Printful Mockup Generator – Better Product Mockups Equals More Sales

You’re creative. You have amazing designs and an online store, and you are limited on time.

You need to show off your products to potential customers in the best way possible but don’t know how.

I feel your pain.

That’s why I’m writing this article about the Printful mockup generator. It’s here to help you create beautiful, professional-looking product pictures that will make your customers want to buy from your business.

Its easy-to-use, free, and Printful has just improved it adding additional features that had previously only been available if you paid a premium.

Read on to find out how to use the tool and how to improve your product listings even further and why we think Printful Mockup Generator alone is not enough.

How to use the Printful Mockup Generator

When Creating A New Product

Login to Printful

Click Stores on the lefthand menu

Then tap the Add Product button

You now need to choose the product you want to add. I have chosen the brand Gildan and their 18500 hoodie.

Prinful Product Options

Before you upload your design image you should choose whether your design will be Embroidery or DTG (Direct To Garment Printing) as this will change the options for adding your design file to the product.

You also need to choose the color/s you would like by clicking on the colors you want to include in your product listing and do the same with product sizes.

I have chosen DTG and Military Green.

Printful Drag And Drop

Now you can drag and drop your design graphic from your computer onto the product shown and move it around so that it is placed where you would like it.

Alternatively, you can click Choose File from the menu on the left and upload it or select from the library of files you have previously uploaded to Printful.

If you want a design on the back, outside label, right sleeve, or left sleeve, select it at the top of the mockup area and repeat the steps above.

Printful Hoodie

Now click the red Proceed To Mockups.

Here you can choose your main mockup for your new product.

You have the choice of flat lay, on a hanger, single person, or couple. There are also a number of themed mockups like a Halloween flat lay (at the time of writing).

Printful Mockup Choice

You have the option to pick the option for JPEG or PNG file format. At this point, it’s always good to choose JPEG as the files are far smaller in size.

On the following page, you can enter your product description and title. The options here differ depending on the platform you are submitting the product to.

If you are adding a product to an Etsy shop Printful will give you options to add tags and publish the item as a draft.

Printful Product Description

Click Proceed to Pricing and once you have set your prices per size click submit to your store.

When Creating Additional Mockups for an Existing Product

Unlike many print-on-demand sites, Printful gives you the opportunity to download additional mockups of your products to add to any product listing which is a great way to showcase your t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc and generate more orders.

To do this, Login to Printful. On the main dashboard page, you will see a link to Design Maker. Click on this and you will be taken through to choose a product.

For this article, we have chosen a Gildan 64000 t-shirt.

Follow the same steps as above and drag and drop your design onto the mockup.

Make sure you choose the colors of the products that you want.

Then click Generate Files.

Additional Printful Mockups

Now you can select as many different mockups as you wish, to download in either PNG or JPEG format. Make sure the mockups you want have a blue tick in the top left corner.

I often choose PNG at this stage as I often use them along with other graphics and PNG can provide more options as the background is transparent.

Once you’ve chosen all the images you want, click Generate Files. Printful will now generate the images and the same button will change to become Download Files. Click this to download the chosen images.

If you have chosen a few images it can take Printful a little while to process the request.

Take Your Mockups To The Next Level

So you’re using Printful as your print on demand supplier. After a while, you will see their mockups everywhere. Their models, the product settings. You will get bored of seeing them. So, whilst the product mockups are better than most, you need to do a little more to stand out from the crowd.

Add Your Logo

One option is to add your logo to your mockup so that wherever it is shown people know its from your site e.g. on Facebook ads, google ads or any social sharing.

However, if you are selling on a marketplace like Etsy they do not recommend you add your logo to your main (hero) mockup image.

Change the Background To Something Niche Specific

Whilst white backgrounds show the product clearly they aren’t particularly eye-catching or appealing. One way of improving the mockup is to add your mockup to a background or setting that matches your niche better.

Printful has just made the Custom Mockup Maker free to use. This tool allows you to change the background image of the mockup to whatever you want.

Use this to make the mockup match your niche without the need of using design software.

Use Multiple Mockups To Make a Video

If you have multiple mockups for a product you can use a tool like Canva to create a video for use in your store or on social media.

Best Alternative For Your Hero Mockup: Placeit

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to create mockups for your designs, Placeit is a great option. With its mockup generator, you can choose from a wide range of mockup templates, customize them to your liking, and download the image. Plus, with their subscription plan, you can get unlimited downloads.

Check out our full review here.

Placeit Mockup


All print on demand (POD) companies offer a product mockup generator because without it you wouldn’t know what your product looks like.

Printful however is one of a few POD suppliers that let you download additional mockups even when you are not creating a product to be listed.

Their mockup generator is easy to use and gives your more options in pretty much every category.

However, once you’ve been in the POD selling business for a little while you will see that using a POD partner’s mockups as your main product image will see you lost in the crowd of lazy sellers.

Better experienced sellers will use services like Placeit for premium mockups. But with that being said Printful’s mockups are better than most other suppliers.


What Is Printful?

Printful is a print on demand business that allows you to customize and print products with your own brand or logo. You can design shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more with Printful.

They provide printing and shipping, so you can focus on selling your product. You can integrate Printful with your eCommerce platform, such as Shopify or a marketplace like Etsy so that your item is printed and shipped when you get an order. This is a valuable service for customers who want to sell t-shirts or other items with their own logo or design.

Is Printful Mockup Generator Free?

Yes, Printful Mockup Generator is free. You can use this tool to create product mockups for your print projects. With Printful Mockup, you can easily place your product on a print template and see how it will look before you print it.