Is Etsy Safe? Is Etsy Legit? The Marketplace To Sell On?

Having bought and sold products over a number of years on Etsy I firmly believe that Etsy is safe to buy and sell on.

Whether it’s handmade, vintage items, or digital products Etsy is a safe place for online shopping.

Don’t believe me? Read on and I will explain why and give some tips for staying safe.

Summary – Why Is Etsy Safe?

Why Is Etsy safe for shoppers?

Etsy is a safe online marketplace for shoppers for several reasons. First, all transactions on Etsy are conducted either through PayPal, which offers buyers protection against fraud, or Etsy’s own payment platform.

Second, Etsy has a team of moderators who review and remove any listings that violate the site’s policies, which helps to keep the marketplace safe and trustworthy.

Etsy also offers a buyer protection program, which covers buyers for certain types of damages that may occur during transactions on the site. Overall, these factors make Etsy a safe and secure online marketplace for shoppers.

Why is Etsy safe for Sellers?

Etsy is a safe place for sellers to sell their items because it is a secure website. Etsy uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect the information that you input on the site, such as your credit card information.

In addition, Etsy encrypts all sensitive data transmitted between your browser and Etsy’s servers. Finally, Etsy employs physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect sellers’ information stored on our systems.

Tips For Staying Safe When Buying On Etsy

Check the reviews a shop has. Are their customers happy? The reviews will give you a real indication of whether an Etsy seller is trustworthy or not.

Check the shop’s policies. Do they accept returns or exchanges? If they do, then that should give you peace of mind that if you don’t like the product you can return it.

Check the product listing images and description before you purchase an item. Are they thorough and clear? If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, contact sellers.

Make sure you use the Etsy messaging system and Etsy Case system for contacting a seller and or raising issues with Etsy. I have seen Etsy give a customer their money back and let the buyer keep the proceeds from the order, just to keep both parties happy.

Tips For Staying Safe When Selling On Etsy

Over time you learn to spot scammers on Etsy. Here are some tips to stay safe:

Only message customers through the Etsy platform as this ensures there is a trustable audit trail should anything go wrong.

If a customer messages asking for a discount, or a free product so they can market to their following, be warned they may be a scammer.

Don’t be afraid to get Etsy to help you if there are issues. For example:

  • if someone threatens to leave you a bad review unless you send them another item for free, report them.
  • if someone uses the review system to leave a negative review and messages you asking for a refund in order to change that review?
  • Etsy sellers are entitled to decline a sale. If something doesn’t feel right, you are well within your rights as a seller to cancel the order and give the buyer their money back.

Why It’s In Etsy’s Bests Interests to be Perceived as Safe

From an experienced seller’s perspective, Etsy has to be safe for sellers and buyers so that it can attract both.

I wouldn’t agree to pay the fees that Etsy charges if I wasn’t getting something for it. Etsy provides me and millions of sellers with a safe platform to sell on that shoppers are happy to buy on. If this wasn’t the case, then sellers would just go elsewhere and so would the buyers.

Remember, Etsy is just the marketplace, they do not sell anything themselves.

Preventing Fake Reviews

Etsy puts great importance on its review system as they see it as a great way to promote shops that sell wonderful products and deliver fantastic service.

To make sure the system works, Etsy allows only verified purchasers to leave a review on the platform, and your cant order from your own store in order to leave yourself fake (overly positive) good reviews.

So the reviews you see are left by real people who have actually purchased the product in question.

Recently Etsy implemented its Star Seller program which further promotes good service. Only those sellers that achieved an average review rating of 4.8 stars or more can be eligible for the star seller badge.

Is Etsy Safe

Etsy Case System

To protect buyers and sellers in the marketplace Etsy has a case system where buyers can raise issues with a purchase.

If a buyer is looking to return an item, get a refund, or otherwise notify a seller of a problem with their Etsy order, the first thing they must do is contact the shop owner using the Etsy messaging system using the Help With Order link.

If the shop owner and the buyer are not able to resolve the issue they can open a case with Etsy and get Etsy support to get involved to review the matter and mediate.

Etsy Protection

On 1st August 2022, Etsy introduced as part of Etsy’s policies the Etsy Purchase Protection which protects both buyers and those selling on Etsy. Here is how it protects both buyers and sellers.

On 1st August 2022, Etsy introduced its Etsy Seller Protection Policy. Etsy Seller Protection aids eligible Etsy shop owners in disputes with buyers. To qualify for Seller Protection, you must fulfill our Seller Protection Policy and remain in good standing with Etsy.

