How to Integrate Printful With Woocommerce – POD in 2024

WordPress and WooCommerce are a great combination for ecommerce. Add in a Print on demand supplier that integrates with WooCommerce and you have a money printing money printing machine.

But, if you dont connect WooCommerce and your POD supplier correctly orders will go missing and it will require a lot more manual intervention.

The good news is, its not that difficult to integrate WooCommerce and Printful, one of the leading POD suppliers out there.

So if you’re concerned about the technical complexities of integrating Printful with WooCommerce, fear not.

Follow these steps to optimize your online store’s potential and remove some of the hassle of running a print-on-demand business.

Summary of how to integrate Printful with WooCommerce:

  • Register with Printful
  • Install the Printful WordPress Plugin
  • Connect Printful with WooCommerce
  • Enable Shipping Options
  • Publish a test product.

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Register on Printful Website

  • Go to and Click Sign UP
Printful Home Page

When registering on Printful’s website, you can easily sign up using your Facebook, Google, or email account to create a free Printful account.

After choosing your preferred sign-up method, including using your email address, you’ll be prompted to confirm your email to finalize the registration.

Install Printful Plugin for WooCommerce

To integrate Printful with WooCommerce, you need to install the Printful plugin on your WooCommerce dashboard. To do this:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click Plugins then click Add New Plugin
  • Enter Printful in the search box
Printful WooCommerce Plugin Installation screen
  • Once installed click Activate

Now you will see an option in your left hand menu for Printful (see below)

Printful WooCommerce Menu
  • Click on the Printful menu option
  • The Printful plugin checks two other settings that it needs. If they are ok, you will see the screen below and you can simply click Connect (as shown below).
  • If the settings arent as Printful needs, you will need to do one of both of these EXTRA STEPS – in Settings
  • You will be asked if you trust the link. Click Follow Link

You now need to authorize Printful to connect to your site.

Approve Printful to WooCommerce Conenction
  • Click approve
  • Then follow the instructions. You will be taken to Printful and asked to log in in order to connect your WooCommerce store to your Printful account

EXTRA STEPS – in Settings

Printful needs the permalinks settings to be anything other than plain. To do this:

  • Got to Settings
  • Then Click Permalinks
  • Then from the options shown, click anything other than plain
Printful Permalink Settings

I use the Post Name option as this works well for SEO too.

Rest API Settings – The other setting Printful needs is an API-related setting.

  • Go to WooCommerce in your left hand menu
  • Then click Settings
  • Then click Advanced
  • Click Legacy API tab
  • Then make sure the Enable Legacy Rest API is checked
  • Click Save

Now follow the remaining connection steps.

How to Add Products To Your Printful WooCommerce Store

Now you’ve connected WooCommerce to Printful you can publish products. This is pretty straightforward but I’ve included the steps below.

  • Go to Printful and log in
  • If your new WooCommerce store is your only store then you should see an Add Products button on your dashboard. Click it.
  • If you have numerous stores, click Stores on the left then Click Add Product next to your new store (see below).
Add printful product
  • Go through the catalog and find the product you want to add to your store
  • Click on your chosen product, we’ve chosen a two tone mug.
Printful Mug

If there are variations i.e. sizes or colors, select which you want to include.

  • Upload your design by simply dragging and dropping onto the product.
  • You will be taken in to the product designer view where you can move and resize the design
Printful Product Designer
  • Once complete, click the Continue button
  • Choose Basic or Custom Mockups – I went for basic – Click Continue
  • Next is the product details page. You can either update these here, or on your WooCommerce site
Top Tip

Make sure to include the product details e.g. materials and sizing info that Printful gives you. This ensure the description is correct.

  • When ready, click Continue
  • Now you need to set your price – Then click Submit To Store

Not the magic happens. Printful will publish the product to your WooCommerce store. To check:

  • Go to your website and click Products on the left handside

Enable Shipping Options

Before you start making millions on your store selling Printful products, you need to set up shipping.

