Creative Fabrica Review: What is it & Who is It For?

Creative Fabrica is for creative designers who want to sell their designs and its for people looking to buy graphics, illustrations, fonts etc to use in their own designs or on their on products.

In this Creative Fabrica review, we will take a closer look at what creative Fabrica has to offer from an end user perspective (not from a designer posting items on the platform).

I will determine who it is best suited for and we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using their platform and the tools Creative Fabrica offers so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

Product Pros

  • Cheap all you can eat plan
  • Massive graphics library
  • Loads of fonts
  • Commercial Use Licenses
  • AI Writer & Image Creator


  • Easy to get lost in the library
  • Can be hard to find specific font
  • Some graphics files are of poor quality

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is a print on demand and download platform for crafters and graphic designers. It was founded in 2016 by Karen van Houten-Schickle and Marleen Brugman. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Creative Fabrica provides access to over 1 million high-quality graphics, fonts, and crafts.

The site offers a variety of membership plans, all of which include unlimited downloads. Creative Fabrica is targeted at crafters, graphic designers, small businesses, and DIY enthusiasts. The site has Something for everyone, with a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the perfect font for your next project or some stylish graphics to spruce up your website, Creative Fabrica has you covered.

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How much does it cost?

Creative Fabrica offer a number of different monthly subscription options when it comes to paying for the service.

Firstly you can buy individual items at a one of price. This is great if you literally only want to download a couple of things a month. Any more than that, then its worth considering one of the other plans on offer.

There is a Creative Fabrica free option where all you have to do is create a Creative Fabrica account and you get to download items that they release for free download. This is a good way to test the service however the free stuff is limited.

The most cost effective is the All Access plan that gives you complete unlimited access to the whole Creative Fabrica library so you can download till your hearts content.

If you only want crafts, graphics or fonts, there are cheaper options just for that category, but I strongly recommend the all-access plan.

Creative Fabrica review - price plans

Get it cheaper

Periodically Creative Fabrica has deals where you can trial the whole service for just $1 and save 30%+ on the monthly renewal ($19 instead of $29).

They often offer discounted annual plans too. I paid just $49 for a year. Amazing!

What products are offered by Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica offers a humungous library of downloads of individual items to collections to bundles. Here is an explanation of what you’ll find in each category.


Creative Fabrica hosts nearly 100,000 fonts all of which come with a commercial license so you can use them in personal and commercial projects.

There are fonts for absolutely everything and each download usually comes with both Open Type Font (OTF) and True Type Font (TTF) formats.

The only problem with such a large library is finding the sort of font you are looking for. But on the flipside, scrolling through the fonts offered can give you inspiration when you’re stuck.

Creative Fabrica review - Fonts


Over 5 million graphics. That’s how many graphics Creative Fabrica has to offer. From individual illustrations to coloring books and teaching materials. Here is the full list of categories:


Home Crafts

Coloring Books Adults

Coloring Books Kids

Teaching Materials


Product Mock-ups




KDP Interiors

Actions & Presets

Scene Generators

UX and UI Kits

If you’re into print on demand the illustrations, product mock-ups, logos, patterns, and backgrounds provide great building blocks for unique designs for print on demand products.


If you like to sew or knit in your spare time or make items to sell, Creative Fabrica also includes lots of patterns for the following:

Machine Embroidery patterns



Cross Stich




Whilst I have never used them and therefore can’t pass judgment, Creative Fabrica includes classes on quilting, embroidery, sewing, and circuit.


Creative Fabrica has some awesome tools to go alongside the massive library of downloadables. These include:

Font Cloud – A place where you can upload all your fonts so that you can organise them properly and access them from anywhere.

Shape Cloud

Creative Fabrica review - shape cloud

This feature is great for creating unique word based graphics extremely easily as shown above.

Webfont Generator – With Creative Fabrica’s Webfont generator you can easily convert your otf and ttf font files to usable webfonts which is great for web designers.

The Craft Club – Cant find what you need? Well, for subscribers to Creative Fabrica’s service you can submit a request and their designers will get to work creating it.

The Artistry

Creative Fabrica review - categories

The Artistry is Creative Fabrica’s blog where there are lots of useful crafting article from around the world by designers and online creatives who share their knowledge and expertise.


A collection of over 420,000 graphics that come with a full POD license meaning you can use them as is for print on demand as long as you have an active subscription.


