How to Find a Niche For Print on Demand for FREE


Finding a niche is pivotal for the success of one’s print on demand business.

Print-on-demand stores are popping up everywhere. Selling print on demand products online generally is growing rapidly and some would say it’s getting saturated. 

To build a long-term business or brand you want to build a business around a niche.

Key Takeaways

  • A niche is a segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.
  • Niche selection helps narrow down the target audience for customized products.
  • Choosing a specific and unique niche reduces competition and improves the chance of reaching potential customers.
  • Thorough market research is essential for evaluating niches.
  • Positioning oneself as truly understanding a niche increases visibility, credibility, and sales.
  • To be a successful print-on-demand business you need to find a niche for your business.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is essentially a specialized segment of the market that is identified by unique needs, preferences, or identities.

A POD niche in could be anything from a specific design style to targeting a unique demographic or themes such as pet lovers, yoga enthusiasts, or anime lovers.

Why You Need To Find A Good Profitable Niche

The competitive nature of the ecommerce business means you need a focused and targeted approach, niching down helps with this.

  • You can focus your efforts on specializing in one topic, which allows you to stand out from the competition. 
  • With fewer competitors, it becomes easier to position yourself as an expert in your field. 
  • Your unique products will gain improved visibility as you’ll be operating in a smaller market.
  • By focusing your attention on one theme, you can become more productive. 
  • Since you already have a defined market, you can spend less on advertising. 
  • Establishing credibility is less challenging. 
  • You can stretch your resources better as your focus is narrowed.
  • It is easier to bring in customers who are aligned with your offerings
  • You have the opportunity to create a dedicated audience without exerting tons of effort.

Step By Step Process to Find Your Niche

1: Brainstorming Print On Demand Niche Ideas

To start, you want to get a list of ideas of print-on-demand niches that you could investigate further.

At this stage you just want to build a list of potential niches, we’ll check whether they are good niches or not, a little later in the process.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

What hobbies and interests do you have that could be sold online? 

Are you a member of a niche through one of your interests and know that people are crying out for new products?

Top Tip

Be mindful of picking a niche and selling what you want to sell. Remember, you aren’t trying to sell to yourself.

Friends and Family

Sometimes you may not have hobbies and interests that lend themselves to POD (most do though) so how about people you know? 

Do your friends or family have hobbies that you could consider as a POD niche?


If you want to expand your ideas list further you can simply go online and look around a larger fashion stores and see what they are selling. 

Does anything jump out at you as something you need to investigate further? If so, add it to the list.

Ask ChatGPT

Still short of ideas? Why not ask ChatGPT to come up with some niches?

The best approach is to ask for some broad niches, then ask ChatGPT to niche down and provide sub-niches.

ChatGPT Prompt: I am starting a print on demand business and need some niches and an understanding of the ideal customer in that niche. Please provide 10

POD niche ideas - Chat GPT

2nd ChatGpt Prompt: Can you provide some subniches in the Gaming Community niche, in the same format?

Chat GPT Sub Niche Ideas

Product Niches

A niche doesn’t need to be an interest or hobby, it could be a product. You could have a store that sells just one product, to every niche you can think of.

I don’t mean t-shirts, or a hoodie shop, I mean something less saturated like Gaming Pads, mugs or all over print apparel.

Step 2: Niche Research and Validation

Now you have some ideas you need to validate the niches.

You need to get a feel as to whether there is demand and whether POD products would work for the chosen niches.

There are several methods to figuring out whether your chosen niche is worth pursuing or not.

Use Free Tools To Validate the Niche

Free tools can be a great way to validate a niche and help you research the potential market. Some are print on demand tools, others are freely available tools that can help give you insight into your niches.

Google Trends

When conducting research for your niche market, it’s important to regularly utilize Google Trends to stay updated on current trends and patterns.

Google Trends allows you to track the popularity and search volume of specific keywords related to your niche. This data can help you understand the demand for certain products or topics within your niche.

Amazon Best Sellers

Check out Amazon’s Best Sellers list to discover popular products within your niche and gain valuable insights for your print-on-demand business. 

