Erank Review : The Pros & Cons of eRank for Etsy SEO

I’ve used eRank every day for the last 3 years and if I could only use one Etsy Keyword tool to run my Etsy store, it would be Etsy Rank or eRank as it is known.

In this eRank review, I will show you the key features I use to rank my listings higher and why I value erank so much.

Its helped me get thousands of orders in a new niche that I found and researched in eRank and it can do the same for you.

eRank Pros

  • Affordable Plans
  • POD Specific Data
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Clear Graphical Data
  • Run By Etsy Sellers

eRank Cons

  • Amount of Data can Overwhelm
  • Can Only Integrate with Etsy
  • Steep Learning Curve

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What is eRank?

eRank is a search engine optimization (SEO) & Keyword research tool for Etsy sellers. It gives Etsy store owners valuable data, guidance, and actionable tips to help rank listings higher on the search results pages and in turn increase orders.

It uses actual data from Etsy (keywords, search volume & much more) to show what customers are searching for on Etsy and what other Etsy shops are selling.

Why You Should Use Erank

Top Etsy sellers use Keyword and SEO tools like eRank, so you should too. Why would you let your competition have an advantage over you when you can level the playing field by using a tool like eRank.

Using the tool, you can base your decisions on real Etsy data rather than guesswork, therefore you will stand a better chance of making sales than you would without it.

eRank Features

eRank comes with many features. Here is an explanation of the key ones I use in running my Etsy shop.

eRank DashboardAudit ToolKeyword ToolKeyword Lists
Etsy Rank CheckerTrendsCompetitionOther Tools

Erank Dashboard

The eRank dashboard is the starting point and provides you with a summary of key data about your shop as listed below. Click through the summary and you are taken to a more detailed page for that topic.

Your Shop Ranking – It tells you how many shops you have sold more than which can be really motivating once you start to get sales

eRank Sales Ranking

Your Sales Rank – Your position in the Etsy global sales table

Your Listings – Key data about your the item including Active listings, Missing tags, Spellings issues, and more

Traffic Stats – Shows you the search terms customers are using to find your item through Etsy search, Etsy Ads, Pinterest, and Facebook

eRank GA Integration

Sales Comparison – For the competitors, you are tracking, a summary table is shown detailing the sales that the shop made on the previous day compared to your own.

Spotted On Etsy – The listings from your shop that eRank found on the top 2 pages of Etsy search results.

Superstar Keywords – A summary table showing the graphic trend for the keywords you have told eRank to track.

Marketplace Polulatiry – a graphical view of the relative size of the top online stores/marketplaces

Marketplace Populatiry

Most Sales on Etsy – The top 5 Etsy stores by sales for the previous day

eRank Review - Top Sellers

Erank Listing Audit Tool

eRank listing audit tool is one of its key features. The tool analyzes your Etsy items to help you optimize them. eRank provides a comprehensive analysis of each listing on the Etsy marketplace, identifying areas of improvement and suggesting ways to refine them.

It evaluates the item against Etsy best practices, grades them, and provides actionable tips on how you can improve them.

For each listing, eRank provides:

  • Grade – A to F based on how well it is optimized
  • Tips – Tips on how to improve it
  • Statistics – Traffic stats and listing stats (as shown below) including when it was created and last updated
eRank Traffic Listing
  • Title Analysis – providing tips on how to improve it
  • Tags – All your tags, the stats for the tags, and how they are used in your listing
Erank Tags Example
  • Attributes – The attributes you have selected for the listing
  • Category – The category path for the item e.g. Clothing > Gender-Neutral Adult Clothing > Hoodies & Sweatshirts > Hoodies
  • Description – The description and tips on how to optimize it
  • Images – The images you have used
  • Processing Times – Your stated processing time
  • Sales History – The sales history for the item
  • Previews – How the listing would look on Etsy and on Google.

TopTip: You can use the audit tool to analyze any item on Etsy, not just your own. Simply find the product you want to analyze and copy the listing number (see example below) and add it to the audit URL as shown below

Erank Keyword Tool

The tool has had a couple of significant changes recently..

The first section shows you:

  • Keyword Stats which include average search volume, average clicks, click-through rate and number of competing items
  • Graphical representation of search trend over the last 12 months
  • Search % by country
  • Search Results Analysis including the average price, average views etc
eRank Keyword Tool

eRank merged the Keyword tool with the Keyword Explorer tool which means everything keyword search-related is in the one place. You now have four options which include:

  • Related Searches
  • SERP Analysis
  • Top Tags
  • Top Listings

The top tags part of the keyword tool undertakes a detailed analysis of the top 100 listings found in Etsy search results for the search query/keyword you enter.

For any term, you can search USA, UK, French, Canadian, Australian, German and EU data, and eRank gives you a wealth of stats and trend data

SERP Analysis provides a word cloud of the most popular tags found in the top 100 listings that the eRank tool has analyzed. I find this very useful as it makes it very easy to see what tags sellers on Etsy are using.

erank tag Cloud

The rest of the page is made up of a detailed table of all the tags that are used in the 100 top listings that are found when searching on Etsy for your search term.

eRank Keyword Ideas

Erank Keyword Lists

The Keyword list tool enables you to save keywords that you find on keyword lists for future use and good organization.

Erank Rank Checker

On entering a search term, the rank checker enables you to view the items a shopper would see in the search results if all personalization & Etsy ads were removed.