Creative Fabrica offers over 37,000 bundles of graphics and fonts. These can be great if you have a specific niche as you’re bound to find a bundle for it.

CF Spark

Creative Fabrica has released a suite of AI tools called CF Spark that is a great addition to what is already a jam-packed site.

When the tool suit launched. CF Spark Writer had a limited number of AI templates. They have recently increased it to 39. These include templates specifically for Etsy sellers like the Shop Bio, Listing Titles, and Listing description templates.

The suite of tools also includes the CF Spark Art Generator which is a text-to-image generator. This is free to use as part of your subscription and you can upgrade to keep your prompts private and speed up the image generation.

My Experience Using Creative Fabrica

I’ve found Creative Fabrica to be a great resource for print on demand graphics and fonts. The selection is always good, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. The quality of the graphics is usually high, which makes it easy to create professional-looking print products.

And the best part is that you can download everything you need in one place. Occasionally there are some poor files that are badly put together and hard to work with. But mostly they are great and useful for my print on demand businesses and websites.

Etsy is one of the marketplaces I sell on. In order to stay within their policies the designs I sell on my POD products must be designed by me. So you cant just download a design and sell it on Etsy.

You can, however, download several design items like a few graphics and a font and put them together to create a unique design, designed by you. I took this approach to create one of my top selling products from last year.

My Tips On Using Creative Fabrica

Follow designers you like

When you find graphics that you like, see what other items they have. Chances are you’ll like some of their other stuff too.

Also, if you find a designer that you like, follow them so its easier to see when they add new items.

Favorite items rather than downloading everything

One of the pitfalls of Creative Fabrica is that you can very quickly fill up a hard drive with all your downloads. So, instead of downloading everything you like the look of, favorite the items and only download the ones you need to use on your current projects.

When you’re ready, just go back to your favorite items and they are all there ready to be downloaded.

Use two similar collections to create designs

Given the popularity of Creative Fabrica, many other print on demand store owners use it too, so to make sure your designs stay unique use graphics from more than one collection and ideally different artists.

Logos are a great place to start

Looking to create a new t-shirt design but struggling with your creative thinking? Search through logos as there is a great place to start and can be added to make a full t-shirt design.

Alter designs

Search through ready-made designs, find one that you like then alter it, and make it your own. The easiest way of doing this is to add other elements, change the fonts or even merge two designs together.


If you’re looking for an extensive library of high-quality graphics, fonts, and crafts to use in your creative business, Creative Fabrica is a great resource. The site offers a variety of membership plans, all of which include unlimited downloads. Their tools are also top-notch, with the Font Cloud and Shape Cloud being particular standouts.

My only warning is that you can lose hours trawling through the vast library and quickly fill up your hard drive with all the things you download.


What Is creative fabrica spark

Creative Fabrica Spark is a collection of AI tools that includes Spark Text and Spark Art that can be used to create AI-generated text and images.

What Is Print On Demand

POD is a printing technology in which print jobs are stored electronically and only printed when a customer orders them, rather than being printed in advance. This allows for a much shorter turnaround time between the customer’s order and the finished product.

POD also eliminates the need for large amounts of inventory, as print jobs can be created as needed. POD is often used for customized products such as t-shirts, mugs, and business cards, as well as for print books that are not expected to sell in large quantities.

To create a POD product, the customer first creates or downloads the design they want printed. This design is then sent to a POD service, which prints the product and ships it to the customer. POD services generally have a wide range of different products that they can print on, such as t-shirts, mugs, posters, and business cards.

Creative Fabrica Worth It?

Yes, Creative Fabrica is worth it as it is is good value and extremely useful for those selling on an online store or marketplace using POD.

The additional tools like Shapecloud allow you to create some really unique printable items. Its also great for web designers building stores who dont want to create graphics from scratch.

How Does Creative Fabrica Work?

You can either buy individual items for download and use in your own projects. Or you can sign up for a subscription that gives unlimited downloads.

Is Creative Fabrica Legit?

Yes. In its early days people questioned whether Creative Fabrica was legit or if it was just ripping off designs and graphics found elsewhere. As its grown over time its reputation has grown and lots more designers have joined and added their artwork.

Is Creative Fabrica Free?

No but Creative Fabrica does offer a free option. You sign up and you are able to download and use free content that they release regularly.