It enables you to identify trending items, understand customer preferences, and find profitable products that can maximize your niche potential.

By analyzing the top-selling products in your niche, you can uncover patterns, identify gaps in the market, and tailor your print-on-demand offerings accordingly.


Etsy is a popular online marketplace known for its handmade and unique products. A few years ago Etsy allowed POD products and the floodgates opened.

Put in your niche in the search bar and see what sort of results show up.

Etsy Search Results - Print On Demand Niche

Are there POD products? Are there products with reviews (which indicates sales)?


Explore Pinterest to discover valuable insights and inspiration for your niche. 

By searching for keywords related to your niche, you can uncover popular trends, discover what products or designs are in demand, and gain a better understanding of your target audience’s preferences.

Top Tip

Check out Pinterest trends. You will find masses of data on what is trending on Pinterest.

Print on Demand Marketplaces

Other marketplaces like Redbubble or Spreadshirt can be great places to see what sort of designs are selling. 

Just do a few searches and see what niches are showing up and what sort of products are showing up for your particular niche.

Facebook Groups

Join relevant Facebook groups in order to connect with your target audience and gather valuable insights for researching your niche market. 

This step is crucial for effective engagement and niche targeting.

Here are three reasons why Facebook groups are a valuable resource:

Direct access to your target audience: By joining relevant groups, you can interact with potential customers and understand their needs and preferences firsthand.

Valuable market research: Facebook groups provide a platform for discussions and conversations that can give you insights into market trends, popular products, and customer pain points.

Networking opportunities: Engaging with group members and building relationships can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and customer referrals.

Use Marketplace Tools

Marketplace tools can be really helpful in niche research. 

If you sell on Etsy you can use tools like EtsyHunt and Alura that give estimated sales data for products. 

Or use tools like eRank or Marmalead to find keywords related to a niche that has search traffic but less competition.

Analyze Customer Reviews and Sales In The Niche

Finally, check popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy, look for top-selling print-on-demand products in the chosen niche. 

This process includes analyzing customer reviews, sales data, and ratings. This information provides valuable insight into customer preferences and market viability.

Try and Identify your customer problems and needs. This will help when it comes to choosing the best print on demand products to offer your customers.

Step 4: Test Your Niche

Once you have narrowed down your niche and developed your products, it’s time to start experimenting and testing different marketing strategies.

Testing strategies are crucial for measuring niche profitability and determining the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

One approach is to run small-scale ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to gauge customer response and engagement.

Monitor key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend to assess the success of your campaigns. 

You can post in FB groups to see which designs or products people like the most.

Remember, testing is an ongoing process that allows you to adapt and optimize your strategies for maximum profitability.

Step 5: Choose Your Niche

When choosing your niche for print-on-demand, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure profitability. Start by reviewing your personal passions and interests to find a niche that resonates with you.

Then, evaluate the market potential by researching competition and search volume. By finding a balance between competition and market size, you can position yourself for success in the print-on-demand industry.

Tips For Choosing You Niche

Base your decision on data rather than feelings. Research your competitors to gain insights into what’s already working in the market.

Consider selecting an evergreen niches for print on demand that will remain relevant over time.

Prioritize finding a niche with passionate customers who are more likely to engage and make repeat purchases.

Step 6: Delve Deeper – Immerse Yourself In Your Niche

Getting to know your niche better will help you refine your products and marketing messages to better resonate with your niche market. 

Here are some ways to do it.

Explore Facebook Groups and Pages Related to the Niche

Facebook groups and pages are packed with a wealth of potential niches. They serve as an open platform for people with similar interests to come together and share their thoughts.

A simple search for your niche in Facebook search should unearth a number of groups and pages.

The more active the groups the better as it gives an indication of how engaged and passionate people are about the niche.

Facebook Groups

You can see from the image above, that the level of engagement in the groups can vary a lot. No harm in joining them all once you’ve chosen a niche.

Searching for niche-specific content on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok

Other platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok are buzzing with loads of niche-specific content.

