Roketfy Review | Generate More Sales or A Waste of Money?


If you’re an Etsy seller like me that uses Facebook, you’ll have probably seen the video ads for Roketfy, a new tool for Etsy Sellers for Etsy SEO and research.

Roketfy claims to be your Virtual Listing Assistant by offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven functionality that:

  • Optimizes Listings
  • Checks reviews and pulls out key learnings to make your product and service better
  • Helps you with product research
  • Helps you write SEO-optimized product descriptions.
  • Helps spy on your competition too.

I was intrigued so I’ve put it to the test.

I was left disappointed. I still prefer, eRank and EtsyHunt.

Find Out Why.

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Roketfy Features

My Roketfy Verdict

In short, don’t bother. This tool comes up short and is overpriced (unless paying annually) and there are far better tools out there to help Etsy sellers boost views, visits, and sales on Etsy.

Its AI Writer was underwhelming and you can achieve SEO-friendly product descriptions with free ChatGPT.

The AI reviews analyzer feels like a nice gimmick and not a tool I believe people should use to optimize their listings on Etsy.

You can use both EtsyHunt and eRank for less than the cost of Rokety.

What Is Roketfy?

Roketfy is an AI-driven tool that claims it can help skyrocket your Etsy sales for your store.

Roketfy Key Features

Listing Optimization Tool

I entered the details (URL and Keywords) of one of my products that sells pretty well. Roketfy analyzed it and presented me with a well-laid-out report card of my product against their criteria.

Roketfy Listing Optimization

Surprisingly the item was given a score of 48. Why is that surprising? Well, 1) this product sells pretty well and 2) eRank gave this listing an A rating.

Clicking the ‘Take Action’ button takes you to a detail page where you can step through the improvements and implement them if you wish to.

Title Optimization

Looking at the recommendations Roketfy gave me to optimize my title we see that some are just factually wrong or go against advice given elsewhere.

Title should be between 50 to 110 characters long: Etsy allows 140 characters for your title and it’s important to use all space available to maximize the opportunity of being found for more terms.

So this recommendation seems to reduce your opportunity to include more keywords.

Keywords should be included in the title: It showed a red mark against this even though my main keyword was included at the start of the title.

There should not be any repeating words in the product title: repeating words may not be overly useful from an SEO perspective but they often are for users.

The materials should be included in the product title: This is a good recommendation. More accurately describing the item in the title by including materials could help to increase views and conversions.

Roketfy Title Optimization

Description Optimization

The points raised by Roketfy to improve my listing description were correct. I hadn’t updated the listing in a long time and hadn’t added keywords. The recommendations were:

Product Description should be longer: This doesn’t really help anyone. Having a long description for the sake of it isn’t a good recommendation, however having a longer description and including FAQs, care instructions, etc would be sensible.

You should use keywords: A useful reminder given that Etsy includes descriptions in its search algorithm

You should use materials: A useful reminder so that the customer is left with no unanswered questions.

Image Optimization

The following tips were given by the tool.

Image resolution should be more than 2000 pixels: 2000 pixels is a poorly written recommendation.

Etsy recommends that the smallest side of the image is 2000px or more, however, this can be really difficult to achieve when selling certain items like clothing as images tend to be taller than they are wide.

Add image alt text: Alt text is a fairly recent addition by Etsy and I hadn’t updated this listing’s images so that was a good recommendation.

Video Recommendations

The listing that I tested didn’t have a video and Roketfy noticed and recommended adding one. It also recommended the following which are valid points to improve the listings quality.

  • Video should be added
  • Video ratio should be 9/16
  • Video quality must be 1080p or higher

Customer & Market Experience Recommendations

The recommendations Roketfy gives in this section were strange. They were:

  • You can increase the number of product reviews
  • Increase the number of favorites
  • You should add the welcome policy

We would all like more reviews and more favorites so thats a given. As for the welcome policy, I’ve no ideas what that is.


The tool gave me a red cross on materials but then gave no recommendations on what to do. I can only assume it recommends adding more, but its unclear.


Roketfy obviously really didnt like my shipping time as it flagged it (repeated it) twice. It gave little guidance other than stating You Should Reduce Shipping Time.

Price & Tags

Pricing and Tags were given a section each but both had green ticks so I guess thats a good thing???

Product Description AI Writer

Last year Etsy added Product descriptions to their search algorithm meaning that they are included by Etsy when determining where to show your product in search results.

This means you should pay more attention and look to optimize product descriptions for both customers and as part of your Etsy SEO.

The tool asks you to upload a product, which is achieved by adding the link. Once added you are requested to add your keywords for the product either using those you have in the product listing or those suggested by the tool.

Then simply click Create Content and…. Be disappointed with the results.

Disclaimer time, I use multiple AI tools and have tested many more so I know what AI is capable of and know what to watch out for when reviewing the output.

The product I tested this for was a pullover hoodie in the mountain bike niche. Unfortunately the AI Product Description tool decided to make things up about the product.

For example it stated there was “ A high-quality zipper closure and adjustable drawstrings for the perfect fit.”, Crafted from lightweight and breathable polyester fabric” and “with bold graphics on the chest, back and sleeves” all of which are incorrect.

One should always check any facts in AI created content. I would expect better output for a tool that looks at my listing before it creates content.

Putting the same keywords in to ChatGPT and asking it to provide a product description gave me a better result.

