High Margin Products For Print On Demand in 2024

Print on demand is a fantastic way of making money online. But get your numbers wrong and you could end up losing money instead of making it.

Run a sale or increase your ad budget and you could wipe out all your profit.

I’ve done it myself when I first started. I set my prices too low, ran a sale, and got hit with fees I wasn’t expecting (embroidery digitalization fee and Etsy offsite ads fee) and I made a significant loss on a hoodie.

After a bit of analysis, I realized I needed to add some high-margin products to my online stores to make sure my dropshipping business was sustainable.

I’ve dug around and come up with a list of high-profit margin products to sell online to help you stand out from the crowds of t-shirts and hoodies and make that all-important profit.

Key Takeaways:

  • High margin products: Shoes, bags, metal signs, wall art, skateboard wall art, jewelry, jigsaw puzzles, hooded blankets, car seat covers, and pet beds tend to have higher profit margins.
  • Increasing perceived value: Strategies like scarcity, limited editions, and using embroidery instead of DTG printing can enhance the perceived value of a product.
  • Diversification: Offering a variety of products in your print-on-demand store can attract a broader customer base and increase sales opportunities.
  • Quality and design: Focus on high-quality products and niche appealing designs to stand out in a competitive market and attract customers.
  • Research and analytics: Utilize market research and analytics to identify trends, customer preferences, and popular products to optimize your print-on-demand offerings.

What is a high profit margin product?

High-Profit products are those that have a profit margin of over 30%, however, the products I’ll include in this article will have high margins both as % but also in real ($) terms.

How Do You calculate a profit margin?

To calculate profit margin you need to subtract the cost of sale (production, shipping and ads) from the selling price to determine the percentage of profit earned from each product sold. The formula for profit margin is:

(Selling Price – (Cost of Production + Ads)) / Selling Price x 100.

Understanding profit margin is crucial for setting prices and making informed business decisions for your online store.

A higher profit margin signifies better profitability and financial health, guiding strategic business decisions.

More money equals more options. You can reinvest it, run a sale or just bank it.

Why you should focus on high profit margin products

Focusing on high-profit margin products can significantly enhance your business’s financial performance and competitive edge in the print-on-demand industry.

  1. High margin products offer greater profit potential.
  2. High margin products are often less saturated as everyone tends to sell hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts.
  3. High margin products generally require less effort or the same effort to sell, providing a more efficient sales process in the print-on-demand business.

What makes a good high margin ecommerce product?

list 5 factors that make up a good high margin product

  1. Unique Value Proposition: A good high-margin product should offer a unique value proposition that sets it apart from competitors. This could be in the form of unique features, benefits, or performance that customers are willing to pay a premium for.
  2. Quality and Durability: High-quality materials and craftsmanship can justify a higher price point for a product. Products that are known for their durability and longevity are often valued more by customers.
  3. Target Market Demand: Understanding and targeting a niche market with a strong demand for the product can support higher margins. Products that cater to specific customer needs or preferences can command premium pricing.

The High Profit Margin Products You Should Be Selling

When considering high-profit margin products in print-on-demand, focus on items like shoes and trainers, skateboard wall art, bags, hooded blankets, and car seat covers.

These products offer profit margins ranging from $43 to over $100 per item, making them lucrative options for your print-on-demand business.

Shoes and Trainers

For a trendy and fashionable addition to your print on demand catalog, consider offering POD shoes and sneakers.

With the rise of streetwear fashion and individuality in style, customized footwear has become a sought-after item among consumers. Collaborate with artists and designers to create unique shoe designs that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Printify’s high-top sneakers are priced at $34.99 and sell for $60 to $75, which can be a lucrative addition to your store.

  1. Profit Potential: High-margin shoes offer over 30% profit margin.
  2. Price Range: Printify’s high top sneakers sell for $60 to $75.
  3. Demand: Shoes and trainers are popular items with high demand.
Printify Print On Demand Shoes

Skateboard Wall Art

Skateboard wall art presents a lucrative opportunity for sellers, offering the potential to generate substantial profits when marketed effectively.

With a profit margin exceeding 30%, selling a 3-piece skateboard wall art set for $300 can yield significant returns. WC Fulfillment sells these for $149, allowing you to make a substantial profit of $150 before accounting for advertising costs.

Skateboard Wall Art Example


Custom bags are necessarys that combine functionality with style. From low-margin tote bags to high-margin backpacks to clutches, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Offer these accessories with eye-catching designs, patterns, or artwork to appeal to a diverse audience.

The demand for custom bags is on the rise, with consumers looking for more personalized and unique accessories to complement their outfits.

