How To Use Chatgpt For Print On Demand – Boost Sales with AI

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Are you tired of wracking your brains for eye-catching and witty designs or texts for your merch? 

Well, worry no more!

It’s time to introduce you to the wonderful world of ChatGpt and how you can use it for your print-on-demand business.

Unless you’ve been living on the moon you’ll have heard of ChatGPT and how Artificial intelligence is taking over the world.

Well, it’s not taking over the world, but AI is definitely here to stay.

Did you know that this mighty machine can be your new creative partner in crime for your print on demand business?

With ChatGpt’s incredible writing skills, you can kickstart your creativity and say hasta la vista to designer’s block and writer’s block.

It works for me. Thank god. I hate coming up with engaging Facebook posts and Tweets. I no longer need to worry. Read on to find out why and get some useful prompts.

The AI boat is leaving the dock, either jump on or start swimming. AI is happening!

What Is ChatGpt?

ChatGpt is an AI-powered chatbot that helps users communicate with a knowledgeable virtual assistant in a conversational manner.

It uses natural language understanding and machine learning algorithms to provide users with helpful responses and to assist them in finding the information they need. Clever right?

The Science Behind ChatGPT (for the clever people)

ChatGPT is a product of the transformative technology known as a Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It learns from a diverse range of internet text, internalizing grammar, factual information, and even some degree of world knowledge. 

With a foundation of machine learning, it excels at generating relevant and cogent text.

How To Use ChatGPT

Go to and create an account using your email address.

ChatGPT Login Screen

Once you have created an account you can simply ask ChatGpt you can simply ask ChatGpt a question and it responds based on the information it has been trained on (up to September 2021).

Don’t like the answer? Ask it to shorten, expand, continue (so it adds more) etc etc.

The questions you ask ChatGPT are called prompts. It’s important to know this as creating prompts that work for your use cases has become an industry in its own right.

ChatGPT Dashboard

14 Ways To Use ChatGPT In Print On Demand

Product Titles

AI can generate SEO-friendly product titles for each of your products so you dont need to spend ages trying to come up with a clever way of describing another t-shirt you’re selling.

Example Prompt: Create an SEO-optimized product title for a [product category] in [your e-commerce store]. The product is [product description]. The title should be concise, and descriptive, and include the keywords [keyword1], [keyword2], and [keyword3] to improve search engine visibility.

Product Descriptions

If writing titles is a pain in the arse, try writing hundreds of different product descriptions for your Etsy shop, your Shopify store, etc. Well. GPT comes to the rescue once more. SEO-optimized descriptions are created in seconds and ready to publish.

Example Prompt: “Write an SEO-optimized product description for a [product category] in [your e-commerce store]. The product is [product name]. Your description should be informative, and engaging, and incorporate the keywords [keyword1], [keyword2], and [keyword3] to improve search engine visibility. Highlight the key features, benefits, and unique selling points of the product while maintaining a clear and concise writing style”

Quote Designs

So you sell in the feminist niche and want to create a design with a strong feminist quote from history? Can think of a quote as you prefer Netflix to the Classics? ChatGPT to the rescue. 

Example Prompt: “Give me 10 examples of strong feminist quotes from books that are in the public domain. Provide the output in table format with columns for the quote, author, and book”

Use ChatGPT for Print on demand - Example output

Given that ChatGPT can sometimes lie (or give you incorrect answers that it thinks are correct) its worth double checking that the above are in fact in the public domain and therefore free to use.

Funny or Inspirational Quotes

If your POD business involves printing motivational quotes or funny quotes on products, AI could generate relevant and interesting new quotes.

Example Prompt: Provide me with 10 funny quotes about cats that would look good on a t-shirt

Funny quote screen shot

Creative Design Ideas

Although ChatGPT cant create images (there are other tools for that) it can help brainstorm creative ideas. You could ask it to generate ideas for a t-shirt with a specific theme, niche, or in a certain style.

Customer Service

Got a question from a difficult customer and don’t know how to answer without using four-letter words?

Simply paste the message into the tool and ChatGpt can do the rest.

Example Prompt: Respond to the following customer message “The t-shirt I bought looks nothing like the product image and the quality is really poor” in a polite and professional manner and include: that the product has numerous 5-star reviews, customers love the super soft cotton and offer the option of a refund if the buyer returns the item to me.

Social Media

Building social media profiles and generating a following can lead to lots of sales. But it’s hard to write interesting engaging posts. But using chatgpt to write them makes it all a lot easier.

