How to Write Etsy Product Descriptions For Listings That Sell


Etsy is great, but it can feel like it’s too competitive to achieve sales as your products struggle to show up in searches.

If someone clicks through to your product, you want to stand the best chance possible of converting them into a buyer.

This is where product descriptions come in. A product description needs to:

  • Emotionally connect with the buyer so they see themselves owning your product
  • Answer all the questions they have to remove any doubt
  • Build Trust
  • Be easy to read & not be too boring

Sounds a lot right? Well it is, but once you’ve nailed it you can create a simple Etsy listing description template to help you write all your descriptions in a similar style.

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Essentials of Etsy Product Descriptions

Unique Features

When writing Etsy product descriptions, it is important to highlight the unique features of your product. Showcase what sets it apart from other products in the market. Describe any special design elements, patterns, or colors that make it one of a kind.

Keep in mind that potential customers will be more likely to consider purchasing a product if they believe it offers something unique and desirable.

Size and Dimensions

Providing accurate size and dimensions information is essential in Etsy product descriptions. This allows potential buyers to determine if the item will meet their needs and fit properly in their intended space.

Remember to include measurements in both inches and centimeters if possible, as this will cater to an international audience.

To make it easier for buyers to understand the measurements, consider using bullet points or tables like the example below:

SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)

You can also include a size guide in the product images and refer to it in the product descriptions.

Materials and Quality

As the Etsy shopper cant pick up and feel your item, it is essential to describe the materials and quality of your product in the description. 

Clearly describe your product and mention the materials used in making it, such as the type of wood, fabric, or metal, and any special techniques employed in its creation.

In this section, also address the quality of your product. Discuss the durability and longevity of the materials, as well as the craftsmanship.

This helps potential buyers feel confident that they are investing in a quality item that will stand the test of time. Just be sure not to exaggerate or make false claims.

How To Write Etsy Descriptions

When crafting Etsy product descriptions, it’s essential to make them engaging, informative, and persuasive.

A well-written description will entice potential customers and showcase the value of the products. Here are some tips for writing your Etsy store’s product descriptions

Etsy Product Descriptions

Bullet Points, Subheadings, and White Space

Nobody wants to read long walls of text when shopping online. This is where bullet points and subheadings come to the rescue.

Including bullet points and subheadings in your product descriptions will make them more scannable and user-friendly.

White space plays a vital role too. It makes your content visually appealing and easier to read. 

By breaking down the descriptions into smaller, easily digestible sections, you can emphasize key features, benefits, and other important details about your product.

This format helps potential buyers quickly absorb the crucial information they need to know, making your product more appealing and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Using Keywords and Tags

You will have researched your Etsy Tags and Keywords so make sure you include them in your description. In 2022 Etsy confirmed that descriptions are now being used as part of the Etsy SEO algorithm.

Keywords play an essential role in helping potential customers find your product in search results. Use relevant and specific keywords when writing your descriptions to increase the chances of the item you’re selling showing up in Etsy search.

Language and Tone

To make your product descriptions stand out, it’s important to adopt appropriate language and tone. While writing the description, consider your target audience and maintain a tone that reflects the personality of your shop and the product.

Your description should be written in a clear and confident manner, ensuring that the information is easily understood by your potential customers.

Remember, injecting humor and creativity should complement, not overshadow, the essential product information.

So, strike the right balance between providing important product details and keeping it light-hearted and entertaining for potential buyers

Making the Opening Line Attention-Grabbing

Creating a captivating opening line for your Etsy product description can significantly influence potential buyers, setting the tone for the rest of the listing.

In fact, according to Rachel Rofé, the first line of your listing’s description is crucial as it’s what captures shoppers’ attention and makes them want to learn more about your products. 

To craft a powerful opening line, consider using humor, creativity, and genuine language that resonates with your target audience. For instance:

“Put a smile on a loved one’s face with our unique and heartwarming gifts at [YourEtsyShopName].”

“Save time shopping for the perfect gift – [YourEtsyShopName] has got you covered with our delightful collection.”

“Discover a world of charm and elegance with our hand-crafted jewelry pieces at [YourEtsyShopName].”

By employing these techniques, you can effectively grab the attention of shoppers and encourage them to continue reading your product description. As a result, an attention-grabbing opening line can go a long way in boosting your sales and distinguishing your brand from competitors.

Always keep your writing genuine and engaging to enhance the connection with your potential customers.

Visuals and Complementary Content

Product Photography

Photos and Videos

A critical aspect of Etsy product descriptions is the inclusion of visuals, as they allow potential buyers to fully grasp the product’s features and overall aesthetic. High-quality photos play a vital role in showcasing the item from different angles and highlighting its unique details.

Including a variety of images not only serves to hold the buyer’s attention but also significantly enhances the user experience.

Close-up shots, pictures of the product in use, and images that display customization options are all helpful in illustrating the versatility and appeal of your item.