By offering a range of customizable options, you can tap into this growing market and capitalize on the popularity of these accessories.

Artsadd offers a satchel/shoulder bag for $12 that can retail for $50+

Hooded Blankets

Explore the potential for significant profits by incorporating hooded blankets, a high-margin product in the print-on-demand industry.

With profit margins exceeding 30%, online sellers can leverage these customizable items to maximize earnings.

Offering versatility and unique designs, hooded blankets are a lucrative option for online sellers looking to capitalize on high-margin products in the print-on-demand market.

Subliminator offers Blankets for $36 and I’ve sold these for $80 giving me a massive profit margin.

Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers present a lucrative opportunity in the print-on-demand industry, with potential profit margins exceeding 30% based on pricing data from platforms like Etsy and Printify.

  1. Printify offers car seat covers for around $40, or $32 with Printify Premium.
  2. On Etsy, examples of car seat covers are selling for prices ranging from $60 up to $120.
  3. The premium quality and customization options make car seat covers a high-margin product worth investing in.

Jigsaw puzzles

With the potential for high profit margins and a demand for personalized products, jigsaw puzzles stand out as a lucrative and unique option in the print-on-demand industry.

While not as common as other products, jigsaw puzzles are cost-effective to produce, typically priced at $20 for a 500-piece puzzle. Given their popularity and the ability to sell for over $50, they represent a high-margin opportunity worth considering.

Pet Beds

In the realm of high-margin products within the print-on-demand industry, Pet Beds emerge as a lucrative opportunity for sellers seeking substantial profits.

Print On Demand Pet Bed
  1. Printify offers pet beds for $20 with Printify Premium.
  2. These premium pet beds can be sold for $60 and above, providing a high-profit margin.
  3. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for high-quality gifts for their beloved pets.

Wall Art

Living spaces are often a reflection of one’s personality and style, making wall art of any kind popular choices for home decor.

Analyzing the market trends and consumer preferences, investing in a diverse range of wall art products, including single canvas and triple canvases, can significantly boost your profits in the print-on-demand industry.

Wall art, particularly canvas prints, are high-margin products that appeal to a broad audience. Offering various sizes and designs in both single and triple canvas options can cater to different customer preferences, maximizing your revenue potential.

Metal Signs

To maximize your profits in the print-on-demand industry, consider adding metal signs to your product offerings, which have shown to have high-profit margins with costs ranging from $17 to $105 depending on the size.

These metal signs can retail for $50 to $250+ for the largest sizes, offering a lucrative opportunity for your business to thrive in the competitive print-on-demand market.

Cost with Teelaunch range from $17 to $105 and the retail prices can reach $250+ for larger sizes.


When delving into the realm of high-profit margin products in the print-on-demand industry, one lucrative avenue to explore is customizable jewelry, particularly offered by Shineon, priced at $15 to $20 but with the potential to retail for $45 or higher with personalization options.

ProductCustomizable Jewelry
Retail Potential$45+ with personalization

The Challenges of Selling Products with High-Profit Margins

Navigating the competitive landscape of high-margin products in the print-on-demand industry requires strategic product selection and pricing to ensure profitability and stand out among competitors.

  1. Understanding market saturation is crucial.
  2. Balancing competitive pricing with profit margins.
  3. Maintaining quality control and fast shipping.

How To Increase Margin For Print on Demand Products

To increase margins for print-on-demand products, focus on delivering top-notch quality to justify higher prices and attract discerning customers. Solve specific problems or cater to niche markets to create unique offerings that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Keep up with social media trends and leverage scarcity tactics to drive demand and command premium pricing, ultimately boosting your profit margins.


Quality plays a pivotal role in maximizing profit margins for print-on-demand products by influencing customer perceptions and justifying premium pricing through the use of superior materials and production techniques.

Ways to Enhance Quality:

  1. Utilize Premium Materials
  2. Implement High-Quality Printing Techniques
  3. Partner with Reliable Production Partners


In maximizing profit margins for print-on-demand products, addressing customer needs and solving problems is key to driving increased revenue.

By creating unique designs that cater to specific pain points identified through market research, you can increase perceived value and margins.

Offering exclusive or limited edition products can further boost margins. Start by analyzing trends and best-selling items on platforms like Etsy and Amazon to determine the right products to sell.

Social media trends

Incorporate social media trends strategically to elevate profit margins in the print-on-demand industry by tapping into consumer preferences and leveraging targeted marketing campaigns.

