EtsyHunt Review – Etsy Keyword Tool You Cant Live Without


EtsyHunt has similar SEO keyword research data as the two market leaders Erank and Marmalead.

But, it also had estimated sales data making it more useful in certain use cases such as when used as a product research tool.

The real power of Etsyhunt becomes obvious when you start using the Chrome Extensions (yes that’s right, there’s more than one).

The Chrome extensions show key data directly on Etsy saving time and removing the need of jumping from one to another and then back to Etsy.

Read on to learn more about the tool, how you can use it for optimization and product research, and how to get a 7-day trial of their paid plan for free.

EtsyHunt Pros

  • Simple to use Etsy rank analysis tool
  • Great for finding best-selling products
  • Shows sales data for items on Etsy
  • Users report improvements in their listings
  • Free plan includs chrome extensions

EtsyHunt Cons

  • Can feel like too much information
  • Paid plan required to get all features

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Etsyhunt Pricing

Etsyhunt has three price plans, Free, Basic, and a Pro plan.

On the free plan, you get 10 Product Searches, 10 Keyword Searches, and 10 Shop Searches per day. You can use the Chrome extensions for free but the data shown is limited.

To get the best out of the tool I’d strongly recommend signing up for at least the Basic Plan.

Etsyhunt Pricing table

Want EtsyHunt Basic Paid Plan Free?

Create a free account {link} and when logged in to the tool you will see low on the right and side an icon saying Get Basic for Free click it and you are presented with the image below. Follow the instructions and you get 7 days of free access to the basic plan.


Etsy Hunt Features

Here we break down the key features and functionality that EtsyHunt offers.

Etsy Product Database

The Etsyhunt product database is claimed to be the largest database of its type. You can query the database by a number of different criteria, as shown in the image below.

You can even filter for best sellers and Etsy pick products which is a real-time saver and much quicker than trawling page after page of Etsy results trying to find bestsellers.

EtsyHunt Product Database

You can interrogate the product database to find and view data for the last 30 days, 180 days, 1 year, or all time and you can even set the Ship From filter to your country if you want to only analyze shops local to you.

Etsy Product Chart

The product chart function shows top-selling products over a 7 or 30-day period per category (Need a paid plan to see individual categories).

Ideal for Etsy rank analysis of products that are best-selling and trending. By analyzing the data provided you will be able to spot niches and trends that are gaining traction on Etsy so you can jump on them and make sales.

Amazon Handmade Products

Another feature included is the Amazon Handmade Products section that enables you to search Amazon Handmade based on various criteria.

Being able to find products based on their (Best Seller Rank) BSR means you can get ideas for new products based on products that are actually selling. Amazing right?

Etsyhunt Amazon Handmade


A key feature of the EtsyHunt tool is the keyword search tool that allows you to search for a term and receive key data about that term.

For a chosen term EtsyHunt shows similar data that you will see in tools like Marmalead and Erank including:

  • Views
  • Favorites
  • Competition
  • Sales

There are also a number of other datasets shown as follows.

Google Keyword Analysis Data

Shows Google web search and Google shopping search trends by way of line graph.

If you have a paid account you would also see Monthly Search Volume, as well as Monthly Search Volume (in numbers), Cost Per Click and Paying Difficulty.

Most Searched Countries

This shows which countries are searching for the chosen Etsy search term.

Keyword Expansion

The data shows data such as search volume, views, favorites, competition, and sales for related keywords/phrases.

The data is similar to tools like Erank, with the exception being that EtsyHunt gives you estimated sales data which is a great inclusion to help you hone in on a new product or niche.

Popular Word Cloud

This is a useful visual representation of the popular keywords related to your search term.

Shop Database

You can search for shops and when you click on them you are taken to a shop detail page that shows headline details including total Sales, total favorites, Total reviews and review %.

Now the fun part, you are also shown (if you have a paid plan).

  • Best-Selling products from the last 30 days
  • A shop analysis showing sales trends and tags used
  • Top100 Best-selling Products Analysis

So if you are wanting to find shops on Etsy selling high volume then this is the place to do it. A great way of finding shops to analyze in order to learn what makes a successful shop.

Shop Chart

Similar to the Product Chart functionality, the Shop Chart section shows shops ranked by sales from a best-selling and rising chart perspective.

