How To INCREASE conversion rate on Etsy – 13 Expert Strategies

Are you looking to enhance your Etsy store’s performance and boost sales? A higher Etsy conversion rate is crucial for achieving this goal. In this post, we’ll share 13 expert strategies to increase your Etsy conversion rate and help your handmade business thrive. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Conversion Rate?

Before diving into the strategies to increase your conversion rate on Etsy, it’s essential to understand what a conversion rate is and why it’s crucial for your handmade business.

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your Etsy shop who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase. In simpler terms, it’s the proportion of your shop’s visitors who become paying customers.

Increase traffic to your shop and you can boost your sales. Increase your conversion rate and you will convert more of the people that visit your Etsy store.

How To Calculate Your Conversion Rate

To calculate your conversion rate, divide the total number of sales by the number of visits to your Etsy shop and multiply the result by 100. For example, if your Etsy store had 1,000 visits and made 50 sales, your rate would be 5% (50 sales ÷ 1,000 visits × 100).

Understanding your Etsy shop’s conversion rate is vital because it provides insight into how effectively your shop is converting traffic into sales. A high conversion rate indicates that your shop is successfully turning visitors into buyers, while a low rate may signify that there’s room for improvement in areas such as product listings, pricing, customer service, or marketing efforts.

What Is A Good Conversion Rate?

The global average conversion rate for e-commerce sites is 2.9%.

The average Etsy conversion rate can range from 1 to 4%.  

A good conversion rate on Etsy typically falls between 2 to 3%, while anything above 5% is considered excellent. 

Conversion rates on Etsy can vary depending on the category of items being sold. For example, arts and crafts have an average conversion rate of 3.49%, while fashion and accessories have an average of 1.90%.


Optimize Your Etsy Listing Titles for Higher Conversion Rates

A well-optimized Etsy listing is essential for attracting potential buyers and improving your Etsy search ranking. Use clear, concise, and engaging titles with relevant keywords. In the product description, include important details such as size, material, and customization options. Also, make sure to fill out all relevant attributes and use tags strategically.

Enhance Product Photography to Improve Etsy Listing Conversion Rate

Stunning product photos are crucial to converting visits into successful sales. Use natural lighting and a clean background to emphasize your products’ unique features. Include at least five images per listing to showcase your items from multiple angles, and consider using short videos for a more immersive experience.

If you are selling print-on-demand products, use mockups from Placeit (or similar). It will improve your Etsy listing by emotionally connecting with your customer, making them want your product more.

Offer Free Shipping to Boost Your Etsy Conversion Rate

When surveyed, 9 out of 10 shoppers said that free shipping was the top incentive when purchasing online. 

Offering free shipping to Etsy shoppers increases the likelihood that they will convert.  The added convenience of free shipping can also help minimize friction for customers and make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Etsy has made free shipping a core part of the shopping experience, with their free shipping guarantee letting shoppers know that they won’t have to pay additional shipping costs on orders over a certain amount. 

All of these factors combined make offering free shipping on Etsy listings a great idea for sellers looking to increase their sales and keep their customers happy.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service to Increase Conversion Rate on Etsy

Be a good customer-focused Etsy seller by responding promptly to inquiries and providing clear, helpful answers. Go the extra mile to resolve any issues or concerns.

I have had unhappy customers that through providing excellent customer care I have turned into raving fans who leave five-star reviews.

Etsy introduced the Star Seller program that rewards sellers with a Star Seller badge if they meet certain criteria, one of which is responding to queries quickly.

Good customer service will often result in positive reviews and satisfied customers will help build trust and credibility, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Leverage Etsy Ads and Social Media to Drive Conversions

Leverage social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your Etsy shop.

Share engaging content, interact with your followers, and collaborate with influencers to gain more exposure and increase sales on Etsy.

Driving traffic to your store from within your niche increases your chances of a sale as the people coming to your store are your target customer.

Price Competitively to Improve Your Etsy Shop Conversion Rate

If your prices are too high, you may experience a low conversion rate. Not only will you struggle to get customers to click through to your store, but you also will not be able to get them to convert if your competition is selling similar items for less.

Lowering your price so it is competitive is a good way to increase your conversion rate.

Research your competitors and price your products competitively. Be mindful of your expenses and profit margins, but don’t undervalue your work. Offer promotions or discounts to incentivize purchases, especially for first-time buyers.

Encourage Reviews for a Good Etsy Conversion Rate

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews by providing exceptional service and sending follow-up messages. Display these testimonials prominently in your shop to build trust with potential buyers and increase your Etsy listing conversion rate.


There are tools like Alura.IO that can help send follow-up messages to remind customers to leave a review for the item they bought.

Analyze and Adjust to Achieve an Above-Average Conversion Rate on Etsy

To start, you should track your existing conversion rate by dividing the number of sales by the number of visitors to your shop.

