Are you looking for the best Etsy print on demand companies to use in your Etsy store? If so, then you have come to the right place!

In this blog article, we will explain the key considerations when choosing a print-on-demand supplier as well as rank and review the best print-on-demand companies with Etsy integrations to use for your Etsy shop.

Best Global
  • Large Catalog
  • Global Fulfillment
  • Volume Discount
Best U.S.
  • Large Catalog
  • Print Network
  • Premium Plan
Best UK
  • Great Service
  • Unique Products
  • Premium Plans

I have sold on Etsy for a number of years and continue to use all of the suppliers detailed in this article. I have experienced happy customers and issues caused by print provider errors. I share my experience to help you make the right choice for your store.

What is Etsy?

Etsy print on demand - Etsy home page

Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace, historically focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys. Etsy has been around since 2005 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, USA.

In 2021, Etsy’s annual revenue was $2.3 Billion US Dollars made, and in the same year, there were roughly 96.3 million active buyers who purchased from Etsy shops.

During the last couple of years, Etsy’s revenue has increased significantly, as shown below, due to the high number of new Etsy stores and Etsy sellers on the marketplace.

Etsy Prind on demand - Etsy revenue stats

What is Print On Demand?

What is print on demand? Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which booklets, books, e-books, custom calendars, magazines, newspapers, postcards, posters, notebooks, shirts, and other items are printed as ordered by customers.

In the past decade print on demand has become a popular printing method for small businesses and online store owners.

How to start your Etsy Print On Demand shop

In order to start selling on Etsy, you will need to create an account and set up your shop. This is a very straightforward process and Etsy provides clear instructions on how to do this. Once your shop is set up, you will need to add products. This is where print on demand comes in!

Etsy Print on Demand

As Etsy describes itself as “a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy and collect unique items.” In order to protect its brand and ensure that its continues to differentiate itself from other platforms such as Amazon and eBay, Etsy has very strict rules you must follow. Failure to do so can result in your Etsy shop being shut down and banned from the platform. Key rules include:

  • The item must be designed by you
  • You cannot sell designs that you have not created yourself
  • Reselling products is prohibited

Pro’s of an Etsy Print on Demand Store

There are some great benefits of having a print on demand Etsy store:

  • Free to open an Etsy store
  • Listing a product only costs $0.20 for 4 months and so is a cheap way to test products to sell on Etsy and on your own Shopify store
  • Etsy is an easy-to-use platform that requires limited technical knowledge or skills to get going
  • Massive number of active shoppers
  • You can do Etsy alongside a Shopify store
  • Etsy makes it easy for the seller by handling sales tax
  • Selling under the Etsy brand helps you establish trust which can be very difficult if starting out on your own online store.
  • Etsy spends alot of money on advertising ($559.3m in 2021) to bring customers to the platform saving you money.
  • Etsy advertises your products and you only pay a marketing fee (15%) if it directly leads to a sale.

Con’s of Etsy Print on Demand Store

Whilst there are some significant benefits of an Etsy print on demand store there are some negatives that you need to be aware of:

  • Etsy owns the customer relationship and has strict rules on what marketing you can do to your customers. For example, you cannot collect their email addresses and market to them. Neither can you direct them to your own website.
  • Etsy rules – Etsy sellers have to abide by Esty’s rules if they want to operate an Etsy store. I’ve seen first-hand examples of Etsy sellers who had their Etsy shop shut down and were not able to get it opened back up again.
  • Etsy SEO is a dark art and the Etsy algorithm can change overnight with no notice resulting in a drop in views, visits and sales.
  • Recently Etsy started showing other people’s products alongside yours show you products alongside other people’s products under the banner ‘Other items you may like’ which could take the customer away from your store to other Etsy sellers.
  • Etsy wasn’t built for print on demand and so some of the functionality in the platform is frustrating and restrictive.
  • Reports have stated that Etsy gives priority to Etsy sellers that are local to the buyer. If this is true then those sellers who arent in a major market like the US may struggle to compete.
  • More time consuming and hands on than platforms like Redbubble

Key Considerations when choosing your Print On Demand Company

When choosing the best Etsy print on demand company to use for your Etsy store there are a number of key things to consider:


To ensure you can offer your products to Etsy buyers at a competitive price you need to ensure your print provider


Etsy is a global marketplace and Etsy is focusing on growing its presence in key countries like Germany and the UK. In order to benefit from this, you need to use print providers that have a global reach with fulfillment centers in other countries.

Product Range

The majority of the larger print on demand services offer t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and mugs but you should consider what other products they offer. Selling less saturated products and products with a higher profit margin could really help in selling print on demand products in higher volumes.

Shipping Costs

Etsy has pushed sellers to offer free or low cost shipping. To help you do this, choosing a print on demand provider with reasonable domestic and international shipping will help you significantly.

Production Time

Choosing a print on demand service that offers fast production times will enable you to get your products to Etsy buyers quicker and help you stand out from other Etsy sellers.