You can Filter by country and category which is awesome if you are a UK print-on-demand clothing seller.

You can filter for clothing and UK and see the top shops and analyze them to see what they are doing e.g. their pricing, the niches they are selling in, the types of products they are selling etc.

Etsy Inactive Products

The Inactive products feature is something I hadn’t seen before elsewhere. The tool helps you to find niches from unavailable products on Etsy such as those that have sold out or have expired.

Other Features – Operations

Under the operations heading in the header, you will see the listing Optimizer and the Followup Reminder. For both of these, you need one of the paid plans.

Listing Optimizer

EtsyHunt allows for integration with your Etsy so you can connect your Etsy shop and analyze your listings.

When you go to the Listing Optimizer section you will see a table of all your items with key stats one of which is the number of SEO tips that EtsyHunt recommends you fix. Clicking on an item you can see the list of tips down the left-hand side of the page.

The tips are a result of comparing your listing information against Etsy’s best practices resulting in actionable tips against each part of your listing.

The simple way the tips are shown (as below) enables you to update the listing, then resync until all the tips are green.

SEO Tips

In the main body of the page, Etsyhunt gives you details relating to the tips, explaining what best practice is and what to change.

Followup Reminder

Anyone with an online business knows that social proof is a great way of boosting conversion. Reviews from real users give credibility and increase trust in your store. On Etsy, reviews are the key social proof functionality you should be making use of.

The follow-up reminder tool helps you manage your Etsy reviews as it keeps track of when you should follow up with a buyer to prompt them to leave a review.

I’ve seen firsthand that consistently messaging customers after they have received their order, checking everything is ok, and reminding them about leaving a review can significantly increase your sale-to-review ratio.

Etsy fee calculator

Given how complicated it can be to calculate Etsy fees, EtsyHunt provides a fee calculator so you can work out exactly how much profit you would make from a sale.

EtsyHunts Real Power

Erank and Marmalead are THE most popular Etsy keyword tools, however, neither of them has a Chrome extension. EtsyHunt has 2.

For me, this is what makes EtsyHunt stand out from the crowd and makes it so useful to any Etsy business.

Tag Extractor Chrome Extension

The first of the two chrome extensions is the Tag Extractor. This does what it says on the tin and makes it extremely easy to extract Etsy tags from your competitors and analyze them. Here’s how it works.

Do a search on Etsy, go to a product and you will see the product tags now shown on the right-hand side with the ‘Copy Tags’ button next to them. If you simply want to copy them all, just click it.

You will also see a button on the right-hand side that says extract tags. If you click that you get a popup that shows the tags along with key data as shown below.

You can analyze which ones meet your criteria and then simply select the ones you want and hit copy and now you have them.

Etsy Tags

Etsy Rank Tool – Chrome Extension

The Etsy Rank Tool Chrome Extension is the most powerful and feature-rich of EtsyHunts two Chrome Extensions. If you have never used a tool like this you are about to be blown away.

Once you have it installed simply go to Etsy and enter a search term in the search bar and you will see additional data right there.

The tool shows additional data in the search bar for the search term you have entered as well as the auto-suggested items that Etsy shows.

The data shown includes the number of views and the competition along with a link for more data. This data gives you a quick sense of which search terms/keywords to investigate further.

If you look down the Etsy search results page where Etsy displays all the items that match your query, you will see that all the results have stats overlayed on the images (as shown below).

The stats include the estimated 7-day sales, total sales, when the item was first listed, and the number of views.

Etsyhunt Listings

Click on the graph icon in the top left corner and it shows lots of information about the product and more importantly the performance of the product over time from a sales, price, favorites, and reviews perspective.

Shop Data

If you click into a shop the chrome plugin shows the following table of data for shops on Etsy. The data set can help understand whether the shop is a competitor worth following and analyzing or not.

EtsyHunt Shop Information

Listing Data

In the same way as when you click into a shop and see additional data, if you go into a single listing, you will see the following table populated with data for that Etsy listing.

Etsyhunt listing information

Having reviewed the information that EtsyHunt shows for one of my listings, whilst the absolute sales numbers were slightly off, the trends & timings of orders were accurate making this a really useful tool.

