How To Use Creative Fabrica For Print On Demand – Top POD Tips

So you’ve heard Creative Fabrica is great for Print On Demand designs and you’re keen to make the most of its unlimited subscription and learn how to use Creative Fabrica for Print On Demand.

It’s a popular platform for creative resources, offering fonts, graphics, illustrations, and much much more but it can be a little hard to navigate.

As the platform is constantly updated with new content and has millions of designs available you want to make sure you’re finding the freshest on-trend digital assets.

Read on for my top tips.

How To Use Creative Fabrica For Print On Demand

With print on demand, you need a few things in place to get started:

You need to create a store using ann ecommerce platform or marketplace, like Etsy, Shopify, or Launch Cart

Create your logo and apply your branding

Choose a print on demand partner to integrate with, like Printify, Printful, or Gelato who will print your designs on your chosen POD products and ship them to your customer.

Choose a niche and products to sell, then finally you need to find or create winning designs, upload the design files to your chosen POD supplier, apply them to your print-on-demand products, and publish them to your store. Easy right?


The design part (and branding) is where CF can help.

Use Premade Designs As-Is

CF offers many high-quality premade designs that you can simply download to your computer, upload to POD site like Zazzle or to your chosen POD partner and publish to your POD store.

You can not use someone else’s design as-is for POD on Etsy. It’s against Etsy’s rules.

Edit Pre-Made Designs on Creative Fabrica

Premade full designs are great for filling up your print on demand store even better when you edit them to make them your own.

The best ways to edit the pre-maded designs is to do one or more of the following:

  • Find a premade design that you like
  • Change the text that is on the design
  • Change the font
  • Move the design elements around
  • Change the illustration for something different

Combine Illustrations

Anyone can sign up, create an account, and start putting CF designs on t-shirts using POD.

To stand out you need to invest a bit more time designing your merch to come up with something with a premium feel.

CF has design assets and illustrations for most niches. Search for your niche and download several different bundles or illustrations and look to combine complementary illustrations to create something vastly different from the original bundles.

Combine Patterns & Illustrations

CF provides thousands of cool patterns that act as idea backgrounds that you can then find a graphic to put on top.

It’s simple and really effective when done right.

This works really well on POD products like journals or phone cases.

Check Out The Logo’s

CF has over 475,000 logos. Now you may be thinking why should I check out the logo’s, but some of them can form the basis for great POD designs.

Creative Fabrica Logo Bundles
Creative Fabrica Logo Bundles

Individual logos can be edited easily and many logos come as part of bundles that include all the individual elements that you can rearrange to create lots of new designs.

Use CF Fonts & Illustrations

You’ve found lots of illustrations, now combine the illustration with simple quotes using popular CF fonts.

Top Tip

Use ChatGPT to come up with quotes related to your niche that are in the public domain and therefore free to use

Other Uses For Creative Fabrica

Its not just POD designs that Creative Fabrica can help with. Here are more uses:

Creative Spark AI Writer can help with product descriptions & social media posts.

Graphics, illustrations and fonts can help you create engaging social media posts, packing slips, shop branding including cover images and logos.

How To Use Canva and Creative Fabrica

If you want the ultimate combination, combine Canva and Creative Fabrica.

Find your favorite items in CF and download them to your computer.

Upload the designs to Canva by dragging and dropping and you can now add additional elements from Canva to make the designs even better.

Upload fonts to Canva from CF by downloading the font to your computer and select ‘Upload a font’ on Canva. Now it is ready for you to use in any of your Canva creations.

Added designs and fonts show up in you Canva library for future use. Once uploaded you dont need to upload them again.

Canva regularly adds new tools that make it easier to edit and customize designs that you’ve uploaded from CF even those in png or jpg format. 

For example, use the erase tool to remove unwanted elements or use the background remover tool to remove full background of an image and replace it with something else.

What Is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is a popular marketplace where people sell creative resources to people like me, who want great digital design assets without having to create them from scratch.

It offers a wide range of fonts, graphics, 3D crafts, and millions of designs

Users can sign up for free and get 10 items for free each month

There are different plans available, starting as low as $4.99 per month for its all-access subscription.

The platform is constantly updated with new content.

