than the competition, you don’t need to keep a subscription, you can just sign up, do your research then cancel the subscription.