This is great to see where your listing shows up in Etsy’s search results if you’re unsure and helps give you keyword ideas and new product ideas.

Within trends, there are two main tools Trend Buzz and Monthly Trends.

Trend Buzz – Helps you view which keywords are trending on Etsy and other popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and many others

Monthly Trends – Let’s you see the most popular Etsy keywords for over a dozen categories from the last month. Great for spotting up-and-coming trends and identifying new products to sell.

Monthly trends also includes a print-on-demand (POD) section where you can see trend data for the following products:

  • Embroidery
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Phone Cases
  • Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tote Bags

Erank Competition

To help analyze your competition eRank provides the following tools:

Top Sellers – enables you to see the top sellers on Etsy and filter by country, category and the year the Etsy store opened. The tool shows the most sales yesterday and the most sales of all time.

Sales – This enables you to monitor the projected day-to-day sales of up to 50 selected Etsy stores.

Listings – Enter an Etsy shop and analyze its most recently updated listings and review insight into thumbnails, pricing, tags, etc

Tags – Enter an Etsy shop and analyze the tags of listings and see the search volume, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), Etsy competition, and more for each tag shown

Other Erank Tools

eRank provides a number of other tools, to free and paid users these are summarized below:

Category Tool – Helps you identify the most popular and relevant categories for your listings

Color Thesaurus – This Lets you view over 1,660 shades and find the perfect palette for your shop’s branding.

ROI Calculator – Helps you evaluate the performance of your Etsy Ads campaign.

Profit Calculator – This helps you calculate the estimated cost of creating and selling your items.

Calendar – Highlights important dates and holidays from around the world and provides the top 100 keywords for the displayed month from the previous year.

Hashtag Generator – Converts words and phrases into hashtags that can be copied and pasted into social media posts.

eRank Side Kick – The eRank Chrome Extension

eRank has launched a Chrome Extension called eRank Sidekick.

eRank Sidekick provides the following key features that help save you time by making it easier to find hot products and trends.

  • See trending tags – helps you find niches and products to sell
  • Listing data – uncover detailed data including estimated sales for individual listings
  • Store data – Spy on your competition with competitors’ erank data shown right there in Etsy

What Are some Erank Alternatives?

The main alternatives to eRank are:

Erank Pricing

eRank offers three subscription paid plans for the tool as well as a free plan. The paid-for plans are Basic plan, eRank Pro and Expert plan. The free version is more generous than many free plans of similar tools.

At $5.99 the basic plan is extremely well-priced.

The pro version is $9.99 per month and the Expert plan is $29.99.

eRank Price Plans

I recommend using the free version first, to get used to the tool and then upgrading to the Pro version to get all the features of eRank .

How To Get Started

Getting started with eRank is easy. All you need to do is create an account and connect it to your Etsy store. Once connected, you can start tracking and optimizing your store performance.

Optimize Your Listings

The next step is to optimize your listings for the best visibility and conversions. eRank enables you to easily optimize your titles, descriptions, and other listing fields for the best possible visibility.

You can also use eRank’s competitive analysis feature to identify top-performing keywords from your competitors and target them in your listings.

Analyze Competition

Once you have found some listings or shops in your niche, you can look them up in eRank and see what tags they are using, what products they are listing and their pricing, as well as many other key pieces of information.

Find Keywords

Use the Keyword Tool and Keyword Explorer to find keywords to use in your listings that are not too competitive but that there is a clear demand for.

Monitor Performance

The final step is to monitor your store’s performance over time. eRank helps you easily track and monitor your store performance, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary changes to ensure your store is performing at its best.

eRank Etsy Tool – Wrap Up

Is eRank worth it? 100%

eRank is an invaluable tool for any Etsy seller and I couldn’t do without it.

By taking advantage of its powerful features, you can optimize your listings, and identify top-performing keywords as well as up-and-coming trends. It saves you time when searching for trends and keywords and enables you to track your store as well as your competitors.

eRank is a must-have tool for any Etsy seller looking to increase the number of orders and grow their business.


eRank is free to use some of the features. To use all the features you need to sign up to the

On the free plan you can connect one shop. With the eRank Basic Plan you can connect 5 shops, the eRank Pro Plan allows you to connect 10 shops and the eRank Expert Plan allows you to connect 100 Etsy shops.

Yes, the eRank Basic Plan is worth it and offers great value. I have run a high-selling Etsy shop using just the basic plan. It includes a good number of search allowances and therefore should meet the needs of many sellers.

Yes, eRank is a safe website. If you use Etsy eRank will help you. It has been created with the intention of providing users with a secure platform to store and manage their data. The website also uses the latest technologies in order to ensure that all data is encrypted and stored securely.

The website is regularly monitored by its team of professionals in order to detect any potential threats or vulnerabilities that might compromise user data. All in all, eRank is a reliable and secure platform that users can trust for their online data management needs.

The best SEO tool for Etsy is eRank. It provides a comprehensive suite of analytics that allow you to track the performance of your listings and make the necessary adjustments to increase visibility. It also features for keyword research, competitor analysis, and even optimization suggestions so that you can get the most out of your efforts.

Yes you should connect your Etsy shop to eRank. If you do not you will not be able to benefit from using the tool.

As of April 2024 the top seller on Etsy is CaitlynMinimalist who has achieved an estimated 2,908,324 sales.

eRank is a tool created for Etsy sellers that helps with Etsy SEO, Keyword Research, and overall Etsy shop management.