Etsy Star Seller Badge – What Is It? Should You Care?

The Etsy Star Seller Badge is a badge (no really it is) that Etsy rewards to Etsy shops if the Etsy seller meets a set of customer service-focused criteria.

Is it worth it? Does it help your Etsy SEO? Etsy would like you to think so. But, if your competitors are star sellers, then you need to be too. Some customers see the star seller badge as a signal of trustworthiness, so yes, you should care.

Read on to understand in more detail what it is, and how to get it and keep it. 

I’ve got mine…. have you got yours?

Etsy Star Seller Badge History

Earning the Etsy Star Seller badge is a testament to the exceptional customer care provided by sellers on the platform. Introduced in July 2021, this program recognizes and rewards sellers who consistently meet specific criteria for customer service excellence.

From maintaining a high average review rating to timely order shipments, becoming an Etsy Star Seller is a badge of honor that sets you apart in the competitive marketplace.

Changes In The Qualification Criteria

After significant complaints by Etsy shop owners (and they do like to complain), Etsy updated the star seller criteria.

At launch, the criteria were:

  • At least 95% of messages are replied to within 24 hours (Stayed the same)
  • 95% of reviews are 5-stars (Reduced to a 4.8 review rating average)
  • At least 95% of orders are shipped on time with tracking or shipping labels purchased on Etsy
  • At least 10 orders (Reduced to at least 5 orders)
  • At least US$300/£200/€250/CA$350/AU$350 in sales

What Is The Etsy Star Seller badge

The Etsy Star Seller badge is a prestigious recognition award (so Etsy would like you to think) given to sellers on the platform who have consistently provided excellent customer service.

It is a symbol of trust and reliability, signaling to potential buyers that they can expect a positive shopping experience.

To earn the badge, sellers must meet certain criteria, including responding to messages within 24 hours, maintaining a rating average of 4.8 or higher, and dispatching orders on time with tracking or an Etsy postage label.

Qualification Criteria for the Etsy Star Seller Badge

Etsy Star seller badge criteria

Criteria for Earning The Badge

To earn the Etsy Star Seller badge, sellers need to meet specific criteria based on their shop’s performance over a three-month review period. Here are the qualifications required to earn the badge all measured over a three month period:

  1. Respond to messages within 24 hours: Sellers need to reply to the first message in a thread within 24 hours to provide a great customer experience.
  2. Maintain a high rating: Sellers must have an average rating of 4.8 or higher, showcasing their commitment to excellent customer service.
  3. Dispatch with tracking: Orders need to be dispatched on-time with tracking or a label from Etsy. This ensures efficient shipping and enables customers to track their packages.
  4. Achieve sales minimums: Sellers must make at least 5 sales worth $300 USD during the three-month review period to demonstrate consistent sales performance.

For more information on the Etsy Star Seller badge, you can visit the Etsy Seller Handbook.

How Often Will Your Status Be Reviewed?

Etsy sellers are reviewed every month, on the first of the month.

The review period looks at the last three months.

The importance of the Etsy Star Seller badge for sellers

The Etsy Star Seller badge holds significant importance for sellers as it serves as a recognition and reward for providing outstanding customer service. The badge not only showcases a seller’s dedication to customer satisfaction but also acts as a trust symbol for potential buyers.

Etsy star seller rewards

By earning the Star Seller badge, sellers can gain several advantages, including:

  1. Increased Visibility: Etsy highlights Star Sellers in its marketing campaigns, making it easier for shoppers to connect with sellers who excel in customer service. This increased visibility can translate into more sales and listing views.
  2. Enhanced Trust: The badge is a clear indicator to buyers that a shop has a proven track record of delivering exceptional customer service. This instills confidence in potential buyers and can lead to increased sales and repeat customers.
  3. Potential Impact on Search Ranking: Although the Star Seller badge does not directly impact search ranking, it helps buyers identify and shop from trusted sellers. This can indirectly influence sales and visibility in search results by attracting more buyers to the shop.

Cutting the fluff for a minute, look at the snapshot of search results below. They all have star seller badges. If you were the only shop that didn’t have a star seller badge on a page of search results, it would impact you for sure.

Etsy search results highlighting star seller badge

By striving to meet the criteria for the Etsy Star Seller badge, sellers can enhance their reputation, build trust with customers, and ultimately drive success on the Etsy platform.

How to improve your chances of becoming an Etsy Star Seller

Set Up An Auto-Reply to Improve Message Response Rate

One way to improve your message response rate and provide excellent customer service on Etsy is by setting up an auto-reply. An auto-reply is a pre-written message that is sent automatically to customers when they reach out to you.

This feature is incredibly helpful for sellers who may not always be able to respond immediately but want to acknowledge their customers and set expectations.

To set up an auto-reply on Etsy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Shop Manager and click on “Settings”.
  2. Under the “Settings” tab, click on “Preferences”.
  3. Scroll down to the “Customer service” section and enable the “Auto-reply” feature.
  4. Craft a friendly and informative message that thanks the customer for reaching out and lets them know when they can expect a response.
  5. Save your changes and your auto-reply will be activated.

Using an auto-reply can greatly improve your response rate and customer satisfaction. It lets customers know that their message has been received and sets expectations for when they can expect a more detailed response.

By being proactive and providing timely communication, you can build trust with your customers and enhance their overall shopping experience on Etsy.

Tips for Maintaining a high review rating

Maintaining a high review rating as an Etsy seller is crucial for building a strong reputation and attracting more customers. Here are some tips to help you achieve and maintain a high review rating:

Prioritize excellent customer service: Respond to messages promptly, address customer concerns, and provide helpful and friendly communication.

