5 Best Creative Fabrica Alternatives: Best Design Assets For POD

Are you tired of using the same design resources over and over again?

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 exciting alternatives to Creative Fabrica if for some reason you’re not convinced by Creative Fabrica’s unlimited subscription.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, crafter, or DIY enthusiast, these hand-picked alternatives offer an extensive range of high-quality digital assets ensuring you never run out of fresh and unique design ideas again (although you may spend a fortune).


Unless you are looking for something that Creative Fabrica doesn’t sell, like WordPress themes, I see no compelling reason to choose one of the alternatives in this article.

Creative Market & Envato Elements are ideal if you’re looking for video, web templates, sound effects, and add-ons to Photoshop and Procreate.

Creative Fabrica is hard to beat for fonts, graphics, and images given:

  • Super low price
  • Easy to understand licensing
  • Massive catalogue with new items added regularly
  • CF Spark the AI writer and AI Art tools are included at no extra charge.
  • New Tools and features added regularly – studio.creativefabrica.com

This blog post contains links to services I recommend. I may receive a commission if you purchase a product or service through a link on this site. This does not cost you or impact your purchase in any way.

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a digital marketplace that offers a wide range of creative assets, such as fonts, graphics, and crafting designs, to individuals and businesses.

It serves as a one-stop platform where users can discover, purchase, and download high-quality resources for their creative projects.

Whether you need fonts for graphic design, illustrations for marketing materials, or SVG files for crafting, Creative Fabrica provides a diverse collection of assets to fuel your creativity.

Creative Fabrica Key Features

Here are the key features that top Creative Fabrica competitors need to match:

Extensive collection: Creative Fabrica offers a vast library of digital assets, including fonts, graphics, illustrations, templates, and more. Users have access to thousands of high-quality resources for their creative projects.

Variety of formats: The platform supports various file formats, ensuring compatibility with different design software and applications. Users can download assets in formats such as SVG, EPS, PNG, DXF, and OTF.

Regular updates: Creative Fabrica releases new assets on a daily basis, ensuring a constant flow of fresh and trendy resources for users to explore and utilize in their projects.

Commercial licenses: All assets on Creative Fabrica come with commercial licenses, allowing users to use them in both personal and commercial projects without any restrictions or additional fees.

User-friendly interface: The website is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it convenient for users to browse, search, and discover the perfect resources for their projects.

Unlimited downloads: With a subscription to Creative Fabrica, users can enjoy unlimited downloads, giving them the freedom to explore and experiment with various assets without worrying about additional costs.

Customizable designs: Many of the assets available on Creative Fabrica are fully customizable, allowing users to modify colors, sizes, and other elements to fit their specific design needs.

Inspirational content: The platform offers a blog and newsletter with design tips, tutorials, and inspiration to help users enhance their creativity and stay up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Community engagement: Creative Fabrica fosters a vibrant community of designers and creators, providing opportunities for collaboration, feedback, and support through forums, challenges, and social media groups.

Affordable price: Creative Fabrica offers flexible pricing plans, including monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as a la carte purchases, ensuring that users can choose the option that best suits their needs and budget.

What are the best Creative Fabrica alternatives?

I compare all the Creative Fabrica competitors on the following criteria

  • Key Features
  • Price and purchasing options
  • The range & quality of digital assets offered and formats e.g. PSD, Vector, SVG
  • Licensing options
  • Whether I think they are a good Creative Fabrica alternative.

The Top alternatives to Creative Fabrica are:


Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that allows users to create a wide range of visual content, including social media graphics, presentations, posters, flyers, and more.

It offers a user-friendly interface with various templates, drag-and-drop elements, and customizable features, making it accessible for individuals with limited design skills.


Canva Features

Some of the key features of Canva include:

User-friendly interface: Canva provides a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for beginners to navigate and use the platform.

Templates: Canva offers a wide range of professionally designed templates for various purposes, such as social media posts, presentations, posters, and more. These templates can be customized to fit individual needs.