  1. Identify trending product categories through popular social media platforms.
  2. Understand consumer preferences to tailor products effectively.
  3. Collaborate with influencers to promote high-margin products and reach a wider audience efficiently.

Unique & Niche Down

By targeting specific audiences or interests, you can increase the relevance of your print-on-demand products and command higher prices, ultimately boosting your profit margins.

Offering unique designs or customizations creates a higher perceived value among your target market, allowing for premium pricing and increased margins.

Focusing on niche markets and custom designs can significantly enhance your unique selling proposition, leading to improved profitability.

Sense Forest
Sense Forest – Niche Store with High Margin Products
Niche down targetingHigher perceived value among target market
Custom designsPremium pricing and increased margins
Unique selling pointEnhanced profitability through uniqueness and relevance to customers

Scarcity in the market

To maximize profit margins in the print-on-demand industry, harnessing scarcity through exclusive designs and strategic marketing tactics is essential.

  1. Implement limited editions or exclusive designs to create a sense of urgency.
  2. Use flash sales, countdown timers, and limited-time offers to enhance the perception of scarcity.
  3. Leverage social proof like customer reviews to reinforce scarcity and drive faster purchasing decisions.


Maximizing profit margins in the print-on-demand industry requires astutely analyzing seasonal trends in product demand to strategically adjust pricing and capitalize on peak periods for specific products.

Utilize Google Trends to pinpoint peak seasons, offer limited edition designs to create urgency, and implement targeted marketing campaigns during high-demand periods.

Adapting product offerings based on seasonal changes ensures competitiveness and sustains high margins in print on demand.

Improving Perceived Value Of POD Products

To enhance the perceived value of your print-on-demand products, consider offering customization options such as all-over print, embroidery, or personalization.

These features can attract customers looking for unique and personalized items, willing to pay a premium.

All Over Print

With their ability to offer full customization and eye-catching designs, all-over print products stand out in the print-on-demand industry, enhancing the perceived value of POD items.

  1. All-over print designs cover the entire product surface, attracting attention.
  2. Full customization options create personalized items that appeal to customers.
  3. Customers are willing to pay more for these unique designs, leading to higher profit margins.


Embroidery enhances the perceived value and quality of print on demand (POD) products, appealing to customers seeking luxurious and unique items. Intricate embroidery designs can lead to increased profit margins by commanding higher prices.

Customers perceive embroidered products as premium, allowing businesses to leverage customization for niche markets. This customization sets your offerings apart, attracting value-conscious customers looking for distinctive products.

Benefits of Embroidery in POD Products
Increased Perceived Value
Customization Options
Premium Touch
Higher Profit Margins

If you want something extra special, check out Printfuls unlimited color embroidery.


Enhancing the perceived value of print on demand products through personalization allows businesses to cater to customers seeking unique and custom items. This strategy ultimately increases profit margins significantly.

Personalization leads to premium prices. You can charge more as people place high value on personalising a product.

Custom products boost customer loyalty and can result in repeat buyers.

And of course, offering unique items sets your business apart.


The most lucrative products to sell through print on demand services are high-margin items such as shoes, bags, metal signs, wall art, skateboard wall art, jewelry, jigsaw puzzles, hooded blankets, car seat covers, and pet beds.

By focusing on products with higher profit margins, you can maximize your earnings through the print on demand business model.

The key to success in selling these products lies in increasing their perceived value through strategic selling tactics.

By creating scarcity, offering limited editions, and utilizing premium printing techniques like embroidery, you can attract more customers and command higher prices for your products.

With a smart approach and a focus on high-margin items, you can build a successful print on demand business that generates consistent revenue.


What are high-margin products in the world of online retail?

High margin products in online retail are items that have a significant difference between their cost of production and selling price, resulting in higher profit margins for the seller. These products often have unique selling propositions, such as being personalized, niche, or limited edition items.

How can online store sellers identify high margin products?

Online store sellers can identify high margin products by conducting thorough research on trending products, consumer demand, and market trends. Utilizing print on demand services for custom products, exploring niche markets, and evaluating potential profit margins and pricing strategies are effective ways to discover high margin products.

Why is it important for online store owners to incorporate high margin products into their offerings?

It is important for online store owners to incorporate high margin products into their offerings to increase profitability and differentiate themselves in the competitive e-commerce landscape. By prioritizing the research and inclusion of high margin products, sellers can maximize their success and take advantage of the potential for increased profits in their online stores.

How can I increase the perceived value of my print on demand products?

You can increase the perceived value of your print on demand products through selling strategies such as creating scarcity, offering limited editions, and utilizing premium embellishments like embroidery instead of DTG printing.