Marmalead Review Boost Etsy SEO with An Etsy Keyword Tool

If you’re an Etsy seller, you know just how important it is to optimize your listings and understand your market.

In a crowded marketplace like Etsy, standing out and getting your products in front of the right audience can make all the difference. That’s where Marmalead comes in.

Marmalead is marmite. You either love it, or you cant understand why people use it instead of other Etsy SEO tools like eRank.

I dont like Marmite and I dont like Marmalead either.

Is it a good tool? Yes.

Are there better tools out there that are cheaper? Yes.

What is Marmalead?

Marmalead Homepage

Marmalead is a powerful tool designed specifically for Etsy sellers. Marmalead is an SEO and market research tool.

It provides a range of features to help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and conduct market research to make informed decisions about your shop and product listings.

With Marmalead, you can analyze keywords to see how competitive they are and discover potential opportunities for better visibility.

The tool provides valuable insights into search volume, engagement, and competition levels for different keywords, allowing you to choose the ones that are most likely to bring customers to your shop.

Marmalead offers a comprehensive suite of competitor analysis tools so you can research your competitors’ listings, pricing strategies, and tags to gain a better understanding of what’s working for them.

Top Benefits of Using Marmalead 

Competitive Advantage: As an online seller, it’s crucial to remain competitive in an ever-growing marketplace. Marmalead enables Etsy sellers to stay ahead of the competition by providing them with valuable insights and data-driven strategies.

Market Research: Marmalead excels in market research, allowing sellers to identify profitable niches and understand consumer trends. With its powerful tools, you can gain a deep understanding of your target audience, enabling you to optimize your listings and attract more potential buyers.

Keyword Research: Marmalead’s strong options for keyword research are particularly beneficial for Etsy sellers. You can uncover relevant keywords that align with your products and optimize your listings to improve search rankings and increase visibility.

Tag Optimization: Through Marmalead’s Storm tool, you can generate new tags to maximize the 13 tags allowed per listing on Etsy. This feature helps you expand your reach and attract potential buyers who are searching for specific keywords related to your products.

Seasonality Insights: Marmalead’s trends tool provides helpful graphs that showcase the seasonality of trending keywords. This information allows you to align your product offerings and promotions with popular searches during specific periods, increasing your chances of making more sales.

Tools for Organization: Marmalead offers a variety of tools to help sellers organize their Etsy shops effectively. This feature is particularly useful for sellers with a large inventory, as it enables them to stay on top of their SEO keywords, tags, and listings.

Reliable and Loved by Sellers: Marmalead has gained popularity among Etsy sellers due to its effectiveness and reliability. Many successful sellers consider it a must-have tool because it keeps them updated on the best SEO keywords for their shops, enabling them to optimize their listings and drive more traffic to their products.

Constant Improvement: Marmalead continuously updates its features and algorithms to ensure that sellers have access to the latest and most effective SEO strategies.

Strong Community Support: Marmalead has a thriving community of sellers who share tips, experiences, and insights.

Marmalead Pros and Cons

Marmalead Pros

Enhanced Keyword Research: Marmalead allows users to conduct comprehensive keyword research specific to Etsy. This feature enables sellers to identify popular search terms and phrases that buyers are using within the platform. 

Competitor Analysis: Marmalead provides valuable insights into competitors’ listings, including their tags, titles, and product descriptions. Sellers can study successful shops within their niche and gain a better understanding of how to optimize their own listings for maximum visibility. 

SEO Recommendations: The tool offers personalized SEO recommendations based on data analysis, helping sellers make informed decisions in optimizing their listings. Marmalead provides suggestions on keyword usage, listing structure, and content optimization, allowing sellers to tailor their listings to meet the search preferences of Etsy buyers. 

Market Trends Analysis: Marmalead provides real-time data on market trends within the Etsy marketplace. Sellers can identify emerging trends and popular product categories, allowing them to capitalize on high-demand items. 

Tracking Shop Performance: The platform provides valuable analytics that allow sellers to track the performance of their Etsy shop over time. From views and favorites to click-through rates and sales, Marmalead offers comprehensive insights into various metrics. 

AI: Marmalead have done a good job in implementing AI throughout their tool. For example when searching for a keyword Marmalead has a feature that can read reviews about a product and provide insight into what matters to customers.

Cons of Marmalead, the Etsy SEO Tool

Price: Marmalead operates on a subscription-based model with a price that is significantly higher than other comparable tools.

Learning Curve: While Marmalead offers valuable features, understanding how to effectively use the tool may require a learning curve for some sellers. Learning how to interpret data, make SEO adjustments, and implement recommendations effectively may take time and effort. 

Only Etsy: Some of Marmalead’s competitors like Etsy Rank (eRank) offer data from more than just Etsy. Marmalead does not.

Marmalead Best Features

Marmalead provides a range of features to help Etsy sellers optimize their Etsy store and listings:

Keyword research tool

The keyword research tool allows users to identify relevant and popular keywords that can improve product visibility and search rankings. It provides in-depth data on keyword competition, search volume, and engagement metrics.

Competitor analysis

Marmalead enables users to analyze their competitors’ listings and discover what keywords and tags are driving their success. This information can be used to refine and improve one’s own product listings.


