NeuronWriter Review

Having started this year using Surfer SEO to optimize my content. This year I canceled my SurferSEO subscription in favor of NeuronWriter. In this NeuronWriter Review, I explain why.

NeuronWRiter Review Overview

NeuronWriter is a powerful AI tool that can help you improve your SEO rankings by understanding user intent and optimizing your content for the right keywords using NLP.

It can also help you analyze your competitors and create better content to stay ahead of the curve.

The tool uses AI to analyze your website and suggest keywords that you can use to improve your on-page and off-page SEO.

NeuronWriter is created by CONTADU who have been building SEO tools since 2009

If you’re looking for alternatives to Surferseo, NeuronWriter is a great option.

SERP Analysis

Easily analyze the top search results to build your outline based on what Google likes

Outline Builder

NW suggests words (NLP terms) and phrases to use, found from your top-ranking competitors.

AI Writer

AI Writing tool included helping you beat writer’s block

Plagiarism Checker

Check your content to make sure it’s 100% original.

Internal Link Suggestions

Neuron Writer provides internal link suggestions based on other articles on your site

What To Write Next

By analyzing your article Neuron Writer provides ideas for what article to write next

Overall Rating:

4.8 / 5

NeuronWriter Pros

  • Low Priced
  • Simple To Use
  • Higher Number of Analyses Included
  • Strong Roadmap
  • Frequent Feature Drops
  • AI Writer Included

NeuronWriter Cons

  • Need Gold Plan To Get All Features
  • No On-Page Audit Feature
  • No Jasper or SEMRush Integration

Starts at $19/month

NeuronWriter Review: What Is NeuronWriter?

Why stick with the traditional content creation process when there are great tools out there like NeuronWriter.

NeuronWriter is a content optimization and AI tool that enables you to rank your articles in search engines for keywords and get your blog in front of more google users. Neuron also provides a content editor and easy-to-follow recommendations to get your blog posts started.

What differentiates this tool from other SEO content optimization tools is that Neuronwriter comes with an AI content writer built in so you do not need to use another tool like Jasper alongside it if you don’t want to. It also uses semantic models to better recommend what will get you higher up the SERPs.

Its aim is to take a piece of the market that is currently dominated by Surfer SEO as the SEO AI tool for optimization helping bloggers rank higher in google SERP along the way.

How does Neuron Writer work?

Neuron Writer uses a number of different techniques to help you optimize content for the web. First, it looks at the keywords you’re using and tries to rank them according to their difficulty.

Then, it looks at your competitors and analyzes their content SEO strategies. Based on that, it tries to optimize your content for search engines. Finally, it uses its AI powered content creation engine to help you write better headlines and improve the overall quality of your article providing an easy to use content score that tracks your progress.

How to use Neuron Writer

NeuronWriter is very easy to use. Below I outline how to use the tool to create a blog post.

Enter a keyword you want to rank for

Neuronwriter analyzes your chosen competitors’ content from the top 30 placings in the google search results page (SERP) and suggests what to include and what people searching on Google are looking for.

Build your Outline

Neuronwriter includes a built-in outline generator to create your article structure to help with your content writing. To do this, you can view and import Headings and questions from your chosen competitors into your draft article, and rearrange them to finalize your blog post outline.

Get Started Drafting paragraphs

Once you have imported the headings you want, you can use NeuronWriter’s built-in content creation tool to create content for each heading.

This gets you moving quickly and prevents writer’s block. The AI writer will help you generate the beginning of a paragraph or develop your statement.

Write SEO Optimized Quality Content

In the main editor, you can now continue to use the writing capability that NeuronWriter offers or you can start writing yourself. The clear Content Score barometer helps you easily see how well you are doing, helping you rank higher by producing quality content with the right keywords.


Plagiarism Checker

As of 25th August 2022 NeuronWriter now includes a plagiarism checker included in the Gold plan, so before you publish your article, you can check to make sure none of the content has been plagiarised from other sources.

Export, publish and enjoy the results!

Once you have finished the article you can simply export your results, or simply cut and paste them into your blogging platform and publish, safe in the knowledge that your article is high-quality content and will rank in the google SERP.

Who Uses NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is a popular online tool that helps brands create and manage their content. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of features that make it easy to use.

This is why some top brands use NeuronWriter including Decathlon, Volkswagon, and Electrolux.