Does the print on demand supplier offer a direct integration with Etsy that will enable orders to automatically pass from Etsy to the print provider with order updates (shipping status and tracking) passed the other way?

Its also worth considering your longer-term goals such as having your own online store away from Etsy, in which case you should check what other direct integrations the print on demand suppliers offer, so you can open a Shopify store or Launch Cart store.

Best Etsy Print On Demand Companies

This blog post contains affiliate links. When you purchase a product or service through an affiliate link on our site, we may receive a commission. The payment of the commission does not cost you or impact your purchase in any way.

Here are my favorite print on demand production partners, based on first-hand experience as an Etsy seller having placed many orders with each of them.


Etsy Print on demand - Printul

Printful was one of the first Etsy print on demand suppliers to have a direct integration and for many Printful still remain one of the go to companies know for its best print

Printful – Pro’s

  • Reliable Etsy integration
  • Large catalog of over 365 products to choose from
  • Global reach with fulfilment centers in 17 different locations across all 5 continents
  • In house printing ensuring high quality
  • Easy to use print on demand platform
  • Volume based discounts
  • Integrations with other eCommerce platforms

Printful – Con’s

  • Pricier than print on demand providers

Check out what Printful has to offer.


Etsy Print on demand - Printify

Printify is right up there with Printful in terms of size but takes a very different approach.

Printify has a partner network or print providers and actually doesn’t do any printing itself.

Printify – Pros

  • Reliable Etsy integration
  • Large product catalogue of over
  • Competitive prices
  • 20% off with Printify Premium
  • Easy to use print on demand platform
  • Integrations with other ecommerce platforms

Printify – Cons

  • Printing done by network of suppliers resulting in differing quality levels
  • Different print partners have different file size requirements
  • Limited options for UK orders


Gelato is another print on demand supplier with a global reach and a great option if you are selling globally.

Etsy print on demand - Gelato

Gelato – Pros

  • Reliable Etsy integration
  • Strong global reach with production centers in 33 countries
  • Easy to use print on demand platform
  • Competitive prices
  • Simple to use platform
  • Integrations with other eCommerce platforms

Gelato – Cons

  • No volume discount or membership option for better pricing
  • Not all products are available globally


If you are selling in or from the UK All Over Print + (AOP+) are a great option to choose. Run from their base in the outskirts of London they offer a good range of products and great customer service.

AOP – Pro’s

  • Reliable Etsy integration
  • Great if you have a UK Etsy store
  • Some unique products (e.g. custom shaped pillows)
  • Competitively priced products
  • Membership options for even better pricing
  • Integrations with other eCommerce platforms

AOP – Cons

  • UK only production
  • Print on demand platform takes some getting used to


Inkthreadable Pro’s

  • Easy to use software / platform
  • Good product range
  • Competitive pricing
  • Inkthreadable integrate with the key platforms
  • Sustainability at the heart of everything they do
  • Impressive embroidery offering

Inkthreadable Con’s

  • Fulfilment in the UK only
  • No all over print products
  • Historic instability in Etsy integration

Wrap Up

Since Etsy changed its policies to allow print on demand sellers there has been an influx of print on demand Etsy stores and so its extremely important to choose the best Etsy print on demand partner.

But, you don’t have to choose just one, you can connect multiple print providers, so why not test different products to sell alongside the standard t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and mugs.

Selling on Etsy has some great benefits such as the high number of sellers, the cheap listing fees, and the large amount of advertising they do on your behalf.

However Etsy is very different than having your own Shopify store as you have to play by their rules, they own the customer and your fate is in their hands as they could change their algorithm at any point and impact your sales.

I’m a big believer in not having all your eggs in one basket so why not open an Etsy store, get some traction and open a Shopify store or Launch Cart store as well.

Our Pick

Printful - Etsy Print On Demand


With its easy to use platform, global reach and integration with Etsy, Printful is our pick for anyone getting started with print on demand on Etsy.


Is Print On Demand Allowed On Etsy?

Print on demand is allowed on Etsy however you or a team member of your Etsy shop must have created the design.

What Do I Do If My Etsy Print On Demand Shop Is Closed Down?

Occasionally Etsy closes Etsy Shops down or suspends your Etsy account for what seems like no reason at all. This often happens to new shops.

On Etsy’s support pages there is a page where you can fill in a form and appeal the suspension. Etsy doesn’t always overturn their decision, but I have seen them do so on a number of occasions.

Do All Print On Demand Suppliers Integrate With Etsy?

No. Not all print on demand suppliers offer an Etsy integration. Etsy hasn’t always allowed print on demand products to be sold on their marketplace.

During COVID there was a big jump in the number of people selling POD products on the platform and now more POD companies are adding integrations.

If your favorite print provider doesn’t offer an Etsy integration yet, you may find it’s in the works. If you need help choosing which supplier to choose, check out our article.