Drag-and-drop editor: The drag-and-drop editor allows users to easily add and manipulate elements to their designs, such as images, text, shapes, and icons.

Extensive library: Canva provides a vast library of stock photos, illustrations, icons, and other design elements that users can use in their projects. Users can also upload their own images and fonts.

Collaboration: Canva allows users to collaborate with others by sharing designs and inviting team members to edit and comment on them. This is especially useful for teamwork and feedback purposes.

Branding tools: Canva offers branding tools that allow users to create consistent designs by saving brand colors, logos, and fonts for easy access in all projects.

Resize feature: Canva’s resize feature makes it effortless to adapt designs for different platforms or purposes with just a few clicks, saving time and effort.

Publishing and sharing options: Canva enables users to directly publish their designs on various platforms, including social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Designs can also be downloaded in various formats or shared via a link.

Mobile app: Canva has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to create and edit designs on the go.

Canva Price and Purchasing Options

Canva offers a free plan that provides over a million free photos and graphics and a paid plan, Canva pro.

Canva Pro, its paid plan at $119.99 per year provides access to over 100 million premium stock photos, videos, templates and more.

Canva’s Range & Quality of Digital Assets

The range of fonts, graphics and photos on Canva, especially on Canva pro is really good. I have never come up short when looking for something. 

As Canva is set up for you to use the digital assets within its digital editor that allows you to create designs for a flyer or for business cards example, the assets offered aren’t for individual download.

The quality is high but you are limited to using them within Canva to create something bigger.

Canva Licensing Options

The licensing on Canva is a little complicated and depends on whether you are using pro or free content.

If you have a pro plan you can use pro assets more widely than you can in the free plan.

Check out Canva’s full license agreement here: https://www.canva.com/policies/content-license-agreement/

Customer Feedback on Canva

To give a balanced view of Canva, here is a summary from Trust Pilot of what customers are saying about Canva.


User-Friendly Interface: Users appreciate the user-friendly interface of Canva, finding it easy to navigate and create designs without much hassle.

Comprehensive Features: Canva provides a wide variety of features such as templates, graphic elements, and printing options, making it a one-stop solution for all your design needs.

Free Option: Canva offers many features for free, allowing users to create stunning designs without paying a dime. Users appreciate the accessibility and quality of the free option.

Diverse Design Options: Canva caters to different design needs, ranging from social media content to brand designs. Users find a range of design templates and graphic elements to choose from, enhancing their creativity.


Downtime and Outages: Some users complain about the frequency of downtime and outages experienced on the platform. These disruptions can hamper work progress and cause frustration, especially for business users.

Customer Support: A few users have expressed dissatisfaction with Canva’s support system, feeling that they are “looped around” and unable to reach anyone for assistance. Improvements in customer support have been suggested.

Limited Business Solutions: Despite its popularity, some users believe that Canva is not a viable solution for business needs. They express concerns about its limitations in meeting the demands of professional graphic design for their brands.

Mixed Reviews: While many users have positive experiences with Canva, there are also negative reviews scattered throughout. It’s important to consider that individual experiences may vary and to gather a broad understanding of the platform.

Is Canva A Good Creative Fabrica Alternative?

Canva is one of the best alternatives to Creative Fabrica as many users that have it will feel they have enough graphics and fonts to use in designs.

I have both Canva AND CF to ensure the designs I create are different from all the other print on demand sellers out there.

It can be easy to spot POD designs made in Canva on marketplaces like Etsy so having more assets to use by combining Canva assets with Creative Fabrica, can really help you stand out.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription-based digital assets platform that offers a wide range of creative resources for designers, developers, and content creators.

It provides unlimited access to a vast library of high-quality graphics, templates, fonts, photos, videos, and audio files.

These resources can be used for various projects such as website design, graphic design, video editing, and more. With a single subscription, users can download and use any item from Envato Elements without any additional costs or licensing restrictions.

