How To Leave A Review On Etsy & Why It’s Important To You

When you’re buying something on Etsy, it’s important to write a review on Etsy whether good or bad so that other potential buyers can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase from a particular seller.

It’s a simple process so keep reading to learn how to leave a review on Etsy.

Etsy allows buyers to:

  • write a review (within a set review period)
  • edit a review on Etsy
  • delete a review on Etsy

Etsy allows sellers to respond to a negative review

Why Are Reviews Important On Etsy?

Reviews are social proof that an Etsy Shop and or a product is trustworthy and give more certainty of the quality of the product that’s being sold.

Etsy puts great importance on its review system. Last year Etsy introduced the Star Seller Program that awards (via receipt of a Star Seller Badge) sellers for meeting certain criteria, one of which is an average review level of 4.8 stars for the month.

Etsy displays the star rating for every shop on the marketplace. The star rating shown for a seller is the average of the reviews they’ve received in the past 12 months and it’s visible on the Etsy website or Etsy app under every listing.

Negative reviews are very visible as they stand out from the more common three to five-star views that most buyers leave.

When Can A Buyer Leave a Review

A buyer can post a review from the estimated delivery date of a purchase, which for digital purchases is straight away.

Etsy limits the review window. After 100 days from this point, buyers will no longer be able to leave a review as Etsy removes the option.

How to Leave a Review on Etsy – As a Registered User

Etsy allows you to leave a review that includes a star rating of 1 to 5, some text, and a picture. If you want to review a purchase, follow these steps.

1. Open Etsy on your mobile device or computer and sign in. 

2. Go to Your Profile and click Purchases and reviews. 

3. Find the order you want to leave a review for and select Write a review next to the star rating. If you don’t see Write a review, it means that Etsy doesn’t think you have received your item yet or the listing is not eligible for a review. 

4. Select the stars to rate your overall experience with the transaction, then tap Continue. 

5. Choose what you want to write about in your review, then tap Continue again. 

6. Add details about your experience, then tap Post Your Review when you’re finished writing.  

7. Tap Post Review when you’re done writing your review to post it live on Etsy!

How To Leave A Review as A Guest

Etsy goes to great lengths to maintain its review system and to ensure it is valuable to all users (buyers and sellers).

One way it does this is by preventing users from leaving a review on Etsy as a guest and only allowing registered Etsy users who have made a purchase to leave a review.

However, all is not lost. If you have made a purchase and checked out as a guest you can still leave a review by following the steps below.

  • Find the purchase confirmation email that Etsy sent you. This is sent from the address
  • Click on the order number shown near the top of the email.
  • Follow the steps to create an Etsy account
  • Now the order is linked to your account and you can follow the steps in the section above to leave a review.

How can I delete or edit my Etsy review?

You can edit the star rating, photograph, and written note any number of times during the 100-day review period. However, reviews can’t be edited while a case is open for that order. 

To edit a review simply follow these steps:

  • Got to Etsy and log in to your account.
  • Go to your user profile by clicking your picture then Purchases and Reviews as shown below;
  • Find the review that you want to delete or edit.
  • Follow the instructions to edit your review or delete it.
How To Leave A Review On Etsy

Other Things to Be aware of

  1. Other buyers will see your review and your name, so they will know it was you who left a review. Keep that in mind, as reviews are public, don’t include private information like someone’s address or full name
  2. Sellers can respond to a review thanking you (if you’ve left a 5-star review) or to provide assistance or challenge you if you leave a negative review.
  3. When shopping, you can read a review by clicking on a listing and you will see all the reviews for that product.


You will now know how to Leave a review on Etsy and why it’s important. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes of your time and it really does help other buyers and sellers on Etsy regardless of whether you leave a positive review or a negative review on Etsy.


Can guests leave a review on etsy?

Yes, guests can leave reviews on Etsy, but you have to create an account and link the purchase to the account first.

Why can’t I leave a review On Etsy?

Common reasons include:
– You are not within 100 days review period. Etsy only allows you to write a review during that time period.
– You purchased the item and checked out as a guest
– Etsy doesn’t believe you have received the item yet.
– You haven’t purchased the item on Etsy.

How Does Etsy Remind Buyers to Leave Feedback?

Etsy reminds buyers to leave feedback by sending them an email and sending a notification on the app and Etsy website. The notifications are sent shortly after the estimated delivery date of the item. Reminder notifications and emails are also sent.

Whilst Etsy doesn’t condone Etsy sellers contacting buyers asking for reviews, many sellers do, some blatantly some more subtly.