Basic POD and Full Print on Demand Licenses

Before delving into how to make the most of your subscription its important to understand the licensing options that CF provides.

Creative Fabrica provides designs with full commercial use and print on demand (POD) licensing options.

Full commercial use allows users to create designs and products for sale, with some limitations i.e. you need to use the assets and create your own new design.

Basic POD License means you need to use individual elements to make your own design, which you can then upload and sell on a POD site like Redbubble.

How To Use Creative Fabrica for print on demand
Basic POD Licensing

Full POD License usage allows users to use the designs as they are, without alterations so you can upload designs to print on demand sites like Printful and Amazon, whilst you have a subscription. If you stop your subscription you can only continue selling the designs if you have modified them.

Creative Fabrica POD Licenses

For more details check out the Creative Fabrica licensing page

How To Make The Most Of Your Subscription

Here are some ways to make the most of your all-access subscription.

Top Tip

Make sure you use favoriting whenever you see something you like, so you can come back to it later

Navigate the Menu

  • Click on the main menu items to access different categories.
  • Use the drop-down menu to explore subsets within each category.
  • Easily find graphics or fonts for specific purposes, such as KDP interiors for low content books.
  • Save time by directly clicking on the desired menu item without going through the subsets.
  • Utilize the freebie section on the main menu page for free resources.

Explore Freebies

  • Access the freebies section on the main menu page.
  • Browse through the freebies, which as of today, there are over 240,000 of them.
  • Download the freebies directly or add them to your account for future use.
  • Take advantage of different subsets within the freebies section, such as graphics or embroidery fonts.
  • The freebies section is regularly updated, providing new opportunities for testing and creativity.
  • CF tries to entice users in by offering high-quality trending items in the freebies
Creative Fabrica Freebies

Use the Search Bar

  • Utilize the search bar on the main page to find specific fonts, graphics, or embroidery fonts.
  • CF will auto-suggest results as you type, however, ignore these and click the magnifying glass as this reveals more comprehensive results.
  • You will find a wide range of options related to your search query.
  • Be sure to download the desired design or add it to your favorites.
  • The search bar helps you quickly find specific designs based on your preferences.

Explore Bundles

  • Access the bundles section on the main page menu.
  • Browse through a wide variety of discounted design bundles.
  • Sort the bundles by popularity or newest additions.
  • Find bundles for different design purposes, such as graphics or t-shirt designs.

Dont Forget AI – CF Spark

CF provides a number of AI tools that you should play around with.

CF Spark Art uses AI to generate graphics based on a simple text prompt. 

There is also CF Spark writer which can help with your product descriptions and ad copy too.

Key Features Of All Access Subscription

Extensive collection of creative resources: Creative Fabrica offers a vast library of products and resources for creative projects, including fonts, graphics, illustrations, craft templates, mockups, and more.

High-quality designs: The platform focuses on providing professional and premium-quality designs, created by talented designers from around the world.

Regularly updated content: Creative Fabrica continually adds new designs and resources to its collection, ensuring that users have access to fresh and trending creative assets.

User-friendly interface: The website is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find and download the resources they need.

Licensing options: Creative Fabrica offers various licensing options to suit different needs and purposes, including personal, commercial, and extended licenses. This ensures that users can use the resources legally and appropriately.

Unlimited downloads: With a subscription, users can enjoy unlimited downloads of the available resources, allowing them to access a vast amount of content without any restrictions.

Customizable designs: Many of the resources on Creative Fabrica are provided in editable formats, such as customizable fonts and graphics, allowing users to tailor them to their specific projects.

Supportive community: Creative Fabrica fosters a community of designers and creatives, where users can connect, share ideas, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Learning resources: The platform offers tutorials, guides, and educational content to help users enhance their creative skills and make the most of the available resources.

Affordable pricing: Creative Fabrica provides different subscription plans and pricing options, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from individuals to businesses.

Wrap Up

I love using Creative Fabrica. 

In my ecommerce stores, I use it to bulk out my stores with more designs for my POD products.

For my Etsy POD shop, I combine Creative Fabrica’s fonts and numerous illustrations to create a new original design that I am confident no one else will have.

With the addition of AI tools, there is no end to what print-on-demand products you can design for.