Envato Elements Key Features

Here are the key features of Envato Elements:

Unlimited downloads: Envato Elements offers unlimited downloads of digital assets such as photos, graphics, templates, fonts, and more.

Diverse asset library: The platform provides a large and diverse collection of over 2 million digital assets, including stock photos, videos, audio files, graphic templates, web templates, fonts, and more.

Easy licensing: All assets on Envato Elements come with a simple and straightforward licensing agreement, allowing users to use the assets in multiple projects without any additional fees or restrictions.

High-quality assets: Envato Elements curates its library with high-quality assets created by professional designers and creators, ensuring that users have access to premium content.

Regularly updated library: New assets are added to the library on a regular basis, ensuring that users have access to fresh and relevant content for their projects.

Collaboration tools: Envato Elements offers collaboration tools, allowing users to share and collaborate on projects with team members or clients.

Customizable templates: The platform provides a wide range of customizable templates for various projects, including website templates, presentation templates, video templates, and more.

Video and audio assets: In addition to photos and graphics, Envato Elements also offers a vast collection of video and audio assets, including stock footage, motion graphics, sound effects, music tracks, and more.

Cost-effective subscription: Envato Elements offers a subscription model, providing users with unlimited access to all the assets in the library at a relatively affordable price compared to purchasing individual assets separately.

Price and Purchasing Options

Envato Elements is priced on a monthly all-you-can-eat subscription model starting at as little as $14.99

Envato Elements Pricing

The range & quality of digital assets offered

As of November 2023 Envato Elements offers the following types of 

  • Stock Video(5,268,875)
  • Video Templates(97,655)
  • Music(160,961)
  • Sound Effects(649,110)
  • Graphic Templates(276,808)
  • Graphics(170,704)
  • Presentation Templates(112,261)
  • Photos(9,452,398)
  • Fonts(44,693)
  • Add-ons(22,480)
  • Web Templates(5,198)
  • CMS Templates(1,377)
  • WordPress Themes and more (6,661)
  • 3D(217,875)

The quality of the digital assets offered is generally high.

You can see from the customer feedback below; that not all assets are of high quality.

Licensing options

Envato Elements Licensing

Read more at https://elements.envato.com/license-terms

The key thing that jumps out is that you cant use Envato Element’s assets for print on demand.

Envato Elements Customer Feedback

Envato Elements Trust Pilot

Envato Elements scored 3.9 out of 5 on Trust Pilot here is a summary of what customers are saying about Envato Elements:

Envato Elements Pros:

Great Selection: Envato offers a wide range of resources for filmmakers, including packs, extensions, and licenses. Customers appreciate the variety available to them.

Affordable Cost: Many customers find Envato to be an affordable option for their filmmaking needs, allowing them to access resources without breaking the bank.

Easy to Use: Users find the files on Envato to be well-organized and easy to navigate. This makes it simple to find and access the items they need for their projects.

Quality Content: Customers are generally satisfied with the quality of the items available on Envato. They appreciate the high standard that the platform maintains.

Timesaving: Envato helps to speed up the work process for graphic content challenges, allowing users to take them on without any worry.

Envato Elements Cons:

Outdated UI: Some users find the user interface of Envato to be outdated. They suggest that improvements could be made to enhance the overall user experience.

Music Filtering Tools: Customers feel that the music filtering tools on Envato could be better. They would like to see improvements in this aspect to make their search for music easier.

Is Envato Elements a Good Creative Fabrica Alternative?

No, Envato Elements is not a good Creative Fabrica alternative as it focuses on a slightly different use case which is clear when you look at the types of assets they offer.

WordPress themes, add-ons to tools like Photoshop, and affinity photo are two clear examples.

Creative Market

Creative Market homepage

Creative Market is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell digital assets such as fonts, graphics, templates, and photos for various creative projects.

It offers a wide range of high-quality and unique digital products created by independent designers and creators from around the world.