Offer high-quality products: Ensure that your products meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Provide accurate product descriptions: Be transparent about your products by providing detailed and accurate descriptions, including measurements, materials, and any relevant information.

Etsy star seller status page

Package your items carefully: Pay attention to packaging to ensure that items arrive in excellent condition and reflect the care and professionalism of your shop.

Establish realistic processing times: Set realistic processing times for orders to avoid delays and potentially negative reviews.

Promptly address any issues: If a customer encounters any issues with their purchase, resolve the problem promptly and professionally to ensure their satisfaction.

Encourage customer feedback: After completing a transaction, kindly ask customers to leave a review. Positive reviews can boost your overall rating and attract more buyers.

Potential Benefits On Search Ranking

When it comes to search ranking on Etsy, earning the Star Seller badge can potentially have some benefits. While the badge itself doesn’t directly impact the order of search results, it can indirectly affect your shop’s visibility and trustworthiness, leading to potential improvements in search ranking. Here are some potential benefits:

Increased visibility: Etsy highlights Star Sellers in their marketing to buyers, making it easier for shoppers to connect with your shop. This increased visibility can lead to more views and potential sales.

Enhanced trust: The Star Seller badge is a recognized symbol of excellent customer service. When buyers see this badge on your shop, it instills confidence and trust, making them more likely to make a purchase.

Positive reviews: To earn the Star Seller badge, you need to maintain a high average rating of 4.8 or higher. Positive reviews not only contribute to earning the badge but also act as social proof for potential buyers, further boosting your shop’s reputation.

My Take On Etsy Star Seller Badge

When it was first introduced I hated it.

I could see what Etsy was trying to do. They want people to think of Etsy as a marketplace full of quality products, that are all handmade and where sellers provide an excellent customer experience.

Instead, the start seller badge just added extra pressure on sellers. If a customer gave you a 4 star review you’d feel like your world was about to end. Let alone trying to respond to each initial message the minute it landed.

Luckily Etsy saw sense and tweaked the criteria somewhat.

I would like to see more benefits to the sellers for achieving Start Seller status though. 

The pressure it put on Etsy sellers to get 5-star reviews


The star seller system ‘rewards’ sellers for meeting the following criteria over a three-month period:

  1. Respond to messages within 24 hours:
  2. Maintain an average review rating of 4.8 
  3. Dispatch orders on time & with tracking
  4. Achieve sales minimum of at least 5 orders & $300

It was a good idea in theory but the execution was lacking. Etsy did listen to feedback and alter it which was a positive, but I still don’t really think it means much to the seller or the buyer.

It’s nice to have.

Top Tip

If you have it try and keep it, but don’t get upset if you lose your star seller badge.

Importance of Striving to Become an Etsy Star Seller

Striving to become an Etsy Star Seller is highly beneficial for sellers on the platform. Here are some key reasons why achieving the Star Seller badge should be a goal for Etsy sellers:

  1. Increased visibility and trust: The Star Seller badge is a testament to excellent customer service and buyers are more likely to trust and purchase from sellers with the Star Seller badge.
  2. Improved search ranking: While the Star Seller badge does not directly impact search results, it does make it easier for buyers to identify and shop from Star Sellers. This can indirectly lead to increased visibility and potential improvements in search rankings.
  3. Higher sales and listing views: Etsy data reveals that Star Sellers make more sales and receive more listing views compared to similar non-Star Sellers. Being recognized as a Star Seller can attract more buyers and drive higher sales.
  4. Featured in Etsy marketing: Etsy actively highlights Star Sellers in their marketing efforts, giving these sellers additional exposure and opportunities to connect with potential customers.
  5. Positive customer feedback: Striving for the Star Seller badge encourages sellers to provide exceptional customer service and deliver on buyer expectations. Positive customer feedback, including high ratings and rave reviews, helps build trust and loyalty among buyers.
  6. Opportunities for growth: Working towards achieving and maintaining Star Seller status can motivate sellers to continually improve their customer service, order fulfillment, and overall shop performance. This commitment to excellence can lead to long-term success and growth on the Etsy platform.

By focusing on the criteria for earning the Star Seller badge and consistently providing outstanding customer experiences, sellers can create a positive reputation and enjoy the benefits of being recognized as a Star Seller on Etsy.

Key takeaways and tips for success

Here are some key takeaways and tips for success when aiming to become an Etsy Star Seller:

  1. Respond promptly: To earn the Star Seller badge, make sure you reply to the first message in a thread within 24 hours.
  2. Provide excellent customer service: Aim for an average rating of 4.8 or higher by delivering great products, offering prompt communication, and resolving any issues promptly.
  3. Ship on time: Dispatch orders within the processing times you set and provide tracking or purchase a postage label on Etsy to meet the eligibility criteria.
  4. Meet sales and order minimums: To qualify, make at least five sales totaling $300 USD in the three-month review period.
  5. Stay active: Ensure you’ve been on Etsy’s platform for 90 days since your first sale to meet the eligibility requirements.
  6. Seek advice and resources: Engage with the Etsy community, participate in courses, and explore guides to improve your customer experience and increase your chances of qualifying as a Star Seller.
  7. Stay positive: Remember that achieving the Star Seller badge is an aspirational program created to celebrate excellent customer experiences, and not meeting the criteria doesn’t mean you can’t be successful on Etsy.

By following these tips and striving for exceptional customer service, you can increase your chances of becoming an Etsy Star Seller and stand out among other sellers.