SPOD Print On Demand Review – THE Shopify POD App

SPOD print-on-demand is backed by Spreadshirt a company with 20+ years of experience in the print on demand industry.

Does that make SPOD a great choice for your POD eCommerce store?

Only in some circumstances. In this SPOD print on demand review, I explain under what circumstances I recommend using SPOD and when I wouldn’t. Read on to find out everything you need to know and more…


  • Fast Printing
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Customization Tool
  • Growing Eco Range


  • US & Europe kept separate
  • Expensive
  • Limited Direct Integrations

SPOD Print On Demand

SPOD (spreadshirt print-on-demand) has some significant credentials:

  • Backed by the SPOD Group which includes Spreadshirt which has over 20 years of experience in the POD industry
  • Produces over 50k items a day
  • 95% of items are shipped within 48 hours
  • 9.8m items shipped in 2020 alone
  • 99.3% customer satisfaction

SPOD does all its own printing in-house giving it control of the end-to-end process, unlike companies like Gelato and Printify which outsource printing to a number of print partners.

SPOD has 5 printing locations giving it a global reach (more on this later – this isn’t a good thing where SPOD is concerned):

  • Las Vegas (US)
  • Greensburg (US)
  • Leipzig (Germany)
  • Krupka (Czech Republic)
  • Legnica (Poland)
SPOD Review

SPOD Group

SPOD is part of the Spread Group which includes the following brands as well as SPOD.

Spreadshirt -The consumer brand Spreadshirt offers customers and businesses a customization tool to create custom clothing, accessories, and many more products for any occasion large or small

Spreadshop – Spreadshop provides creators, businesses, and clubs with a complete online shop system that empowers them to sell merchandise to their customers.

Teamshirts – TeamShirts empowers groups and teams to create and buy custom team wear. The website provides various features and tools that allow teams to design their products together

Mula – Mula offers B2B customers an all-in-one service platform to manage their company merchandise and team wear.

Product Catalog

SPOD products offered are solid if a little uninspiring with limited product options. Whilst the product catalog includes more brands of apparel items on offer than some print on demand companies, there are very few products that are unique or that would encourage you to use SPOD over other suppliers. The only product that is slightly out of the ordinary is the two plushy soft toys you can sell.

Plushy Toy

Print Quality

Given SPO’s 20+ experience in POD and the size of the group, you’d expect SPOD’s print quality to be good, and it is. I’ve placed many orders with them and never had any issues, all were high quality. They also claim to have a reprint rate of below 2% which is pretty standard for the industry but should also be reassuring. 

SPOD Software & Platform

SPOD Dashboard
SPOD Dashboard

To use SPOD with Shopify, you need to install the Shopify app which is easily done. As with most print-on-demand apps it enables you to sync orders between Shopify and SPOD. Most activities that you will carry out, such as creating products arent done in the Spod app, but instead done on the SPOD website.

Product Creator

The platform is very easy to use to create products where you have a design you have already created. You can also take advantage of the design capabilities of the tool and use their (albeit limited) free designs and design tool to create new designs directly on the SPOD platform.

SPOD Design
SPOD Design Tool

 What stands SPOD apart from other POD suppliers is that SPOD offers customizer tool that enables customers to edit / customize a design on your Shopify store product page. The user-friendly tool enables you to get started with SPOD customization really easily without the need for other costly shopify apps.

Checkout their tutorial below:

SPOD Pricing

When it comes to pricing of products, I wouldn’t say SPOD are cheap. You are paying for their speed and peace of mind given by their scale and quality. If we look at a Bella & Canvas 3001 shirt, medium black delivered to a US-based customer, SPOD costs $12.66 + $5.99 shipping, so $18.65 delivered.

Printful by comparison, a supplier known for being on the more expensive side costs $16.94 (12.95 + $399) for the same product and Printify is cheaper still at $14.65 ($10.30 + $4.35 shipping).

These comparisons show that SPOD is more expensive than its two big competitors, so I am not sure why you would choose to run your order via SPOD given the above.

The shipping pricing structure used by SPOD could be simplified. SPOD sets its shipping pricing based on the cost of the item. This adds a layer of unnecessary complexity. You have to know the cost of the product in order to know the shipping cost. I think its a strange approach.

SPOD Shipping
Shipping Pricing

One nice touch however is that SPOD offers a 20% discount on samples. Not a game changer but a welcome addition.

SPOD Integrations

SPOD integrates directly with the following eCommerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • Shopware

The above list is very limited when compared to other print-on-demand dropshipping companies. SPOD offers further integrations via Order Desk. However, this brings additional complexity and cost which I just don’t think is justified. There are many other POD suppliers that offer many direct integrations.