Creative Market Key Features

Creative Market is an online marketplace that caters to graphic designers, artists, and creative professionals. Some of its key features include:

Wide range of products: Creative Market offers a vast collection of digital assets such as fonts, illustrations, templates, graphics, photos, themes, and more. These products are created by independent designers and creators from around the world.

High-quality and unique designs: The marketplace prioritizes quality and uniqueness. All products undergo a review process to ensure they meet the platform’s standards.

Ease of use: Creative Market provides a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to search, browse, and discover new products. The platform also allows users to filter products based on categories, styles, and file formats.

Licensing options: Buyers have flexible licensing options to choose from, including commercial and personal use licenses. This allows designers to use the purchased assets in various projects, both for themselves and their clients.

Shop customization: Sellers on Creative Market have the ability to customize their shop pages with their own branding, logo, and descriptions. This helps them establish a unique identity and showcase their portfolio to potential buyers.

Community and inspiration: The platform fosters a community of designers and creators, allowing users to follow their favorite sellers, join discussions, and get inspired by others’ work. It also offers blog posts, tutorials, and freebies to help users stay up-to-date with design trends and improve their skills.

Price and Purchasing Options

Creative Market offers digital assets on a pay-per-item basis.

Depending on the type of asset prices vary from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars.

Creative Market does offer some free downloads which are updated and changed on a fairly regular basis.

The Range & Quality of Digital Assets Offered

The range of assets offered is vast and wider than Creative Fabrica but similar to Envato Elements, Creative Market is targeting a wider user base and additional use cases.

Licensing Options

On the product page for an asset, you get a number of licensing options which include:

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Extended Commercial

Each level increases the price of the item and gives wider usage rights. Here is a summary.

Creative Market General Licenses

For more details check out: https://creativemarket.com/licenses/terms/general

Creative Market Customer Feedback

Creative Market Trust Pilot score

Creative Market score 4.2 out of 5 on Trust Pilot here is a summary of what customers are saying about them:

Creative Market Pros:

Extensive Collection of Design Resources: Creative Market boasts millions of design resources that can help bring your projects to life. From templates to fonts, you’ll find a diverse range of options to suit your creative needs.

Competitive Pricing: Compared to traditional stock houses, Creative Market offers considerably lower prices for its assets. This makes it a cost-effective choice, especially for individuals and small businesses looking to save money on design resources.

Curated Selection: Unlike free clipart sites, Creative Market ensures that its collection is carefully curated. This means you’ll find high-quality assets that have been vetted by professionals, saving you time and effort in searching for the perfect resources.

Membership Benefits: Engaging with a Creative Market membership can unlock additional perks. Members can save up to 20% on all purchases and gain access to free monthly drops, which can include assets worth up to $1000.

Easy Navigation: Users appreciate the user-friendly interface and easy navigation of the Creative Market website. The platform makes it effortless to find and explore the resources you need for your projects.

Creative Market Cons:

Limited Licensing Information: Some users have reported that the licensing information provided by Creative Market can be unclear or confusing. Clearer explanations would be beneficial in helping users understand the appropriate usage rights for their purchased assets.

Issues with Downloads: While many customers have had positive experiences with the automatic digital downloads, a few have encountered problems with the download process. It would be ideal for Creative Market to address and resolve these issues promptly.

Plugin Compatibility: A few users have reported issues with the compatibility of certain plugins purchased from Creative Market. This highlights the importance of ensuring compatibility before purchasing any plugins.

Is Creative Market a Good Creative Fabrica Alternative?

Creative Market is not a good Creative Fabrica alternative due to its pricing. Many designers sell on both platforms so you can quite often find the items on Creative Fabrica cheaper or free if you have their unlimited subscription.


Freepik is a popular platform that provides a wide range of graphic resources for designers and creative professionals.

