AOP+ Print On Demand Review – The Best UK Print on Demand

As an ecommerce seller, it can be a challenge to find a reliable and cost-effective print on demand company to work with especially if you are based in the UK.

Without a dependable print on demand service, you risk losing time, money, and potential customers due to issues with print quality, shipping delays, and high costs.

AOP+ Print on Demand provides a based solution to all these challenges, offering local (London-based) high-quality printing, fast and reliable shipping, and affordable pricing to help your ecommerce business grow and thrive.

I’ve used AOP+ for years including before and during the pandemic and they remain my key supplier. I’m a fan. Find out why in this article.


AOP+ Pros & Cons


  • Competitive pricing.
  • UK based.
  • Good customer support and back-office staff.
  • A wide variety of product catalog options.
  • Custom-shaped pillows – a unique offering.
  • AOP+ is incorporated in the USA meaning there is no VAT to pay on purchases.


  • Limited integrations with ecommerce platforms.
  • Some users do not like their software.
  • Higher pricing compared to some US-based print-on-demand companies.

Who Are AOP+

AOP+ is a UK-based print-on-demand company that print their products in-house in a factory in London. Ideally placed to service UK and Europe based customers they offer a perfect alternative to the bigger names like Printful & Gelato.

Owned by Uygar Turantekin, the company has big plans to expand and is part of an accelerator program to give them a boost.


Using AOP+ is free and easy to use. They offer competitive pricing on both their products and their shipping.

They offer two membership subscription options, the Super Member and the Hero Member. The Super Member option costs $11.99 per month and gives a 5% discount, while the Hero Member option costs $19.99 per month and gives a 10% discount.

To give a real example of AOP pricing, a Gildan 64000 t-shirt shipped to a UK customer via RM48 costs £9.13 plus £3.32 shipping. For comparison, the same product would cost £10.29 + £3.29 with Printful. So Printful is more than £1 more expensive.

Product Catalogue

AOP+ offers a small product catalog compared to some, but with 143 different products to choose from, there are more than enough to meet most needs.

AOP+ Print On Demand

Given their name, you will not be surprised to read that AOP+ offers a good range of all over print garments including those created using a cut and sew method that results in a superior result when compared to standard methods.

The product catalog includes:

  • A number of different brands of Tshirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies
  • AOP T-Shirts
  • AOP Sweatshirts
  • AOP Hoodies
  • AOP Leggings
  • Phone Cases
  • Canvases
  • Wall Tiles
  • Vests & Tank Tops
  • Cropped Hoodies and Cropped Tees
  • Tye Die Tshirts and Hoodies (which aren’t offered by many POD suppliers)
  • Tote Bags
  • Mouse Mats and Gaming Mats
  • Hooded Blankets,
  • Pet blankets and pet bandana
  • Kids Tshirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies
  • Flipflops
  • Mugs
  • Pajamas
  • Cushions including a sequin cushion and the famous custom-shaped cushion
Custom Shaped Cushion


Some people love the AOP+ platform, others really don’t. It works on a Collections basis. You create a design, upload it to AOP+ and it is automatically applied to the whole product catalog. I find this really helpful and saves me a lot of time as I can publish a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie by just enabling those products.

AOP allows you to set your default pricing and product descriptions for all the products, which again saves time. You can include all your information about your store in the product description. When you push the product to your Shopify store or Etsy shop the description is also populated.


Historically AOP+ has only integrated with Shopify and Etsy. In recent times they have extended that to BigCommerce and enabled manual orders so you can raise orders manually meaning you can sell on any platform you like such as Ebay or Amazon.

Integrating with Shopify is simple. Once you have your store set up, just install the Shopify app and away you go.

The same goes with the Etsy Integration once you have your Etsy shop set up, go to AOP.Plus and click Sell On Etsy and once you give AOP+ permission to integrate you can start selling products.

One recent addition is the BigCommerce integration. With BigCommerce AOP has gone one step further and partnered with the ecommerce platform to enable users to create a store in a matter of a few clicks. It’s really cool.

AOP Print On Demand – Print Quality

I’ve sold thousands of products using AOP+ and have had a few issues along the way. Less than I have with other suppliers though. Whenever there has been an issue the AOP team has been extremely helpful and resolved problems quickly.

Unlike many suppliers, if a product gets lost in the post, AOP will reprint and ship the item out free of charge. This is great because sometimes items do get lost.

On the rare occasion, there was an issue with the printing itself, I simply provided an image of the issue and again, they shipped a replacement out with no pushback at all. This is one of the key reasons they are one of my top POD suppliers.

AOP+ POD Customer Service

The owner (Uygar) of AOP+ and his support team are active in their Facebook group answering queries and providing updates. They have built a friendly community with many members helping each other out providing hints and tips to help you succeed.

AOP+’s communication is transparent and helpful. They have a chat function on their site so you can contact support. I’ve found permission to be friendly and extremely responsive no matter what time I have reached out.

If they can’t resolve the issue there and then, they log the matter in their ticketing tool so that you have a reference should you contact them again.

What Customers Say About AOP+

So, I’ve talked about the software, product offerings, shipping, and ease of use of AOP Easy Print on Demand. But what do actual customers have to say in their AOP Plus reviews? Well, according to the 158 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars, it seems like people are pretty happy with their experience using AOP.

AOP Plus Review

Customers have praised the wide range of products available for print on demand, the easy integration with platforms like Etsy and Shopify, and the competitive prices. Of course, there are always a few negative reviews mixed in, with some customers complaining about slow shipping times or lack of communication (not something I would agree with).

But overall, it seems like AOP has a solid reputation among its users. 

My Experience with AOP+

I’ve used AOP+ since 2020 and stuck with them through the pandemic. At that time every POD supplier had problems, but AOP+ was honest, and transparent and worked with their customers to help protect everyone’s business.

I am a Hero Member which gives additional branding and label options and reduces the prices by 10% making AOP+ even more competitive.

The UK POD market is far smaller than in other countries like the USA. There are fewer companies to choose from. I’ve seen AOP+ continue to seek feedback from its users and improve every part of its business to the benefit of all. 

AOP Print On Demand Alternatives

First up is Inkthreadable. They are known for their great sustainability credentials and ethical business practices. They use eco-friendly inks and have a wide range of sustainable products available.

Another option is Printful, which has a global reach and offers a variety of high-quality products. They have a user-friendly platform and even allow for custom branding options.

Lastly, there is Gelato, which is a top choice for its efficient and flexible service. They have a global network of printing locations, ensuring quick delivery, and offer a range of products made with high-quality materials. So, there you have it – three great options for UK-based print-on-demand suppliers.

AOP+ Print On Demand Review : Conclusion

AOP+ is my leading POD supplier that I continue to use in my Etsy store.

I truly believe that they are the best print on demand UK company for anyone looking to sell apparel and accessories to UK-based customers.

Their customer service leaves you reassured that they are in this with you and care about your business. AOP+’s pricing is competitive and their product range is wide enough to cover most of your needs if you’re selling clothing and accessories online.