How To Start An Etsy Shop As A Teenager – Teen Side Hustle

Are you a creative teenager looking to turn your passion into a profitable business?

Is your allowance too small and do you need more cash?

Starting an Etsy shop may be just what you need. With Print on demand Etsy can be a great source of extra money.

You may be wondering if you’re even allowed to sell on Etsy. The good news is that minors between the ages of 13 and 17 can buy and sell on Etsy with the supervision and permission of a parent or legal guardian.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the requirements, responsibilities, and limitations you need to be aware of to start your own Etsy shop and make it a success. 

Key Takeaways

  • Minors between 13 and 17 can buy and sell on Etsy with parent/legal guardian permission and supervision – You Must Use Your Parents Account
  • Parent /legal guardian should register for the account and be responsible for all activity.
  • Determine and make your products, which must be handcrafted, handpicked, designed by you or custom-made.
  • Etsy charges a listing and transaction fee for each sale.

Can Teens Sell on Etsy?

Yes, you can! However, there are some rules you need to follow.

As a minor (which Etsy considers 13 – 17), you can only start an Etsy shop with your parent or legal guardian’s permission and supervision.

In reality, this means that your parent or guardian must register for the account, be responsible for all activity, and ensure that all financial information is under their name.

To start selling on Etsy, you and your parent or guardian must create a shopper account by clicking ‘Sell on Etsy.’

From there, you can choose your shop preferences, name your shop, create product listings, and set prices, shipping, and payment preferences.

Bit Of Background About Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that had nearly 7.5 million sellers in 2022 and over 85 million buyers.

That’s a lot of competition but a massive opportunity too.

Etsy has strict rules about what can be sold on the platform (see below) but if you stick to the rules, you’ll be fine.

Etsy Fees

It’s important to understand the fees that Etsy charges. These seemed quite complicated when I opened my first Etsy shop, but once you’ve made a few sales you can figure it out.

Here is a simple summary of how much it costs to sell on Etsy.

  • Listing Fee of $ 0.20 for listing an item for 4 months
  • A transaction fee of 6.5% of the total sale
  • Payment Processing fee of 3% (differs in some countries)
  • Other fees apply in some countries

Requirements For Opening An Etsy Shop As A Teenager

The email address used to create the Etsy account must be owned by a parent or legal guardian.

Your legal guardian must take responsibility for all activity on the account and Etsy shop.

The bank account used must be in the name of the legal guardian. 

The parent / guardian and the child must both be listed in the About section with the guardian set as the shop owner.

See below for a little more information:

Financial Information

Managing your finances is an important aspect of running an Etsy business, especially as a minor.

When you start an Etsy business, all financial and legal information must be under your parent or legal guardian’s name.

This means that they’ll be responsible for any transactions and fees associated with your seller account. 

Shop Members – About Section

All shop members listed in the About section are a requirement for selling on Etsy as a minor.

This means that if you want to start an Etsy shop as a teenager and have your parent or legal guardian listed as a member of your shop, you’ll need to make sure their name is included in the About section.

This helps ensure transparency and accountability for all activity on the Etsy shop, which is important for building trust with your customer base.

Don’t worry, having your parent or legal guardian listed as a shop member won’t impact your ability to run your Etsy shop. 

It can be a great way to show that you have a responsible and supportive team behind you as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

So make sure to include all shop members in your About section and get ready to start building your Etsy shop and growing your business as a successful teenage entrepreneur!

Shop Ownership

Your parent or legal guardian must register for the account and be responsible for all activity.

They must also be listed as the shop owner and have financial information under their name. To start selling on Etsy, you should work with your parent or legal guardian to create a shopper account and click ‘Sell on Etsy’.

Email Address

As a minor on Etsy, you’ll need to ensure that the email address on the account belongs to your parent or legal guardian.

Having the correct email address on your Etsy shop is important for staying connected with customers and keeping up with any updates or changes to your shop.

Make sure to check your email regularly and respond to any inquiries or messages promptly. This will help you establish a good reputation on Etsy and increase the chances of repeat business.