Freepik home page

Freepik Features

Freepik is a popular online platform that offers a wide range of graphic resources and design templates for individuals and businesses. Some key features of Freepik include:

Vast Catalog: Freepik boasts a massive collection of over 10 million high-quality graphic resources, including vector illustrations, photos, icons, PSD files, and more.

User-Friendly Interface: The website has a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to search, browse, and download the desired resources.

Free and Premium Options: Freepik offers both free and premium resources. Free users can access a limited selection of resources, while premium users enjoy unlimited downloads and exclusive content.

Customizable Templates: Freepik provides a variety of design templates that can be customized to suit individual needs. These templates cover various categories, such as presentations, posters, brochures, social media posts, and more.

Licensing and Attribution: Freepik’s resources come with a specific license that outlines the terms of use. Proper attribution is required for free resources, while premium resources offer more flexibility in terms of usage.

Freepik Selections: Freepik curates and features a collection of handpicked resources called “Freepik Selections.” These selections highlight top-quality resources that align with current design trends.

Freepik Editor: Freepik provides a built-in online editor that allows users to make simple edits to graphics and templates directly on the platform, without the need for additional software.

Collaborative Platform: Freepik offers a collaborative platform called Flaticon Patterns, where users can create and share customized patterns with the community.

Freepik Price and Purchasing Options

Freepik offers free and premium subscriptions. The monthly subscription is very reasonable, but still more than twice the price of Creative Fabrica.

Freepik Pricing options

The Range & Quality of Digital Assets Offered

Freepik offers Vectors, Photos, Videos, PSD files and templates (similar to canva).

If you get a premium subscription you also get millions of additional assets from Flat Icon.

The quality is a lot higher than it used to be. When I first came across Freepik years ago, the quality of assets and files was terrible and it felt very spammy.

Lucky to say they have improved significantly.

Freepik Customer Feedback

FreePik Trust pilot score

Freepik score 4.6 out of 5 on Trust Pilot here is a summary of what customers are saying about them:

Freepik Pros:

Wide Variety of High-Quality Content: Freelance microstock marketplaces offer a vast range of high-quality images, videos, and creative assets. This ensures that users have an extensive selection to choose from, catering to different project requirements.

Cost-Effective Option: Many users appreciate the affordability of freelance microstock marketplaces compared to other alternative options. These platforms often offer competitive pricing, allowing users to access the content they need at a lower cost.

Verified Reviews: These marketplaces prioritize verified reviews, making them more reliable and trustworthy. Companies can request reviews through automatic invitations, and labeled “Verified” reviews reflect genuine user experiences. This feature helps users make informed decisions based on other customers’ feedback.

Safeguard Against Fake Reviews: Freelance microstock marketplaces employ both dedicated personnel and advanced technology to combat fake reviews. This ensures that the platform remains authentic and trustworthy for users.

Supportive Feedback Culture: Users are encouraged to provide constructive feedback on their experiences using the platform. This promotes continuous improvement and enhances the overall user experience.

FreePik Cons:

File Compatibility: Some users have expressed concerns about file compatibility. It is common to find designs saved in .esp or .PSD formats, which might not be compatible with certain software, creating inconvenience for users.

Limited Format Options: While the platforms offer various formats, some users have expressed a preference for additional formats such as .svg. Limited format options can be a drawback for users with specific requirements.

Categorization and Search: Several users have suggested that the marketplace could improve categorization to enhance the overall user experience. An organized and efficient categorization system allows users to find the content they need more easily.

Discrepancies in Sales Statistics: In some cases, users have reported differences in their own sales statistics compared to the marketplace’s provided data. This discrepancy can lead to confusion and concern for sellers trying to track their performance accurately.

Licensing Options

I was a bit pissed off when I tried to figure out what license you get with the Premium subscription, but it wasn’t straightforward.

Check for yourself here: FreePik Terms Of Use

You have to go to Google, and search in order to find the answers that are on the Freepik site. 

Is Freepik a Good Creative Fabrica Alternative?