Example Prompt: write a clickbait social media post for this product [link].

You can also use generative AI for responses to comments, and even generate ideas for campaigns.

Product Reviews

While GPT-4 doesn’t generate fake reviews, it can be programmed to draft templates or responses to reviews from customers. This could help maintain a consistent tone and style across all your communication channels.

You can also use the tool to summarize the key theme of a number of reviews. Simply paste them into the tool and ask it to do so.

Content Marketing

Use ChatGpt to write articles, blog posts, and other content to promote your POD business. It could generate content related to your products, the process of making them, tips for customers, etc.

Brand Storytelling

 An AI can assist in crafting a compelling and engaging brand story, which can be used across various mediums – your website, product packaging, social media, etc.

Generating Ad Copy

Need to run ads for your POD business? Chatgpt and AI can generate creative and effective ad copy, headlines, and taglines for your Google, Facebook, or other platforms’ advertisements.

Naming Products

Having trouble naming a new product line or individual product? Input a few keywords or a description of the product, and GPT can suggest unique and fitting product names.

Managing FAQs

GPT can help generate and manage a comprehensive FAQ section on your website. It can provide detailed, clear, and concise answers to commonly asked customer questions. It can also come up with FAQ’s using prompts like the one below.

Example Prompt: Create a list of [Number] of frequently asked questions of buyers on Etsy relating to [Product Type]

Limitations of ChatGPT

Lack of Context Understanding: Despite its impressive language modeling abilities, ChatGPT can sometimes miss the context or the deeper meaning in complex conversations.

No Memory of Past Interactions: The model does not have the ability to remember or reference past interactions. Each new chat is independent of the other.

Inability to Verify Facts: ChatGPT doesn’t have a real-time internet connection and cannot verify the truth of information or access up-to-date data beyond its training cut-off.

Possibility of Generating Inappropriate Content: Despite safety measures, there’s a possibility that the model could generate content that’s offensive or inappropriate.

Limited Creativity and Originality: While it can generate new combinations of known ideas, it doesn’t truly invent novel concepts or ideas out of the blue.

Sensitivity to Input: The phrasing, length, and specificity of a prompt can greatly influence the quality and accuracy of the generated responses.

Ethical and Privacy Concerns: As with all AI technologies, there are potential ethical and privacy issues to consider. The model doesn’t know who you are, but it does generate responses based on the input it’s given.

Dependence on Training Data: The model’s responses are limited to the information present in its training data. It cannot learn new information or update its knowledge after its training cut-off. The cut-off for GPT 4.0 is September 2021.

Expand ChatGPT – Free Plugins

Remembering how to get the best out of ChatGpt can be hard. You have to learn how to use ChatGpt and remember to note down the prompts that give you the best output.

To help the process there are a number of Chrome extensions like Keywords Everywhere and Harpa AI (both free to use) that use the underlying AI Chatbot technology and provide prewritten prompts.

Keywords Everwhere
Keywords Everywhere Template Selector

Alternative AI Tools

Every five minutes there are new AI tools popping up. Knowing which one to buy is tricky. However, it’s worth checking that you don’t already have access to an AI tool. Both Canva and Creative Fabrica have added AI writing functionality to their feature lists at no additional charge. lead the way in terms of AI tools but it is beginning to lose its crown due to the free ChatGpt.

I don’t think you need to pay for anything else if your sole use of AI is your print on demand ecommerce business.


Now you’ve learned the power of ChatGPT and how you can use chatGPT in your print-on-demand business you really should get started.

You may be asking why I haven’t included anything about using AI tools like MidJourney to generate designs. Well at the point of writing the licensing position of AI-generated art is unclear. 

Rumour has it that AI-Generated art is not copyrighted by the prompter so anyone could use it.

Embracing the Future: The Role of AI in the Growth of Your Print on Demand Business AI is not just a trend—it’s the future. Embracing AI tools like ChatGPT can help your business stay competitive, innovative, and customer-centric, ensuring sustained growth and success. Your competitors use it so why dont you.

Final Thoughts: Getting the Most Out of ChatGPT in Print on Demand ChatGPT is a powerful ally for any print on demand business. By understanding its capabilities and learning to utilize them effectively, you can unlock a world of possibilities, from streamlining operations to enhancing creativity.

Next Steps: How to Continue Learning and Growing with ChatGPT The journey with ChatGPT doesn’t end here. As an evolving AI tool, it continues to learn and improve. Stay updated with its advancements, continue exploring its features, and watch your print-on-demand business reach new heights of success.