Side Hustle

Advantages of Starting an Etsy Shop

Flexibility: As a teenager, starting an Etsy shop allows you the flexibility to work around your school schedule and still earn money on your own time.

Low Startup Costs: Unlike traditional brick and mortar businesses, starting an Etsy shop requires minimal start-up costs, making it an accessible option for teens.

Enhances Creativity: Etsy gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and put your unique skills to use, helping you to hone in on your craft and improve your skills.

Access to a Large Market: With millions of active buyers on the platform, starting an Etsy shop gives you access to a large targeted market that is interested in handmade or unique items.

Business Skills Development: By starting an Etsy shop as a teenager, you can develop important business skills such as marketing, financial management, and customer service that will serve you well in future endeavors.

Opportunity for Collaboration: Etsy offers the opportunity to collaborate with other sellers and artists, allowing you to expand your network and learn from other creatives.

Build a Brand: Starting an Etsy shop allows you to build your own brand and establish a unique online presence that can be carried with you even after you leave high school. 

When You Grow Up – Take Control.

Once a minor isn’t a minor anymore, their parent or guardian should contact Etsy Support to update their account information, such as their email address or preferred name. This is important to ensure that the account isn’t in violation of Etsy’s policies.

If the now-adult seller wishes to continue selling on Etsy, they’ll need to create their own account and transfer ownership of any existing shops to their name. It’s also important for them to set up a separate bank account under their own name for financial transactions.

Remember that minors between 13 to 17 can use Etsy with appropriate permission and direct supervision from their parent or legal guardian.

If you’re a former minor, contacting Etsy Support to update your account information is crucial to avoid any issues with your account. 

What Can You Sell On Etsy?

Handmade items

Handcrafted Items

Crafty teens can curate creative, custom-made crafts to captivate customers on Etsy.

Handmade goods are a popular category on the platform, and many successful shops are run by young entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in making and selling crafts, creating your own Etsy shop can be a great way to showcase your talents and earn some extra cash.

To add a product to your Etsy shop, start by brainstorming ideas for handmade items that you can create. 

Digital Products

Digital products sell really well on Etsy and by selling them you do away with the need to handle and ship any physical products.

Here is a list of digital products you could consider as an Etsy seller:

Digital Prints: Customers love browsing through and purchasing beautiful, unique prints to decorate their homes. From inspirational quotes to abstract art, there’s a vast market for digital prints on Etsy.

Social Media Templates: In the age of social media, having eye-catching graphics is crucial for any business or influencer. Social media templates that can be edited and customized are a hot commodity on Etsy.

SVG Cut Files: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files are used to create designs for cutting machines like the Cricut or Silhouette. Popular themes include holiday and seasonal designs, as well as designs for weddings and baby showers.

Printable Planners: In a world that’s constantly on-the-go, customers love having access to printable planners that can be customized to fit their needs. This can include daily, weekly, or monthly planners, habit trackers and to-do lists.

Digital Stamps: Creative individuals love using digital stamps for card making, scrapbooking, and other crafting projects. Creating and selling your own unique digital stamp designs can be a fun and profitable venture.

E-Books and Guides: Are you an expert in a particular field? Consider creating and selling your own e-books or digital guides on Etsy. From self-help to cooking, there’s a niche for every type of expertise.

Print On Demand Products

Print on demand enables you to create a design, upload it to a print on demand company like Printful or Printify and then apply that design to products.

You can then publish those products to Etsy and when you receive an order the print on demand company print and ship the item without you having to touch anything.

There are hundreds of different POD products you could sell and it can be very lucrative.

Check out how to get started with Printful and Etsy

How To Open An Etsy Shop – Summary

1. Sign up for an Etsy account: Go to and click “Register” to create an account.

2. Create your shop: Once you have an account, click on “Sell on Etsy” and follow the prompts to create your shop.

3. Choose a shop name: Choose a unique name for your shop that reflects your brand.

4. Set up your shop policies: Decide on your shop policies, such as shipping, returns, and payment methods.

5. List your items: Take clear photos of your items and write detailed descriptions. Set a price and choose shipping options.