By enabling shipping options in your Printful WooCommerce integration, you can provide various delivery choices to meet customer needs and use shipping prices straight from Printful.

If you want to choose your own shipping, you can ignore these steps.

Navigate to your WooCommerce App:

  • Click Settings then click the Shipping tab
  • Click Printful Shipping
  • Enable shipping this shipping method and click Save

You can then set which shipping options you want to make available to customers.

  • Click Printful on your left hand menu in the WooCommerce app
  • Click Settings
  • Check or uncheck the shipping options you want or dont want to offer.
  • Click Save
Top Tip

If you want all orders to be tracked, disable all the shipping options that dont include tracking.

Set Tax Rates

The Printful app includes the option to enable a WooCommerce Tax setting so that Printful to calculate your sales tax.

Personally, I havent enabled it but it can make things easier for you.

Find out more about it here: Printful Tax Settings

Set Billing Information

Make sure to enter accurate billing information for smooth payment processing and order fulfillment. When setting your billing information in Printful for WooCommerce, follow these steps to guarantee seamless transactions:

  1. Provide Valid Credit Card Details: Enter correct credit card information to enable successful payments.
  2. Ensure Billing Address Matching: Make sure the billing address matches the one linked to your payment method.
  3. Update Billing Details: Regularly review and update your billing information to prevent any disruptions in service.
  4. Verify Billing Information: Double-check all details to avoid payment errors or delays.
  5. Set store currency: You have the option to set the currency of your Printful store.

Promote and Sell

After adding products from Printful to your WooCommerce store, the next step is to effectively promote and sell them to drive traffic and increase sales. Here’s how you can start selling and maximize your store’s potential:

  1. Set Competitive Retail Prices: Determine competitive yet profitable prices for your custom products to attract customers.
  2. Utilize Live Shipping Rates: Enable live shipping rates to provide accurate shipping costs to your customers during checkout.
  3. Official Printful Store Integration: Connect your WooCommerce store with the official Printful store to streamline operations and enhance credibility.
  4. Promote Product Your Products: Use social media and paid ads to promote your products to your target customers. The more you understand your customers and target them the easier it is to drive interest in your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Integrate WooCommerce with Printful

By adding the Printful API to your WooCommerce store, you enable automatic order fulfillment and shipping directly from Printful.

This integration empowers you to manage your store efficiently, as the plugin provides valuable insights such as order details, revenue tracking, and profit statistics all within your WooCommerce dashboard.

Setting up shipping options through the plugin guarantees a smooth experience for your customers, with features like live shipping rates and automated tax settings to enhance the shopping experience on your site.

WooCommerce is a solid alternative to selling on Shopify or Etsy although it does come with a steep learning curve.

Can You Use Printful With Woocommerce?

Yes, you can use Printful with WooCommerce. Simply register on Printful’s site, install the Printful plugin on your WooCommerce dashboard, connect both platforms by approving the WooCommerce AIP connection, and enable shipping options for seamless integration.

How Do I Integrate Printful on My Website?

First, register on Printful’s website and install the plugin on your WooCommerce dashboard. Connect both platforms by approving the link and enabling shipping options. Once set up, manage products, shipping, and orders seamlessly between Printful and WooCommerce.

How Do I Integrate Printify With Woocommerce?

To integrate Printify with WooCommerce follow the steps detailed here.

How Do I Integrate With Woocommerce?

To integrate with WooCommerce, register on the Printful site and install the plugin on your WooCommerce dashboard. Connect both platforms by approving the connection and enabling shipping options. Follow the steps for a seamless integration process.


WooCommerce is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there. Its extremely flexible, lots of functionality but does come with a steep learning curve.

When you integrate Printful to WooCommerce, you increase the functionality of your store and you can enter the world of dropshipping using print on demand where orders are automatically passed from your e commerce store to Printful.

Printful fulfill your order, printing and shipping it directly to your customer.

The integration between WooCommerce and Printful means that the order details, order status and shipping information is seamlessly synced reducing the need for you to get involved.

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