Benefits of NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter is a powerful AI tool that can help you improve your SEO rankings by understanding user intent and optimizing your content for the right keywords using NLP. It can also help you analyze your competitors and create better content to stay ahead of the curve.

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What does NeuronWriter Include?

NeuronWriter is a content optimization tool that offers a number of features that can help you improve your website’s SEO.

The tool uses AI to analyze your website and suggest keywords that you can use to improve your on-page and off-page SEO. NeuronWriter also offers a content optimization service that can help you improve the overall optimization of your website.

Who Can Use NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-based writing tool that can help you improve your SEO. It can also help you write better content for your blog or website.

If you are an agency, blogger, or affiliate marketer, NeuronWriter can help you get more traffic and conversions.

NeuronWriter Pricing

As with many similar tools, Neuron offers a number of price plans for it monthly subscription model with three tiers that increase the functionality that you get. The Platinum and Diamond plans are aimed at agency’s and increase the number of projects (sites) and analyses you can do each month.

The monthly charges are low compared to similar tools too, as shown below:

NeuronWriter Review

Neuron Writer on a lifetime deal

If you’re a fan of writing, then you’ll love Neuron Writer. This great tool can help you get your writing done faster and easier than ever before.

Unfortunately, as of October 2022, NeuronWriter is no longer offering a lifetime deal on AppSumo. However, we expect they will be back with an offer in the near future.

NeuronWriter Alternatives?

If you’re looking for alternatives to NeuronWriter, Surferseo is a great option. SurferSeo is a powerful SEO tool that can help you rank and optimize SEO content on your website for better search engine visibility. With SurferSeo, you can track your website’s progress and see how your SEO efforts are paying off.

NeuronWriter Vs Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is probably the best-known tool in the SEO Optimization space. Can NeuronWriter compete with it?

Best Choice

Surfer SEO

  • Easy to Use
  • Page Audit Feature
  • Grow Flow Feature
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Jasper AI Integration
Best Value

Neuron Writer

  • Easy to Use
  • Great Value
  • Next Content Suggestions
  • Content Mgt Plan
  • Built In AI Writer

NeuronWriter Vs Surfer SEO – Functionality

Surfer SEO has a few key features like Grow Flow and a really good live page audit function that Neuron doesn’t have.

However, NeuronWriter continues to add additional functionality each month and the tool has taken great strides forward recently.

Neuron’s ace up its sleeve is the AI writing functionality that helps get over writer’s block and helps you get going with your article. The AI writer has recently been updated to use GPT3.5 with 12 new templates added along with other improvements.

NeuronWriter Vs Surfer SEO – Pricing

Comparing the monthly plans and it’s clear that Neuron offers a lot more at a lower price point.

For $59 you can only analyze 10 articles each month with Surfer SEO, whereas with Neuron on the $19 per month plan you can 25 articles. On the $59 plan on Neuron, you can analyze 75 articles a month.

NeuronWriter Vs Surfer SEO – Conclusion

If money is no object, then Surfer SEO is the winner for now. However, if you are bootstrapping a new blog the NeuronWriter is a great choice.

Neuron has improved significantly over the last couple of months and has a committed and experienced team behind it.

I believe they will match if not better the functionality that Surfer SEO has and provide it at a better price point.

Need More Information About Neuron?

Neuron has a Facebook group that is growing day by day where users share their experiences and how best to make use of NeuronWriter’s capabilities.

The team at NeuronWriter post product updates, answer questions, and run webinars too showing they are keen to grow the use of the tool.

There is a growing list of videos on Youtube reviewing the platform and more can be found here: Guide

What Does the Future Hold for NeuronWriter?

The team at NeuronWriter are keen to improve their tool and they regularly seek feedback from users and include requested features in their roadmap which they publish here: RoadMap

NeuronWriter Review – Conclusion

In this neuron writer review I hope I’ve made it obvious how much I rate this tool. I really do believe it will improve your chance of ranking an article.

If you’re looking for an SEO optimization and ai writer that is powerful, easy to use, and will save you time, Neuronwriter is definitely worth considering.

With regular updates that include new functionality and the unbeatable price, it’s hard to go wrong. So why not try it out now and see how your search engine rankings could benefit?

Can I trust Neuron Writer?

Yes. Neuron Writer is owned by Contadu and they run enterprise-class SEO tools used by household brands. This should give you comfort that the tool isn’t run by someone who will disappear and not continue to support the product.

The tool has also received a 5-star rating from 402 reviews showing that it is used and trusted by Appsumo users.