Freepik is a good alternative to Creative Fabrica if you need design assets for marketing for example. As Freepik doesnt allow even their premium subscribers to use Freepik digital assets like stock images as the main design element for print on demand, Freepik is not a good alternative if you are looking for design assets for print on demand.

Design Bundles

Designbundles.net is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of design resources for graphic designers, artists, and crafters. It provides a platform for designers to sell their digital products such as fonts, graphics, templates, mockups, and more.

Users can browse through the website to find and purchase high-quality design assets to use in their projects. Designbundles.net also offers discounted bundles and deals, making it a popular choice for designers looking for affordable design resources.

Design Bundles Home Page

Design Bundles Key Features

Some key features of Design Bundles include:

Design Marketplace: Design Bundles provides a marketplace where designers can sell their digital products such as fonts, illustrations, graphics, templates, and more.

Affordable Pricing: Design Bundles offers affordable pricing options for its products, allowing users to access high-quality design resources at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing them individually.

Bundles and Deals: The platform offers design bundles and deals, where users can purchase a collection of related design resources at a heavily discounted price. This allows designers to access a variety of assets to enhance their creative projects.

Freebies: Design Bundles also offers a section dedicated to free design resources. Users can download various freebies like fonts, graphics, templates, and more, helping them save money while still having access to quality design assets.

Licensing: Design Bundles provide clear licensing information for each product, ensuring that designers understand how they can use the resources in their projects. This helps users avoid any copyright or licensing issues.

New Releases: The platform regularly updates its collection with new releases, giving designers access to fresh and trendy design resources. This ensures that users can stay up to date with the latest design trends and techniques.

User-friendly Interface: Design Bundles features a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate and search for specific design resources. The platform provides various filters and categories to help users find what they need quickly.

Community and Support: Design Bundles has an active community of designers and crafters who can connect, share their work, and seek inspiration. The platform also offers customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may have.

Design Bundles Price and Purchasing Options

Design Bundles Pricing

Design Bundles offers a number of membership plans as well as the ability to purchase individual items on a pay as you go basis.

However, not all assets are available to non-members.

You have to pay $24.99 per month to get unlimited access to all design assets and the AI tool that Design Bundles Offers.

The Range & Quality of Digital Assets Offered

There are nearly 2.5 million products for sale on DesignBundles.net which is more than anyone needs.

This includes:

  • Illustrations and vector graphics
  • Needlework template for Embroidery, Knitting etc
  • Add Ons for Procreate & Photoshop e.g. brushes
  • Templates for Newsletters, Brochures, Business Cards
  • Fonts

Whilst there are fewer of them, the quality of items offered on DB seems consistently high, and I would hope so given the price tag.

Licensing Options

DB makes their licensing very easy to understand, which makes a change.

Unfortunately, you have to pay more to use items for POD, and the POD Add-On isn’t offered on all products.

Read for yourself here: https://designbundles.net/license

Is Design Bundles A Good Creative Fabrica Alternative?

Design Bundles is a good alternative to and is one of Creative Fabrica’s competitors. Design Bundle’s product offering is very similar to CF but the pricing is significantly higher, so I would question why anyone would choose Design Bundles over Creative Fabrica.

Creative Fabrica also has far more items available for download and helpful tools like AI writer and image generator, that DB doesn’t have.

Creative Fabrica Alternatives – Wrap Up

You’ve seen from the sites like creative fabrica that we have reviewed, some sites target a wider scope and use case.

Given the super low cost of Creative Fabrica ($4.99 per month) it’s very hard to beat.

If you need the items that sites like Design Bundles and Evanto Elements sell, then I would choose those over Creative Fabrica.

Creative Fabrica

With great pricing, a massive catalog, AI and creative studio, Its not worth looking for an alternative to Creative Fabrica

There isn’t anything better for the money.

Freepik has more stock photos and vector images than CF, but you are more restricted in how you can use them.

But if CF has the asset types you need for your business, then I would choose CF every day of the week (and I do).