Best Print on Demand Mugs | Top Mug Companies For POD Stores

So you’re looking for new products to sell and you’ve heard cups and mugs could be a good option for your print on demand business.

Which are the best print on demand mugs? The white 11oz mug. Cheap, versatile, easy to customize, and can work in pretty much any niche. If your niche is saturated you can try the larger 17oz Latte mug to stand out from the crowd a little. If it works for your designs, the enamel camping mug has a high perceived value and is a fabulous gift.

Which is the best print-on-demand company for mugs? Gelato. With their low pricing, good range, high quality printing, and fulfillment centers across the globe. Gelato really does tick all the boxes.

In this post, I go through the types of mug, what to consider when choosing a print on demand mug company, and provide some design tips from my years of selling POD mugs.

Benefits of Print-On-Demand Mugs

No sizing Issues

Unlike apparel, there are no sizing issues with mugs meaning fewer exchanges and refund requests.

Ideal Gift

Gifts can be hard to buy. Buying clothes for a friend is hard. You don’t know what size to get them, or what color etc. So how about a mug? Who doesn’t need or want a mug with a fabulous design on it? 

Excellent Add-on Product

When you sell a product like a hoodie with a design on it, a mug is a great add-on product that you can offer your customer to increase their order value. They obviously like the design so why not.

Drawbacks of Print On Demand Mugs

High Shipping Costs

Because of the weight, and the need to protect the mug, so it doesn’t break, packaging and shipping costs can be high.


I have had more misprinted mugs than any other product I have sold. Even when changing suppliers.

Designing Can Be Tricky

Print on demand companies take a different approach to templates for POD mugs. Some require a single design. Other suppliers require the design to be a wrap-around style with the image duplicated. The inconsistency means you may need to change your design depending on the mug type and supplier you are using.

Types of Print-on-Demand Mugs

Standard Coffee Mug

The standard coffee mug comes in 11oz and 15oz sizes and in white or black. However, the black mug is not sold by many POD suppliers which is a shame as it sells well.

  • The standard mug is versatile, offered by many suppliers, and is great for offering as an upsell when selling clothing with the same design.
  • 11oz White Coffee Mug
  • 15oz White Coffee Mug
  • 11oz Black Coffee Mug
  • 15oz Black Coffee Mug
White and Black Mugs

Accent Mug

The accent mug comes in a similar physical form to the standard 11oz mug but has a colored handle and insides.

If you are selling a colorful design and can match your design with the accent then you’re on to a winner. The accent mug has a higher perceived value than a standard black or white mug. The accent can stand out from the crowd in a saturated market.

  • 11oz Accent Mug
Accent Mugs

17oz Latte Mug

The 17oz Latte Mug is something a little different. It’s perceived as a higher value top end up when compared to the standard 11oz but it is also more expensive. $10.50 compared to $6. 

The latte mug won’t suit every niche but could be a good seller with the right design.

Latte Mug by Gelato

12oz Enamel Campfire Mug

This mug stands out as being something a little bit cooler than the standard white mug. Find the right supplier and the price is low enough to earn a great margin on this item.

Enamel Mug By Gelato

Magic Mug

Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? Fill a magic mug with something hot and watch it change from a plain black mug to reveal your design. A little gimmicy but still pretty cool. 

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From cheap and cheerful and very much likely to leak. To the higher end more durable travel mugs.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Print On Demand Supplier For Mugs

There are many mug print-on-demand companies out there and what is right for one ecommerce store, may not be right for another. Here are some things to consider when picking a POD supplier for mugs.

Cost: The cost of item itself, shipping cost, and setup/subscription fees. It’s important to compare the costs of different suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Fulfilment Locations: If you only sell to the UK it’s not wise to choose a supplier that is based in the US. The shipping time will be long, the costs will be high and it’s not very environmentally friendly. If you sell across the globe, it’s worth choosing a supplier like Gelato or Printful which have numerous locations around the world and will print and fulfill the order based on your customer location.

Quality: Quality is another important factor to look at when choosing a print-on-demand supplier. The quality and the accuracy of the printing are key points to consider. Make sure to read reviews and get samples of the supplier’s products before committing to them.

Product Range: If you’re just wanting to sell a white 11oz mug then you will find that it is offered by most POD suppliers. However, if you want to sell a 17oz Latte Mug, your options will be limited. So make sure you check the range of products the suppliers offer before adding them to your store.

Production Time: Turnaround time is how quickly the supplier can get the product to you. It’s important to make sure the supplier you choose can meet your needs in terms of turnaround time. Ask them how long it will take them to process and ship your order.

Integrations: If you have an e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify) or marketplace (e.g. Etsy) in mind you need to check that your supplier integrates with that platform to ensure you do not need to manually export and import orders from your store to the supplier.

My 3 Favorite Print On Demand Mug Suppliers

Choosing a supplier for your mugs can be tricky. There are many things to consider as detailed above.

In the table below compares the ranges of mugs offered and gives example pricing for a white mug delivered to the UK or US.

Print on demand mugs
Range & Price Comparison Table

Printify – Best For Selling to US Customers

Printify is one of the largest and most well-known POD suppliers.

Their platform is easy to use and they offer a wide range of mug styles, from white ceramic mugs to black mugs and more.

Their pricing is the cheapest of the three recommended suppliers but this comes with a catch.

Printify gives you access to a number of different print providers that make up their network. To get the UK pricing and US pricing shown above, you need to use different suppliers within their network.

Printify doesn’t automatically route your order to the best supplier for your order and therefore there is an element of manual effort required. This is fine if you are selling ones and twos. But start selling a lot of mugs to different countries then I would recommend not using Printify.

Printful – Best for Beginners

Printful is the largest of the three recommended suppliers and one of the most well-established.

However, they have been overtaken by other suppliers like Gelato as the supplier of choice.

Whilst Printful offers a global print network that is all managed in-house, they are far more expensive than other suppliers. Their range of mugs is limited too.

Their software is really easy to use, it integrates with most ecommerce platforms and marketplaces and their customer service is good too.

Gelato – Best Overall

Gelato is a great option for those selling print on demand mugs globally.

Gelato has a print network with local production in 33 countries, along with easy integrations with key ecommerce platforms.

Their range of mugs is solid and their pricing whilst not the cheapest is still competitive and cheaper than Printful.

Unlike with Printify, there is no manual order routing required as Gelato’s software does that for you. Your order gets printed in the facility closest to your customer. This means quicker delivery and cheaper shipping.

Alternative Suppliers

Whilst Printful, Gelato and Printify are my top recommendations, there are many other POD companies out there that provide a solid range of print on demand mugs. Pretty much every supplier will have the white 11oz mug. However few have ranges as big as the three we feature.

Best Print On Demand Mugs – Conclusion

Whether you’re looking to sell personalized mugs, mugs with your logo, or simply mugs with designs you have created, there are many print on demand companies out there to choose from.

The mugs are a great addition for any print-on-demand business as they can be used as an upsell i.e someone buys a hoodie with a design they like, you can offer them a mug with the same design. This increases the average order value of the sale.


Is selling custom mugs profitable?

Selling custom mugs can be a very profitable business venture. With the ability to create unique designs, you can stand out from the competition and offer something that no one else does. Additionally, custom mugs make great gifts for any occasion and can help to bring in additional customers.

The only downside of selling custom mugs is that shipping costs tend to be high due to their size and weight. However, if you are able to find a reliable supplier who offers competitive prices on shipping, this shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, selling custom mugs can be a great way to make some extra money and provide customers with unique designs they won’t find anywhere else.