You can explore these platforms, analyzing trending posts and the comments left by people and get a sense of hashtags to identify potential niches. By deep-diving into these various online congregations, one is bound to unravel a niche fitting their print on demand business.

Best POD Niches in 2023?

There is no such thing. Whilst some niches are better than others, I don’t believe there is a list of the best niches out there. 

Many niches can be profitable, you just need to know how to execute properly to maximize the potential of your chosen niche.

Some niches might be good for someone, but not good for someone else to try.

Conclusion – How To Find A Niche for Print On Demand

One should not underestimate the significance of finding a viable niche for a print on demand business.

The niche you select will ultimately determine the trajectory of your business. 

A carefully chosen niche that resonates with a defined audience is the key to creating a sustainable, successful business in this highly competitive market.

Testing Is Key To Sucess

Once you’ve chosen some niches, test them.

Create some products, get feedback from Facebook groups, from running ads, from adding them to your Etsy store.

Use the feedback to develop the products, but if you aren’t getting any winners, try a different niche.

Keep testing until you get a winner. Once you have one, niche down.


How can I find a profitable niche for print on demand for free in 2023?

To find the best niches for free, use free tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Pinterest Trends to discover popular trends and niche ideas. Or identify popular products in your niche by browsing online marketplaces, social media platforms, and relevant forums.

What Is The Definition Of A Niche?

In the context of print on demand, a niche refers to a specific segment or subcategory within a larger market that you choose to focus on for your pod business.

Niching down involves targeting a particular group of potential customers with niche products that cater to their specific interests, preferences, or needs.

How Important Is It To Choose A Niche For My Print On Demand Business?

Choosing a niche is crucial for the success of your print on demand business. Instead of trying to appeal to a broad audience, focusing on a specific niche allows you to position yourself as an expert in that area and connect with a more targeted group of potential customers. 

It also helps you differentiate your products from the competition and increases the chances of attracting loyal customers.

How Can I Find The Right Niche For My Print On Demand Business?

To find the right niche for your print on demand business, you can start by brainstorming ideas based on your own passions, interests, or expertise. 

Consider niches that align with your personal preferences, as it will be easier for you to understand your target audience and create designs that resonate with them.

You can explore online marketplaces, social media platforms, and keyword research tools to gather insights and identify untapped niches with potential for profitability.

How Can I Determine The Profitability Of A Niche For My Print On Demand Business?

To determine the profitability of a niche for your print on demand business, you can evaluate factors such as market demand, competition level, and customer purchasing power. Analyze the demand for products in your niche by researching search volumes and the number of competing sellers.

Assess the competition level by analyzing the number and quality of existing products and sellers in your niche. Finally, consider the purchasing power of your target customers to ensure that they are willing and able to spend money on your products.

What role does research play in finding a good niche for print on demand?

Research plays a crucial role in finding a good niche for print on demand. It helps you understand the market landscape, identify customer preferences, uncover emerging trends, and discover niche product ideas. 

By conducting thorough research, you can gather valuable insights that will guide your decision-making process and increase the chances of success for your print on demand business.

How can Shopify help me find a niche for print on demand?

Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that offers various built-in tools and resources to help entrepreneurs find a niche for print on demand. It provides access to a vast marketplace of niche products, insights on trending topics and products, keyword research tools, and integration with print-on-demand services. 

With Shopify, you can easily set up an online store and leverage its features to explore and validate different niche ideas for your print on demand business.

What are some niche product ideas for a print on demand business?

There are countless niche product ideas you can explore for your print on demand business. Some examples include tote bags with unique designs for eco-conscious individuals, custom hoodies for niche communities or fandoms, or apparel and accessories for specific professions or hobbies.

The key is to identify niche markets with passionate and dedicated audiences that are underserved by existing print on demand options.

Can you recommend a tool to help me find a Print On Demand niche?

One great tool to help you find niches for print on demand is the Google Trends tool. It allows you to explore and compare the popularity of different search queries (and therefore niches and niche items) over time and across different regions. 

By entering relevant keywords related to your print on demand business, you can gain insights into emerging trends, identify niche markets with high potential, and make data-driven decisions when choosing your niche.