Videos, on the other hand, can provide an additional layer of engagement by showcasing the product in motion, demonstrating its functionality, or highlighting any unique selling points.

When used effectively, a well-crafted video can serve as a powerful tool to captivate the audience and encourage them to move forward with a purchase.

Links and Complementary Products

Consider how your product relates to other items in your shop. Including links within your descriptions not only helps potential buyers find relevant or complementary products but also encourages them to explore your store further.

To maximize the effectiveness of linking, organize your Etsy shop in a way that makes it easy for buyers to navigate and discover related items. Grouping products into categories or creating collections can significantly streamline the browsing process.

By offering complementary products – those that either enhance or share similarities with the primary item – you can create a more comprehensive shopping experience. For instance, if you sell handmade jewelry, including links to matching necklaces or earrings would be advantageous.

This strategy can increase overall sales and foster customer loyalty by providing a curated selection of related products that cater to buyers’ interests.

Etsy SEO Listing Optimization For Etsy Search

To optimize your Etsy listing, follow these key steps:

  1. Include relevant keywords in your shop and item titles
  2. Incorporate these keywords into your listing descriptions without overstuffing.
  3. Make use of all 13 tags available for each listing, ensuring they’re related to your product.
  4. Select specific categories and attributes to accurately represent your item.

The above will enhance your Etsy listing’s search engine optimization, making it more accessible to your target audience. This, in turn, will lead to increased visibility, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, more sales.

Leveraging Etsy Tools and Resources

When it comes to creating effective Etsy product descriptions, sellers can benefit from various tools and resources. This section will focus on two primary resources: Etsy Shop Stats and Analytics, and AI Tools and Description Generators.

Etsy Shop Stats and Analytics

Etsy Shop Stats and Analytics provide valuable insights for sellers to optimize their product descriptions. By analyzing data such as views, favorites, and sales, sellers can identify the most effective keywords and phrases to incorporate into their descriptions. Some key points to consider are:

  • Keywords: Analyze which keywords drive the most traffic to your listings and incorporate them into your product descriptions.
  • Conversion Rates: Identify products with the highest conversion rates and study their descriptions to understand what elements are working well.
  • Trends: Monitor seasonal trends and adjust your descriptions accordingly, highlighting relevant features or uses for your products.

Using this data, Etsy sellers can make informed decisions and tailor their product descriptions to better engage potential customers.

AI Tools and Description Generators

The fast-growing field of artificial intelligence (AI) offers various tools that can assist Etsy sellers in crafting compelling product descriptions.

AI-powered solutions, such as free Etsy Product Description Generator, enable sellers to generate unique, attention-grabbing descriptions in moments. Some benefits of using AI tools include:

  • Efficient: AI tools can quickly generate a broad range of alternative descriptions, allowing sellers to choose the best-fitting one for their product.
  • Consistency: AI-powered tools maintain consistent quality and style, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand image across all listings.
  • Easy to Use: With user-friendly interfaces, AI tools typically require minimal input from the seller to generate relevant and engaging product descriptions.

I use the EtsyHunt Free Chrome Extension and Alura’s free AI Assistant

By leveraging Etsy Shop Stats and Analytics, as well as innovative AI tools, Etsy sellers can create compelling, optimized product descriptions that stand out in the marketplace and ultimately lead to greater success in their online businesses.

Wrap Up

Descriptions are a key way of getting a customer off the fence and making a purchase.

Etsy product descriptions have to inform, connect and build trust with the buyer.

With the launch of AI there are now more tools than ever that change help so you don’t need to struggle with writer’s block.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a good description?

To write a solid Etsy product description, start by incorporating relevant keywords that potential customers might use when searching for your products. Keep the content concise and use bullet points or subheadings for easier readability.

Make the most important information about your item prominent at the beginning of the description. Etsy Seller Handbook offers more tips on writing effective descriptions.

What to include in my description?

Include essential details about your product, such as materials, size, color, and usage. You may also want to add information about your production process, care instructions, and any personal story or inspiration behind the item.

Focus on key points that set your product apart from competitors and make sure to address common questions buyers might have.

Best description examples?

Some of the best product descriptions share certain common traits: they include targeted keywords, focus on unique selling points, use easy-to-scan bullet points, and are written in a compelling, customer-friendly tone.

Etsy description character limit?

Etsy allows up to 4,000 characters, including spaces and punctuation, for product descriptions. Make the most of this space by providing valuable information about your product without being overly verbose. Remember that clarity and conciseness will make your description more appealing to potential customers.

How to add bullet points?

Bullet points can be added to your Etsy product description by including an asterisk (*) followed by a space before each item in the list. This will help break up the text and make it more visually appealing to buyers. Here’s an example:

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

Etsy template resources?

There are several resources available to help you create templates for your Etsy product descriptions. Some popular sources include Creative Fabrica and Alura, which provide tools and tips for crafting standout descriptions that can boost your sales.