EtsyHunt Alternatives

Everbee and Alura are obvious competitors to EtsyHunt. They offer similar features to EtsyHunt but both cost significantly more.

Others would consider Etsyhunt’s direct competitors as being Marmalead and Erank. However, I feel that Etsyhunt works really well alongside one of these tools.

I use Erank AND Etsyhunt and they serve slightly different purposes. I believe that having two tools can mean you can validate Etsy’s data in two places.

Erank is my main keyword analysis tool, but for product research, niche research, competitor analysis, and tag capture I use Etsyhunt and its great chrome extensions.

As Etsyhunt also has sales data for listings it really helps zero in on products and niches that are gaining traction.


In terms of support, there is an active Facebook group where you can learn about Etsyhunt from sellers that already use the tool. On the website there is a chat option for support and the support email address is actively managed. I got a swift reply to a query I asked them. Can’t ask for more really.

Etsy Hunt Reviews

So, you’ve read what I have to say about Etsy Hunt, here is what other customers have said on ProductHunt where Etsy Hunt scores 5 stars.

very good data software

This looks great for saving time for my Etsy business. Look forward to using it. Nice job.

wow! simply wow! Talk about apex customer service.


If you sell on Etsy you have to master Etsy SEO and improve your product listings in order to compete in the marketplace. Top Etsy sellers use Etsy SEO tools and if you don’t, you will get left behind.

EtsyHunt provides keyword, search, and sales data to help with product research for all your Etsy listings.

Whether you want to conduct keyword research and optimize an existing product listing or use the product data to help you find a new niche or product line EtsyHunt is a great tool.

For years there have been chrome extensions to assist FBA sellers by showing sales data directly on Amazon, now we have a tool that does the same on Etsy.

The Etsy hunt features packed into the etsy hunt extension along with the low price, make this a great tool to replace or work alongside Erank or Marmalead to improve your Etsy shop rank and visibility.

It’s clear that the people behind Etsyhunt want to build tools that make Etsy SEO and selling on Etsy easier. With the tools they have provided I believe they have done exactly that.


Will EtsyHunt Improve Your Etsy Shop Rank?

Having access to data, especially keyword and estimated sales information enable you to make decisions that should help your shop. All you need to do is make the right decisions and take action based on your findings.

Is Etsyhunt worth it?

Given that Etsyhunt can be used for free, the answer to the question is yes. Just the tag extractor alone is worth it.
For $3.99 (the cost of the basic plan at the time of writing) you get generous limits for searching and when coupled with the main chrome extension, you will be far better placed to improve your shop through data analysis.

Is Etsy hunt Free?

Yes. The tool can be used for free. It’s not a free trial, but a reduced plan that is free. To get the most out of the tool and all it has to offer I recommend signing up for at least the Basic plan.

Etsyhunt Vs erank, which is best

I do not think it needs to be Vs, these two tools work really well together as part of your tool kit for managing and optimizing your listings. Etsyhunt can help you really understand what’s selling and trending on the marketplace.

As the combined cost of the basic plan of Etsyhunt and Erank still costs less, than the cost of Marmalead. No-brainer right?

Does EtsyHunt Offer Chrome Extension? – EtsyHunt Extension

Yes – Two of them. Tag Extractor and Ranking Tool. Both can be used for free and both are extremely useful to any Etsy seller. The tag extractor tool simplifies and reduces the time it takes to find keywords on Etsy.

The Ranking tool overlays sales, search, and competition data onto Etsy so you can research products, keywords, and trends directly on Etsy without the need of flicking between different tools and websites.

How much does etsy hunt cost?

Etsyhunt can be used for free with some limitations on number of searches. Some functionality is only available to Basic and Pro Plan users. The Basic plan starts at a very reasonable $3.99 (usually $9.99) so is a bit of a no-brainer.

Who are the typical users of Etsy Hunt?

Ecommerce sellers of handmade items who use the Etsy marketplace. Given that Etsy stores have become big business and as a serious store owner it is important to use tools like this to optimize your Etsy listings.

What are the top 5 features of Etsy hunt

In order of importance, the key features of EtsyHunt are:
– Multiple Etsyhunt Chrome Extension
– Follow-Up Reminder
– Keyword Research
– Product Database
– Listing Optimizer