A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Chris Jackson a married father of two who followed the normal path in life; went to school, then to university, got a corporate job, bought a house, got married, bought a bigger house, had two kids, bought a bigger house and so on.

Family portrait

Whilst I continued to climb the ladder benefitting from all the perks that come with corporate life, I remained somewhat uneasy with being the main breadwinner in the house as I had seen first-hand what happens when things go wrong.

In my early teenage years, my father’s business went bust and our family home was repossessed.

Whilst my parents did a great job of protecting my brothers and me from it, it left me with a desire to ensure that my own family does not fall on such hard times.

Always A Bit of a Geek

Having built websites from scratch back in the 90s (the days of dial-up internet) I’ve always had a love for tech and its ability to disrupt industries and empower people by opening doors and giving opportunities our ancestors never heard.

So, I started to explore and search for ways to feed my love of tech and make money in doing so.

The Journey

After many courses, fake gurus, endless YouTube videos, more courses, and more disappointment I came across print on demand (POD), eCommerce, and online marketplaces and began to get some real traction. Fast forward a few years and:

  • I have made thousands of pounds in profit enabling me to provide financial support to my wider family without having to cut back or save;
  • I’ve grown my Etsy shop, utilizing POD to within the top 4% globally;
    • (did you know there are millions of Etsy shops?)
  • I donated to charities and planted over 3000 trees;
  • I had clothing I’d designed featured in online and offline national press (UK);
  • I became the first-ever certified partner with Launch Cart, an up-and-coming SaaS eCommerce platform that’s going to challenge Shopify; and
  • Most importantly, I kept family time at the top of the priority list.

As my journey continues, I want to share my knowledge and experience to help you build income streams and help you on your way to meeting your financial goals.

PS: You Never Know Who You’re Inspiring

As my kids have grown up, they’ve seen me spend my spare time productively and taken an interest when chatting around the dinner table about how many sales I’d had that day or trees I’d planted that month.

Now my daughter is of an age where she wants to sell her own merch (POD products) and is keen to learn, earn, and have fun when doing so.