How To Integrate Printify with WooCommerce – Sell seamlessly in 2024


So you’ve chosen Printify as your print on demand parter and WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform for your POD business but aren’t sure how to bring the two together.

I got ya!

I’ve set up numerous WooCommerce POD stores and so I can tell you exactly how tointegrate Printify with WooCommerce, I just did it again. I wanted to be sure everything I tell you in this article works and is up to date (and not outdated).

Lets get stuck in. Busy? Here’s the summary:

  • Create a website using WordPress and install WooCommerce
  • Follow the simple setup instructions on your WooCommerce dashboard to ensure it is set up correctly
  • Create a Printify account and create a new store
  • Connect it to your WooCommerce Site
  • Test the integration by publishing a product
  • Install the Printify Shipping plugin to us Printify live shipping rates in your store

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How To Integrate Printify With WooCommerce

For this How-To article, we are going to assume you already have a WordPress site with WooCommerce plugin installed and set up.

Create a Printify Account And WooCommerce Store On Printify

To do anything with Printify you need to create an account

Now you need a store on Printify’s platform.

  • Click On Store and Click WooCommerce as highlighted below
WooCommerce store in Printify
  • On pop-up enter your WooCommerce website’s domain name and click Connect.
Printify Connect to WooCommerce

You will see a pop-up that asks you to approve Prinitfy having access to your WooCommerce site. This isn’t anything to worry about, Printify won’t steal all your secrets, it just needs approval to add items to your store.

  • So, click Approve.
WooCommerce approval

If you’ve done everything right this far, you will now see the following image:

WooCommerce Printify connection confirmation

Yay! Thats it…. Well, not quite, but not far off.

Check Your WooCommerce and Printify Integration

Now you’ve connected WooCommerce and Printify you need to check that it’s worked.

Check your Printify Dashboard

Go to your Printify Dashboard and look in the top left of your screen. You should see your store name with the WooCommerce logo next to it.

Here is mine for my test store:

Printify Dhasboard

Publish A Test Product

What better way to test the integration? Publish a product. Let’s try it.

  • Click Catalogue and choose a product you want to use to test the integration. I went for a Gildan 64000 t-shirt
  • Scroll down and choose the supplier from the Printify network that you want to use and click Start Designing
Choose Printify Supplier

You’re then taken to Printify’s designer where you can design or upload a design onto your chosen product.

In the above, I added three color variants and uploaded a dummy design to the front of the shirt.

If you need some designs check out these design tools, my favorite is Creative Fabrica

  • When you’ve finished designing, click Save Product on the bottom right of the screen.

On the next screen, you can:

  • Chose your mockup
  • Enter listing details including Product Title, Product Description
  • Set pricing for all the variants
  • Product Visibility
  • Which product details you want to sync (Product Title, Product Description, Mockups, Variant information)

To get the product in your store

  • Click Publish

Check it’s in your WooCommerce Store

Printify Shipping Rates in WooCommerce

If you want to use Printify’s live shipping costs as your shipping costs you need to do the following:

  • In your WooCommerce site, go to Pluggins >> Add New Plugin
  • Type Printify in the search box
  • Click Install on the Printify for WooCommerce plug-in
  • Click Activate once installed
Printify Shipping Pluggin

Now you need to tell WooCommerce that you want to use Printify’s shipping instead of the shipping rates set in WooCommerce.

  • Go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Shipping Tab
  • Click Printify Shipping in the sub menu
  • Make sure Enabled and Override are checked

Thats it. Now when someone buys something from your store, WooCommerce will show the buyer the shipping rates directly from Printify.

Wrap Up

Integrating Printify with WooCommerce is pretty straightforward, if you have any issues with the above steps, let me know.

WooCommerce is extremely powerful, but if you’re unsure, checkout our articles on the best ecommerce platforms for print on demand. There are lots out there but some just arent worth your time, effort or money.


Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Using Printify’s Integration With Woocommerce?

By adding Printify to your existing WooCommerce website you will not incur additional costs. Once an order is received, via the integration, Printify will charge you for the printing and shipping of the product.

Can I Use Printify With Any Other E-Commerce Platform Besides Woocommerce?

Yes, you can use Printify with Shopify, another e-commerce platform. Printify is compatible with Shopify, offering alternatives for integrating your products. Explore the versatility of Printify across different platforms to expand your online business capabilities.