It is very shortsighted not to have a direct integration with Etsy for example. If you wanted to use Etsy and SPOD you would have to use Order Desk with your online store and use that to pass spod orders between the platforms.

SPOD Customer Support

Customer support options come in the form of:

  • A Helpcentre / knowledge base of helpful articles.
  • A Facebook group
  • By Email – Speedy responses
  • By Phone – Quite rare to be given a number to call.
  • A Blog – That provides information and guidance on products & designs, pricing, selling, industry news

SPOD’s Policy on Missing Packages & Misprints

Understanding how a POD company handles misprints and lost packages is key to setting your own policies and running your own business. SPOD’s policies are pretty standard.

SPOD will refund or replace items that are misprinted, damaged (excluding damages during delivery), or the item does not match the fulfillment information (e.g., the printed image is incorrect or placed incorrectly, the product is the wrong size, color, or type, etc.).

SPOD will not refund or replace an item that goes missing once shipped. Other suppliers I work with, will replace an item in this scenario, so it’s worth comparing.

Overall it’s key to make sure your own print-on-demand dropshipping business policies match the above if you choose to use SPOD.

Sustainability & Green Credentials

SPOD eCo credentials
SPOD Eco Credentials

Sustainability is more important than ever. Whilst there is limited information about SPOD’s eco goals on their site, there are the following points made on the SPOD group site:

  • A return rate of less than 2% – reducing waste
  • Paper Free production since 2019 – some POD companies use a lot of paper in the printing process so its good to see SPOD has moved away from this
  • Continuing to increase their sustainable product range

However, their page did talk about things they were aiming to do in 2021 (we will be going fully plastic-free with European shipments in 2021).

My Biggest Gripe With SPOD

When you sign up to SPOD you have to choose SPOD US or SPOD Europe. You can use only one of them. If you choose Europe, European factories will fulfill all your orders. If you choose SPOD US, all your orders will be fulfilled by their US factories.

Region Choice
Region Selection

This reduces the appeal of SPOD if you sell globally. One of the benefits of using large POD suppliers like Printful and Gelato, which have a global reach is that the order gets printed and shipped from a location closer to your customer. This is better for the environment and the customer as the items do not have to be transported very far.

SPOD US and SPOD Europe are set up as separate companies so if you plan to sell globally I strongly recommend using someone else.

SPOD Alternatives

As SPOD is one of the larger POD suppliers, the obvious alternatives are Printul, Printify, and Gelato. It’s important to understand your requirements when choosing a POD supplier to ensure you choose one that’s right for your business.

SPOD Review Conclusion

SPOD is backed by Spreadshirt and therefore benefits from 20+ years of industry knowledge. Their platform is very easy to use and their Shopify app includes free customization functionality which is a big bonus. If you sell using Shopify and either to US or Europe markets then SPOD could be a good choice.

But if you sell globally and or sell on Etsy I would not use SPOD in my POD store. There are better choices that are cheaper, integrate with more eCommerce platforms and offer a true global fulfillment network.

SPOD Print On Demand FAQ

Here are some FAQ’s that people also ask about SPOD. Have more questions? Get in touch.

Yes, SPOD is free to use. You only pay for orders that they fulfill.

Yes, it is possible to build a brand with print on demand. Print on demand (POD) services enable businesses to create and sell custom-made products without having to invest in large orders or inventory. This can be an effective way to grow your business and establish a recognizable brand identity.

POD allows you to produce items when they are ordered, meaning that you only have to pay for what is sold. This makes it easier to manage costs while still providing customers with quality products. Additionally, POD services often provide marketing tools such as flyers and banners that can help you promote your brand and increase visibility in the marketplace.

With print on demand, businesses can easily create branded items like t-shirts, mugs, and posters that will help differentiate them from their competitors.

You sign up for SPOD and install the free SPOD app. Using SPOD you create products and publish them to your Shopify store. When you receive an order the information is passed to SPOD. Spod handles the printing and shipping of the finished product.

Yes, you can definitely make good money with print-on-demand. However, it requires hard work and dedication in order to succeed. You first need to find a niche that is not too saturated and start creating designs that will capture the interest of your target audience. Once you have created your designs, you can then launch them on print-on-demand websites and start selling them online.

This will generate passive income for you as long as your products are selling well. As such, if you put in the effort to create great designs and market them effectively, then you can make a lot of money with print-on-demand.

Directly, no. However, by using Order Desk, you can integrate SPOD with Etsy and have orders automatically pass from Etsy to SPOD.

Spod is part of the SPOD Group. The most well-known company in the group is Spreadshirt.