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Review Analysis

This functionality isnt provided by any tool I’ve used (and I’ve used most) so I was intrigued to see how it can help.

Once you’ve added your products, Roketfy analyzes your reviews and provides a review report for the listing.

The analysis comes in two parts Sentiment Analysis and Topic Analysis.

Sentiment Analysis looks to determine how people about your products, which I didnt find overly useful. Its pretty clear to see from the number of stars you are given whether someone likes your product or not.

Topic Analysis on the other hand is more useful as it categorizes the reviews based on topic. The topics included are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Cargo (shipping)
  • Packaging
  • Quality
  • Dimensions
  • Seller

Once categorized one can filter the reviews and review those that talk about certain topics so you can improve your product for example.

You can review a report that covers all reviews (not just for one specific listing). This can give you a flavour of where to focus to improve, but I dont think its justified paying for Roketfy.

Product Research

The product research capability looks very similar to that provided by Alura and EtsyHunt.

You can search using a search term, specific categories and numerous filters as shown below.

Like Alura and EtsyHunt, Roketfy includes estimated revenue data for the listings it returns.

Its helpful to get a feel of what sells and what doesn’t, however any sales data comes with a health warning as Etsy doesn’t share the data.

So, every tool that estimates sales uses its own algorithm to work it out.

New Keyword Research Feature

Keyword Research is a key function of any Etsy-focused tool. Roketfy has just added this feature to their tool.

I entered a term in both Roketfy and eRank and found that the data differed significantly in certain areas.

They both show peaks at similar times of the year, however, Roketfy showed higher demand throughout the rest of the year.

Having sold a product with the keyword I used for this test, I believe eRanks data is more accurate as demand seriously drops away outside of Christmas and the summer months.

Its worth noting that the underlying datasets may be subtly different so it’s not like Roketfy’s is wrong, just that I can relate more to eRanks data.

Data similar to that found in Marmalead and eRank is presented by Roketfy in an easy to consume well thought out display.

eRank Trend Data

eRank Trend Data

Roketfy Trend Data

Roketfy Trend Data

There was nothing particularly groundbreaking but all things considered, the keyword research tool is pretty solid but not overly inspired.

Competitor Analysis

If you cant beat them, join them, right? Analysing your competition is a key way of learning whats working in your niche.

Rocketfy recently added a powerful competitor analysis feature to help you spy on people in your niche and get some ideas for products, designs, pricing etc to help you improve your own store.

Alongside some data that you’d expect to see such as most used tags, there was also data that I haven’t seen in other tools that is really helpful:

  • Most Used Words In Titles
  • Average Description Word Count
  • Most Used Words In Descriptions

Roketfy Pricing

Roketfy offers a 14-day free trial that gives access to most functionality but not all. Volumes of searches and listing analysis are limited but it enables you to see what the tool is all about.

There are three paid plans, Keyword Research, Premium and Professional.

Paying monthly is expensive as the Keyword Research plan is $5 per month, Premium plan costs $24 per month and the Professional plan costs $48 per month.


But you could get EtsyHunt and eRank for less per month than signing up to Roketfy on a monthly plan.

If you’re happy to pay annually you can save significantly as the Premium plan drops to just $8 a month. This would be my recommended option.

At $8 a month Roketfy becomes more competitive. Whist its still more than tools like EtsyHunt which costs from $3.99 per month and has multiple free Chrome Extensions including 3 new ChatGPT powered plugins, Roketfy does offer some useful functionality that some may like.

Roketfy Alternatives

If you are looking for a keyword & SEO tool to help run your Etsy shop then eRank and Marmalead are the market leaders.

I prefer eRank but that’s down to personal preferences about how the data is displayed and the fact they offer Print On Demand focused information.

If you want an Etsy tool that provides sales data then and EtsyHunt are great alternatives. 

Roketfy Reviews Conclusion

Having tested out the Rocketfy Etsy tool and I feel it comes up short.

They are relying on the buzz of AI to generate sales for Roketfy Etsy but their AI Listing Optimizer and Product Description AI writer fell short by some way. has some clever AI-based functionality and the 3 free ChatGPT powered browser extensions created by EtsyHunt mean there is very little reason to sign up to Roketfy.

Keep most of your money and use, EtsyHunt or eRank instead.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Roketfy

Roketfy is an innovative AI-powered platform that helps business owners, including Etsy sellers, boost their sales by optimizing their listings, uncovering unique inspiration, and quickly creating high-quality, data-driven content.

Roketfy uses smart tools and services to generate insights and actionable recommendations for your Etsy listings. Its AI-powered content creation feature allows you to quickly create top-performing listings that generate SEO-friendly content automatically.

Using Roketfy can help you discover profitable products to sell on Etsy, gain valuable insights into your target market, and optimize your Etsy listings to improve your search rankings and gain more sales. With smart filters that find high-demand, low-competition products in every category, Roketfy takes the effort out of finding the right products to sell.

Yes, Roketfy can help you improve your store’s ratings and performance by providing you with data-driven insights and effective recommendations for improving your listings. However, I believe there are better tools to use such as EtsyHunt

Roketfy’s AI-powered content creation feature allows you to quickly create high-quality, unique content for your Etsy listings. Using artificial intelligence-based content creation, Roketfy creates top-performing listings that generate SEO-friendly content automatically.

Using Roketfy to optimize your Etsy listings and discover profitable products to sell can help you increase your sales and improve your business’s profitability. However, I recommend using EtsyHunt and eRank insteaad.