Launch Cart and Printify Start a Free Print On Demand Store

Shopify costs a lot of money. Etsy is saturated.

You want your own ecommerce store.

Launch Cart and Printify provide a great solution.

Launch Cart is an e-commerce platform that offers a freemium model with a real free plan and premium plans.

Printify is one of the largest and most well-known print-on-demand companies.

I’m a certified Launch Cart partner and have built lots of stores. I love the platform and am keen to show others how to use it.


  • Sign Up for Printify
  • Sign Up To Launch Cart
  • Create Your free (or paid) launch Cart store
  • Integrate Printify With Launch Cart
  • Upload a design to Printify and apply it to your chosen products
  • Publish the products to your Launch Cart Store
  • Add images & product description
  • Market the hell out of it 😀

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What is print on demand?

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business model in which a printable product is printed only after an order has been placed by a customer. This eliminates the need for inventory and reduces the risk of unsold products.

Print on demand has risen in popularity in recent times due to the low cost and low barriers to entry.

What are Launch Cart and Printify?

What is Launch Cart?

Launch Cart is a SaaS cloud-based eCommerce platform that allows entrepreneurs and influencers to create their online stores and sell both physical and digital products.

Launch Carts’ mission is to remove the barrier of entry to getting online for influences, entrepreneurs and small businesses. That is why they offer a highly functional eCommerce software with a free plan to sell custom merchandise.

What is Printify?

Printify is one of the largest and most well-known print-on-demand companies out there.

You simply upload your artwork and they take care of the rest. Printify has a good range of products and is cheaper than some of the other larger POD suppliers like Printful.

Why you should use Launch Cart and Printify?

Launch Cart

There are so many reasons to choose Launch Cart over other eCommerce platforms but two really stand out:

  1. Launch Cart offers a free plan that enables you to sell products without a monthly charge.
  2. Launch Cart has conversion boosting functionality built-in and is included in all their plans (including the Launch Cart Free Plan). Many other platforms charge you extra for key items like email capture pop-up, order bumps, upsell and downsell functionality but Launch Cart do not.

Check out my in-depth article on why I choose Launch Cart over Shopify every time to sell custom merchandise.


Printify is one of the largest print on demand companies there is, making it a great choice if you are starting out. Here are some other reasons to choose them:

  • One of the largest and most well-established POD companies out there.
  • Simple platform
  • Multiple print partners across the USA and a number across the globe.
  • Printify is cheaper than many POD companies and can be even cheaper with their Printify Premium plan which gives you an extra 20% off the cost of products.

How do they work together?

Launch Cart has an integration with Printify print on demand software. They are the latest addition to Launch Cart and is already used by many Launch cart users.

The integration enables you to create products in Printify, and push them to your Launch Cart store. Once you receive an order, the information is passed automatically to Printify who print and ship the item. Order status information and tracking is passed to your LC store automatically.

How to set up a Launch Cart Store

Sign Up to Launch Cart

Go to and enter your email address in the box shown below and click the “Create My Store Now” button.

Launch Cart and Printify

Fill in your details

Enter your details and click the Create Store Now button and click Continue on the next page.

Create your launch cart store

Populate Your Address

Add your address details (this is important as it sets the location of your Launch Cart store. This can be amended later). Or you can click the I’ll Do This Later Button.

Create A Printify Account

Printify Signup

Go to PRINTIFY and click Start for free

Enter your email and password and click Sign Up.

Follow the simple instructions to add your address and payment details.

How to Integrate with Printify

In Printify you need to generate an API key to do this simply:

Click on the green person symbol in the top right corner of the screen when logged in to Printify.

Click Connections

Click Generate

Enter Launch Cart Token

Select All Scopes

Click Generate token

On the next screen simply click Close

Click the Green person symbol on the Printify Dashboard and select My Stores from the drop down

On the next page, select Add New Store

Click API on the next screen

Enter the name of your Launch Cart store

Now go back to the Launch Cart dashboard

On the left navigation menu go down to App Store then click Dropshipping. Move your cursor over the Printify logo and an Enable option will appear, as shown below. Click it.


