Etsyhunt Vs Erank: Which Etsy SEO Seller Tool To Use


In the world of Etsy, SEO (search engine optimization) can be a make-or-break factor in the success of your Etsy store.

If a listing isn’t optimized it will not rank well in Etsy search results and you will struggle to make sales.

If you aren’t finding the right keywords, you’re missing out on organic traffic.

Finding the right SEO tool to help you is essential.

Two of the most popular Etsy SEO tools are Erank and Etsyhunt, each providing unique features and benefits.

This blog post will compare Etsyhunt Vs eRank and explore the features, pricing, and benefits of each one.

You may think these tools are competitors, but I think otherwise. Read on to find out why.

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EtsyHunt Features

Etsyhunt Features

Etsyhunt Keyword Tool: Get the most up-to-date keyword suggestions to use in your Etsy tags to improve your Etsy SEO with our daily updated tool.

Top 100 Items: Get detailed information on the Top 100 items on Etsy, including keywords, sales rank, category, shipping time, and more.

Make a Good Etsy Listing: Get help creating a great listing with tips on how to write titles, use tags, and price items.

Competition Analysis: Analyze your competitors’ keywords and listings to find new opportunities for your own products.

Rankings Tracking: Track your rankings over time so you can see your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Keyword Suggestions: Get tailored keyword suggestions based on the keywords you’ve already used to help you find the perfect ones for your listings.

Advanced Filters: Use our advanced filters to narrow down your search results and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Reports & Insights: Get insights into your SEO performance with our detailed reports and analytics.

eRank Features

eRank Features

Analyze Up to 4 Keywords at Once: eRank helps you compare up to four keywords at once, with their Etsy and Google data, so you can choose the most effective one for your tags and titles.

Keep Track of Your Top 20 Keywords: eRank keeps an eye on your top 20 keywords and shows which of your listings are ranking on the first two pages of Etsy search results.

Identify and Edit Listings with Fewest Images: Quickly identify and edit listings with the fewest images by viewing and sorting listings by the number of images.

See Hundreds of Tags from Up to 100 Listings: See hundreds of tags from up to 100 listings of any Etsy shop you choose, showing their search volume, clicks, and competition data.

Monitor Changes to Listings: See whether changes you’ve made to a listing are improving its performance in terms of views, favorites, and sales.

Return on Investment Calculator: Use the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to help evaluate the performance of your Etsy Ads campaign.

Cost Calculator Tool: Use the Cost Calculator Tool to estimate the cost of making, marketing, and selling your item to ensure a worthwhile profit margin after costs are taken into account.

Etsy Top Ten Search Terms: Get insight into Etsy’s Top Ten search terms for each month, along with holidays and events from around the world.

Analyze Any Shop or Listing’s SEO With a Click: Click the browser button to analyze any shop or listing’s SEO with a click, right on Etsy’s website!

eRank & EtsyHunt Pricing

When it comes to price

EtsyHunt offers three pricing plans: a free version, a basic plan that starts at £$3.99 (previously $9.99) per month, and a premium plan that starts at $19.99 per month. 

eRank has basic, pro, and expert plans that are $5.99, $9.99, and $29.99 respectively.

Both services offer a free trial so you can test them out before committing to a plan. However, eRank’s higher price tag may be worth it for those who need more advanced features and analytics.

Try eRank and EtsyHunt for free

Pros and Cons

Both EtsyHunt and eRank offer a range of features to help sellers optimize their Etsy shop. However, there are some pros and cons to consider when deciding which Etsy SEO tool is the right fit for you.

EtsyHunt Pros & Cons

EtsyHunt Pros

  • Easy-to-use Etsy rank analysis tool
  • Ideal for discovering top-selling items
  • Displays sales information for Etsy products
  • Users have noted enhancements in their listings
  • Offers a free plan and complimentary Chrome extensions

EtsyHunt Cons

  • Might seem like information overload.
  • A paid subscription is necessary to access all features

eRank Pros and Cons

eRank Pros

  • Lots of keyword data including trend, competition & volume
  • Great Value
  • Print on demand related data
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Run By Etsy Sellers

eRank Cons

  • Can feel like information overload
  • Steep learning curve (initially)
  • No Chrome Extensions

How I Use the eRank & EtsyHunt


The key functions I use eRank for are:

  • Etsy Keyword Research (Obviously) – See the search data for a keyword
  • Finding New Keywords – reviewing related keywords in order to find new ones to use
  • Finding Supporting Keywords – searching for additional keywords to use in my tags and descriptions
  • Listing Optimization improving my listings so they rank better
  • Product Research
  • Niche Research
  • Competition Shop Analysis 


The key functions I use EtsyHunt for are:

  • Product Research – looking for new products and or validating those that I have in mind
  • Niche Research – looking for new niches and validating that products are selling in those niches
  • Shop Analysis – looking at successful shops and seeing what is selling well.

Using Them Together

As you can see from the above summary, there is some overlap in the functions I use but there are some differences too. Having two tools means you can validate data that you see in one tool to ensure that both tools are saying the same thing.

Etsyhunt and eRank are two great tools when used together. The Chrome extensions that Etsyhunt offers mean you can undertake some analysis directly on Etsy and then go to eRank to double-check it.

Growing your Etsy store is made a lot easier with these tools for sure.

User Reviews

User Reviews for both EtsyHunt and eRank are generally positive. Both tools are praised for their easy-to-use interfaces and comprehensive keyword research capabilities.