A unique way to find keywords. Storm allows you to put in a seed keyword and Marmalead gives you lots of keyword ideas. The clever bit comes in when you start rejecting or keeping certain words. The search tool then uses that information to give you words that align with the feedback you are giving it.

Marmalead Storm

Listing analyzer

The listing analyzer analyzes the effectiveness of product titles, tags, and descriptions. It provides feedback and recommendations to optimize listings for better performance and higher search rankings.

Trending tags feature

The trending tags feature helps Etsy sellers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and popular searches. It provides insights into trending keywords and tags that can be used to optimize listings and attract more targeted traffic.

Case studies and success stories

Marmalead showcases success stories and case studies of Etsy sellers who have achieved significant growth and success using the platform. These real-life examples provide inspiration and insights into practical strategies that can be implemented.


The keyword comparison tool allows you to compare up to 4 keywords side by side. Pretty straightforward but really useful if you are trying to pick which keyword to use as your main phrase in your Etsy listing.

Marmalead Keyword Comparison example
Marmalead Keyword Comparison example part 2

Marmalead Pricing

Marmalead costs $19.99 on their entrepreneur plan. If paid annually that comes down to the equivalent of $15.83

eRank by comparison has a free plan and their cheapest paid plan is $5.99.

Whilst they don’t advertise it, Marmalead daoes offer a 14 day free trial that I strongly recommend you take advantage of so you can see if the tool works for you. 

Marmalead Alternatives

The main Marmalead alternative is eRank. eRank is cheaper and offers data from other marketplaces and platforms whereas Marmalead just provided Etsy data.

By way of example, I’ve searched for the same term in Marmalead and eRank. With eRank you can specify the market you want to search in (US, UK etc) Marmalead you cant.

Marmalead data example
Marmalead Global Data
eRank data example
eRank US Data

There are numerous Etsy SEO tools that you can use to improve your Etsy shop.

Other alternatives include Alura, Etsyhunt, Everbee, and Roketfy.

All 5 of these alternative tools include functionality that embraces AI & ChatGPT and 4 of them offer Chrome extensions.

My Experience with Marmalead

I started my Etsy journey using Marmalead as it is the tool recommended by many Etsy sellers. Those that Marmalead adore it. However many try it and just dont like it. Like me.

It’s clear that the tool has all the key features you need to help boost Etsy sales for your Etsy store, but I just didn’t like the interface compared to other tools.

From a usability perspective, I feel its missing a dashboard. When you log in to eRank for example you are treated with key information straight away. That isn’t the case with Marmalead.

Verdict – Is Marmalead Worth It?

If you are an Etsy seller you need an Etsy focused SEO tool to improve your ranking and help boost your conversion.

Etsy has millions of shoppers and to benefit from this you need to make sure your listings are found in Etsy Search.

Marmalead is the original Etsy SEO tool that offers key functionality required by Etsy sellers.

But its significantly more expensive than its main competitor eRank. 

Erank offers a free plan and its cheapest paid plan is $5.99. Marmaleads cheapest plan is $19.99 and I dont see why you’d pay that much more for Marmalead. It doesn’t give you anything overly special.

eRank has embraced print on demand ever since Etsy changed its rules to allow it. Marmalead seems stuck in the past.


What is Marmalead?

Marmalead is a tool designed to help Etsy sellers boost their shop’s SEO by providing keyword research and analysis.

How does Marmalead help improve Etsy SEO?

Marmalead helps improve Etsy SEO by providing valuable insights and data on keywords, trends, and competitor listings, allowing sellers to optimize their listings for better visibility and ranking.

Can I try Marmalead for free?

Yes, Marmalead offers a free trial for new users to explore its features and see how it can benefit their Etsy shop.

How can Marmalead help with keyword research?

Marmalead offers a comprehensive keyword research tool that allows sellers to discover the best keywords for their listings, find trending tags on Etsy, and compare and analyze keyword performance.

What are “Marmalead Scores”?

“Marmalead Scores” are ratings given to individual keywords based on their performance and competitiveness on Etsy. Higher scores indicate that certain keywords are more likely to improve listing visibility and attract more potential buyers.

How can Marmalead help me find the best tags for my listings?

Marmalead provides a keyword comparison feature that allows sellers to compare different tags and see how many views, favorites, and sales they generate. This helps sellers identify the best tags to use in their listings.

Is Marmalead worth the money?

Many Etsy sellers have found Marmalead to be a valuable investment, as it saves time by providing easy-to-understand insights and data for improving listings, increasing visibility, and boosting sales. However there are cheaper tools out there like eRank & Etsy Hunt.

Can Marmalead help me track the performance of my listings?

Yes, Marmalead offers a tracking tool that allows sellers to monitor the performance of their listings over time. This helps sellers analyze the effectiveness of their keywords and make informed decisions for future improvements.

Is Marmalead suitable for beginners?

Yes, Marmalead is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for sellers of all levels, including beginners. It provides guidance and ideas for keyword optimization to help sellers improve their listings and increase their chances of success on Etsy.

How much does Marmalead cost?

Marmalead offers a subscription plan starting at $19 per month. This gives sellers access to all the features and tools available within the platform.