6. Set up payment: Connect your bank account or PayPal account to your Etsy shop to receive payments.

7. Promote your shop: Use social media and other marketing strategies to promote your shop and attract customers.

8. Manage your shop: Keep track of orders, respond to customer inquiries, and update your listings regularly to keep your shop fresh and relevant.

Marketing & Making Sales

Social Media – Utilize What You Know

Creating a strong social media presence can be a game-changer for your Etsy shop.

With the right social media strategy, you can reach a larger audience and attract new customers. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Snap, Twitter, or Pinterest, each platform has its own unique features and benefits.

It’s important to choose a platform that you’re familiar with and that you’ll actually enjoy using.

You can also use tools like Adobe Express or Canva to create eye-catching graphics and post content on a regular schedule.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, and remember to engage with your followers and respond to their comments and messages. With time and effort, your social media presence can become a valuable asset to your Etsy shop. 

Utilize Etsy SEO To Boost Your Shop’s Visibility

One of the key ways to improve your Etsy shop’s visibility is by utilizing Etsy Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Etsy SEO is the process of optimizing your listings so that shoppers can find them in Etsy Search.

{check out top tips}

By using high-demand keywords and optimizing your shop and listing pages, you can increase the likelihood of potential buyers finding your shop.

Utilize Etsy SEO tools like Marmalead and eRank to find the best keywords for your products, and make sure to include them in your titles, descriptions, tags, and categories. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your shop’s visibility and ultimately increase sales. 

Once you have your SEO down, you could try Etsy ads to give your listings a bit of an extra boost.

You’re A Kid – Use That – Get Family to Buy

One of the advantages of starting an Etsy shop as a teenager is that you have a built-in customer base: your family and friends.

Don’t be afraid to leverage this support network to make your first few sales. Ask your family members to buy from your shop and share your shop with their own networks.

Make sure to thank them and provide excellent customer service. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, especially in the early days of your shop. So, take advantage of your youth and ask your loved ones to help you get started.

Account Suspension – WARNING

If you violate Etsy’s policies, your account may be suspended or permanently closed.

This can happen if you do not comply with the rules for minors who want to set up an Etsy shop as stated above.

It can also happen for copyright infringement or selling items that are not allowed to be sold on Etsy.

Copyright Products

Creating original and unique products is crucial for avoiding copyright infringement and standing out in the competitive world of online marketplaces like Etsy. As a teenager looking to start an Etsy store and sell handmade items, it’s important to understand the legal aspects of creating and selling your products.

Copyright laws protect original works of authorship, including photographs, designs, and written content, and it’s important to ensure that your products don’t infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.

To avoid any legal issues, start by creating your products from scratch, using your own designs and materials. If you’re using existing elements, make sure they’re in the public domain or that you have obtained the necessary licenses or permissions.

By taking these steps to protect your intellectual property and respect the rights of others, you can start your Etsy shop with confidence and success.

Is Reselling Legal?

You might be wondering if it’s legal to resell items on Etsy, but it’s important to note that Etsy’s policies prohibit the sale of items that you didn’t make or design.

This means that reselling items purchased from wholesale suppliers or other retailers is not allowed on the platform. Violating this policy can result in consequences such as account suspension or closure, so it’s important to abide by the rules.

As a teenager with an Etsy shop, it’s important to understand the legalities of reselling and ensure that all items listed in your shop are handcrafted, handpicked, or custom-made by you.

Etsy requires that all shop owners be at least 18 years old, so it’s also important to have a parent or legal guardian register for the account and be responsible for all activity.

Remember to always follow Etsy’s policies to avoid any potential legal issues.


Congratulations, you’re now equipped with all the information you need to start your own Etsy shop!

Remember that you must have the permission and supervision of a parent or legal guardian, and there are certain rules and guidelines that you need to follow.

If you don’t follow Etsy’s rules they can suspend or close your shop. In some cases I’ve seen, they close it for good.

Make sure to choose a unique name for your shop, set appropriate prices, and provide excellent customer service to build a successful business.

For example, let’s say you’re a teenager who loves to make handmade jewelry. You can create a shop on Etsy and sell your unique pieces to customers all over the world.

With hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck, you could turn your passion into a profitable business.