EtsyHunt is often praised for its excellent product research and SEO features, as well as its ability to provide estimated sales data.

eRank is also highly rated for its keyword analysis features, which makes it easier for sellers to find the best keywords for their listings.

However, some users have found that the platform can be slightly complicated for new sellers, which is where EtsyHunt comes in with its user-friendly interface.

Alternative Etsy SEO Tools

In addition to EtsyHunt and eRank, there are other Etsy SEO tools available to help sellers optimize their listings. Marmalead is a popular tool that offers keyword research and analysis of the competition in the marketplace.

Alura offers a keyword discovery tool to help sellers find high-demand and low-competition keywords.

EtsyHunt Vs eRank Conclusion

I have used eRank for years as my number 1 Etsy SEO tool. I have now added EtsyHunt and use them both together.

I use both these tools as they focus on slightly different elements of Etsy SEO. eRank focuses on keyword data like competition, volume and click-through rate. EtsyHunt focuses on sales data showing the estimated amount of times an item has sold and been favorited.

It’s, for this reason, I think EtsyHunt and eRank work really well together. Where they overlap; keyword analysis etc, is great for validating what you have found.


What is the best Etsy product research?

Erank and Etsyhunt are two of the best tools for researching products on Etsy and doing keyword research for Etsy SEO. Erank is a powerful keyword research tool that helps you identify high-value keywords and related phrases to use in your product titles, descriptions, and tags. eRank also shows you estimated sales data, so you can make informed decisions about which products to focus on.

Etsyhunt is an analytic tool that provides insights into what’s trending on Etsy, giving you access to valuable data such as top searches and categories. With this information, you can easily identify what items are popular with customers, allowing you to create listings for those products or adjust your existing ones accordingly. Together, Erank and Etsyhunt provide invaluable resources for researching the best products to promote on Etsy.

Should I connect my Etsy shop to eRank?

Integrating your Etsy shop with eRank is a great idea if you’re looking to get the most out of the tool. If you don’t connect your shop you will not be able to benefit from all the functionality the tool offers.

Is eRank free to use?

Yes and no. eRank has a free plan, but to benefit from all the tools eRank offers you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is eRank a safe website?

Yes, eRank is a safe website. I have used it for years with no issues.

Is EtsyHunt worth it?

 EtsyHunt is a great tool for any Etsy store looking to get more visibility and customers on the marketplace. EtsyHunt is definitely worth it as it can provide an extra boost to your Etsy presence and help you reach more potential customers. Etsyhunt provides valuable insights into customer behavior which can be used to improve your overall e-commerce strategy.

What are eRrank and EtsyHunt ?

eRank and EtsyHunt are two popular tools that help Etsy shop owners optimize their shops for Etsy search engine results. They offer a variety of features, such as listing analysis and SEO optimization, that can help sellers get noticed and increase their sales. eRank provides a range of tools to edit and improve listings, while EtsyHunt offers valuable insights into SEO optimization.

Both tools offer pricing plans to suit different budgets. eRank’s free plan is more limited than EtsyHunt’s, while their premium plans offer more features. With these two tools, sellers can take their shop to the next level and make sure they’re seen by potential customers.

eRank VS EtsyHunt: Which One is Better Etsy Sellers Tool?

Both tools offer excellent product research and SEO, as well as rank, tag, and reviews analysis. 

What Other Etsy Keyword Tools Are There?

Marmalead, Alura, and Everbee are there of the best alternatives.

How does eRank get Etsy data?

eRank collects data from Etsy using a variety of methods. The most common method is web scraping, which involves extracting data from websites and webpages in an automated manner. eRank also uses APIs to collect information from Etsy.

 These APIs allow eRank to access and retrieve real-time data from the Etsy platform, such as product listings, reviews, shop stats, prices, and more. Additionally, eRank sources data from publicly available sources like social media sites and third-party tools.

This allows eRank to gain insights into trends within the Etsy marketplace that can help inform sellers on how to optimize their business strategies. All of these methods combined give eRank an accurate picture of the Etsy marketplace so it can provide valuable insights to sellers.

What are erank and EtsyHunt ?

eRank and EtsyHunt are two powerful tools to help you maximize your Etsy shop’s success. eRank is a comprehensive SEO tool that helps you optimize your listings for better visibility in search engine results, as well as make sure that your titles and tags are relevant to the items being offered. EtsyHunt on the other hand is an advanced keyword research tool that works closely with the Etsy algorithm.

It uses its sophisticated analytics algorithms to identify which keywords will give your listings increased visibility in search results and bring more potential buyers to your shop. With both of these tools, sellers have a better chance of reaching their target customers by optimizing their listings accordingly.

When should I upgrade from a free EtsyHunt and / or eRank account?

Both eRank and EtsyHunt offer free plans that give you access to a useful yet limited set of functionality.  If you want to fully benefit from the tools that they both offer then I would strongly recommend upgrading to one of the paid plans. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade to the top plan on offer. Make sure you look at whats included in each level of plan on offer.

 eRank and EtsyHunt are both great tools for Etsy sellers, but which one is the best? It really depends on the seller’s needs. eRank offers a comprehensive suite of analytics tools, so it’s great for sellers who need detailed insights about their store performance and for those who want to track their competition.

EtsyHunt, on the other hand, provides similar data and also includes two Chrome Extensions that enable key sales and keyword data to be overlayed onto Etsy itself.