On the next page that is shown, click Sign In, found at the bottom of the page and enter the details of your newly created Printify account.

You will be taken to the screen below, where you select the Launch Cart store in the dropdown and click save.

You are now ready to add your first Printify print on demand product.

Adding your first Printify product To Your Launch Cart Store

Following the creation of your online store, go to your Printify dashboard. Make sure your store name is shown in the top right-hand corner (more important if you have more than one store connected to Printify).

Search the catalog for the product you want to add.

For this article, I will be adding the Gildan 64000 t-shirt.

Click the product

As Printify uses a network of print providers, there are options for each product.

Scan through the list and choose one that offers the colors you want to sell and is well-priced. The list is sorted by average rating by default so its worth choosing a supplier from near the top of the list.

Once you have chosen, click Start Designing

Click Prices & Variants in the top right corner and choose the colors you want to include.

You can simply drag and drop your design on to the product and resize and move as required.

You can preview the item to see what it looks like on a real life mock up by clicking Preview

Top Tip: Make sure your print file is 300dpi to ensure good quality print. You can check this on the right hand side of the Edit page.

Next click Save Product

Populate the Product Title and Product Description, and Pricing on the next page. You can update these in Launch Cart later so you don’t need to worry.

Then click Publish

Now, log back into your Launch Cart store and go to Products in the main navigation menu. On the products page, you will see all the products you have in your online store and their status, as shown below.

Click the Pencil symbol to edit your item to update and finalize the listing.

Finalize Your Product

On the Product Info page you can now:

  • Update the Product Name, which is the title of the product
  • Update the Product Description
  • Set the Product Status to Draft , Inactive or Active
  • Add your product to a Category (and create a category if you haven’t any)
  • Set the Product Type by entering a name e.g. T-Shirt
  • Select whether you want to enable Tax Calculation or not (I recommend you leave this checked).
  • Add additional images in the Media section
  • Set whether you want the inventory tracked (for Print on Demand items I recommend leaving this unchecked
  • Set the Price of the product and enter a Compare At price which when set higher than the selling price shows that the item has been discounted.
  • Add any Product Attributes (not required for POD items)
  • Finally, you can add SEO related information by checking the Customise Your Products SEO Information box and then filling in the fields that are then displayed.

Click the Save button and on the page, you are taken to, click the Eye symbol, to see what your product looks like in your online store.

Your Online Store Is Ready To Go

In this article, we’ve gone through the main settings to get your online store set up and integrated it with Printify, and pushed your first product.

There is a key functionality that I recommend you check out to increase the probability of a sale and the conversion rate. These include MailChimp Integration, Email popup, Check Out Page customization, Upsells and Order Bumps ( bump offers ) and Contact us page and there are many others.


Where is the Launch Cart Login to manage my store?

The easiest way to log in to your online store is to go to put /admin at the end of your online stores URL and you will be taken to the Launch Cart Login page.

Is Launch Cart really Free?

From a monthly subscription charge perspective, Launch Cart Free Plan is free and enables you to make sales on that plan, with unlimited products on your site.

If you do make a sale, Launch Cart will charge you 6% of the transaction as a fee for using their platform. So if you are making more than $900 per month in sales it is worth upgrading to the Lift Off-plan ($27pm) as Launch Cart do not charge 3% transaction fee on that plan.

Wrap Up

In this article, I’ve shown you how to set up the main settings to get your Launch Cart store up and running and add a Printify product.

Launch Cart is an extremely powerful platform with conversion boosting functionality such as Order Bumps, Upsells and Down Sells, Email Popups and Mailchimp Integrations that we will cover in a later article as these are must-haves for any serious eCommerce site.

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The Launch Cart login can be found at [yourdomain]/admin or

Yes, Printify is free to use. You only get charged when an order is palced and Printify prints your product. Printify does offer Printify Premium, a subscription plan that offers 20% off product costs.

Yes, Launch Cart is better than a Printify Pop-Up Store as it offers far more functionality it is not limited to just the USA.