Good standing means that you sell qualifying items, dispatch orders on time, and respond to messages in a timely manner.

Utilizing the Etsy Case System, if a seller and buyer are not able to resolve an issue an Etsy supervisor will intervene to determine if the case and order are eligible for Etsy Seller Protection. If so, Etsy may refund the buyer up to $250 (cost of the product plus shipping), whilst allowing the shop owner to keep the money they received for the order. A win-win.

Etsy states it will refund a buyer and let the seller keep their earnings if:

  • A buyer doesn’t receive their order (for example, if it was lost on route) and or
  • Their item arrived damaged (for the first instance per calendar year).

Is Etsy safe to use credit cards?

Etsy is generally a safe platform for buyers to use their credit cards. When you make a purchase, your credit card number is not shared with the seller.

Instead, payment processing is securely handled by Etsy Payments or PayPal. With these services, buyers never have to share their credit card information directly with a seller.

Furthermore, sellers do not have access to see your credit card information either. As long as buyers are careful and never share their credit card information with an Etsy seller outside of the Etsy Payment or PayPal systems, they can feel confident that their payments are secure.

So overall, when using Etsy Payments or PayPal services, shopping on Etsy is safe for buyers who want to use a credit card for payment processing.

Can you get scammed as a buyer on Etsy?

Yes, you can get scammed as a buyer on Etsy. Although Etsy is considered to be a reliable platform, some individual sellers may not be so trustworthy. As with any online purchase, it’s important to exercise caution and research the seller before you make a purchase.

Be sure to read through product listings carefully, check out reviews from other buyers, and read the shop’s policies. Additionally, never share your credit card information with a seller on Etsy unless it’s securely processed through the Etsy payment system.

If something goes wrong with an order or you don’t receive what was promised, you can open a case with the support team to try and get a refund. Taking these steps will help you avoid getting scammed on Etsy as a buyer.

How do you know if an Etsy seller is legit?

When you’re looking at buying something on Etsy, it’s important to know if an Etsy seller is legit. The first thing to do is check the seller’s shop name and look for signs of trustworthiness. Make sure there are product listings that match the item you’re looking for and read through customer reviews left on Etsy.

Take note of any customers who are unhappy with their purchase. You can also contact the Etsy seller directly if you have any further questions about their product listing.

If you’re still unsure, take a look at other items the Etsy seller has available in their shop or ask around from other customers who have bought from them before.

Once you’ve done some research, it should be safe to buy an item on Etsy and know that your money is going to a trustworthy source.

Are there fake sellers on Etsy?

Are there fake sellers on Etsy? No. All sellers have to go through ID checks when they open a shop, so all sellers are real people.

Are there sellers that are selling items that are against Etsy policies? Yes for sure. However, Etsy has an Integrity team that searches through items that are for sale on Etsy and look to remove products that are against policy. You can even report shops and listings yourself if you feel they violate the terms of service.

Is it Safe to Sell Things on Etsy?

Selling things on Etsy is generally a safe and secure way to make money online. The company has been around for over 10 years, and they take great care to ensure its customers are protected. All transactions are encrypted and secured with PayPal or Etsy payments, so your payment information stays safe.

Furthermore, the system is designed to prevent fraudulent activity. You can also add extra layers of security by setting up two-factor authentication on your account.

Additionally, Etsy offers a comprehensive Seller Protection Policy that ensures you’re covered in case of a customer dispute or fraudulent activity. With all these measures in place, selling through Etsy is an incredibly safe option for anyone looking to make money online.

How are Sellers Protected on Etsy?

As an Etsy seller, you are protected from fraud and any other complications that may arise when selling items online. If a customer purchases an item from you and it never arrives, then Etsy will refund the customer in full (subject to the order and seller being eligible).

This provides peace of mind for both buyers and sellers alike, as refunds are always available if need be.

Additionally, Etsy also protects its sellers in the event of a scam or fraudulent transaction by taking appropriate action such as suspending or banning the offending account.

As a result, sellers can rest assured that they are safe when selling items through the platform. In short, with seller protection measures in place, you can trust that your transactions will be secure and successful like they would be on any other e-commerce website.


Hopefully, the article has shown that Etsy is safe and legit for both buyers and sellers and that you can trust Etsy. You can safely buy products on Etsy knowing that there are ways of contacting the seller to resolve any issues and Etsy support themselves may step in and help bring the matter to resolution.