Once you have a baseline understanding of your current rate, you can start to experiment with different strategies in this article and track the impact.

By taking a data-driven approach and constantly experimenting and iterating, you can increase your conversion rate and ultimately drive more sales on Etsy.

Tell a Compelling Shop Story to Convert More Etsy Shoppers

Establish a strong brand identity by sharing your unique story, values, and inspirations. Have a USP for your brand. Let people know who visits your Etsy shop, and what you are all about. Why should they buy from you instead of from other people? 

Brand your store with a professional-looking logo and banner and use the About page to really land your message.

Your Etsy Shop is a Business

Many sellers on Etsy treat their Etsy shop as a hobby and not as a business. Customers need to trust the shop that they are buying from and so all interactions need to be professional. 

All messaging should be friendly and professional. 

Stay Informed on Etsy Marketplace Trends to Increase The Conversion Rate

Etsy’s search algorithm and marketplace trends can impact your conversion rate. It is common for Etsy to change how search and Etsy SEO work or to introduce new programs like Star Seller or Purchase Protection.

These changes can bring opportunities to exploit new functionality. They may also require you to change how you operate in order to defend your position as a successful Etsy business.

Stay informed about updates to Etsy’s algorithm and changes in the marketplace to maintain your competitive edge. Regularly read Etsy’s seller blog and participate in seller forums to stay up-to-date with best practices and strategies for improving your Etsy conversion rate.

Master Etsy SEO to Increase Shop Visibility and Conversion Rate

A crucial component of improving your conversion rate on Etsy is mastering Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and understanding the Etsy algorithm. Etsy SEO involves optimizing your product listings with relevant keywords, tags, and attributes to help your items rank higher in Etsy search results.

By doing so, you make it easier for potential buyers to find your products when they search for items like yours. You don’t want customers searching for a little black dress and seeing your white T-shirts. 

Research popular and long-tail keywords related to your products and incorporate them naturally into your titles, descriptions, and tags. Additionally, ensure that your shop sections are well-organized and use descriptive, keyword-rich names to further enhance your shop’s SEO.

Write Compelling and Informative Product Descriptions to Convert More Buyers

Your product descriptions play a vital role in convincing potential buyers to purchase your items. A well-crafted product description should not only provide essential information about your product but also connect with the reader on an emotional level.

To create effective product descriptions that increase your Etsy success rate, follow these tips:

  • Start with a captivating opening sentence that highlights your product’s most attractive features.
  • Include the keywords you are targeting as Etsy now uses product descriptions in SEO
  • Clearly outline the benefits and unique selling points of your product.
  • Use bullet points or short paragraphs to make your description easy to read and scan.
  • Address common questions or concerns buyers may have about your product.
  • Add a personal touch by sharing the story or inspiration behind your product.
  • Include relevant keywords naturally throughout the description to improve your Etsy SEO.

By focusing on both Etsy SEO and crafting compelling product descriptions, you can further enhance your shop’s performance and increase your sales on Etsy.

Tools to Help

If conversion rate optimization seems difficult remember there are tools that can help calculate your etsy conversion rate and highlight ways to improve your listings. My favorite is eRank. 

 eRank has powerful Keyword and SEO tools to help you get a good conversion rate for Etsy.


The tool also has a Listing Audit feature that will ship you stats for your listings like those shown below as well as tips to increase the conversion rate.

In the Listing Audit feature, you will find your Etsy conversion rate clearly displayed. This makes it easy to track over time as you make changes to the listing.


By implementing these 13 expert strategies, you should increase your Etsy conversion rate and boost sales for your handmade business. 

Remember that success takes time and effort whether you’re selling on Etsy or any other online platform. Stay persistent, adapt to changes, and keep refining your approach to achieve the best results. With dedication and consistency, you’ll see an increase in sales, a higher Etsy conversion rate, and a thriving handmade business. Good luck!


What is considered a good conversion rate on Etsy?

A good rate on Etsy varies depending on factors like product type, target audience, and competition. Generally, an average conversion rate on Etsy is 2-5%, while anything above 5% is considered good.

However, it’s important to set realistic goals based on your specific niche and continuously work on optimizing your shop to improve.

How can I track my Etsy conversion rate?

You can track your Etsy conversion rate using Etsy’s built-in analytics tools. To access these tools, log in to your Etsy seller account, click on “Shop Manager,” and then select “Stats.”

Here, you can view your shop’s overall conversion rate, as well as the conversion rates for specific listings.

Tools like eRank also provide this data and much more that can help you with your research and optimization.

Can I use Etsy Ads to improve my conversion rate?

Yes, Etsy Ads can help improve your conversion rate by increasing the visibility of your products in Etsy search results.

By investing in Etsy Ads, you can reach more potential buyers who are searching for products like yours. However, it’s crucial to optimize your listings and set a strategic ad budget to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.