Katteb AI Review

Every week sees a new AI writer hit the market. Many are similar and it’s hard to differentiate and choose between them. Most do pretty much the same thing. They have the same templates and the same tools, and their output is nearly identical.

That is until Katteb AI came along. In this Katteb AI review, I explain why this blogging tool is different and why you should get on it ASAP.

Katteb AI Background

Katteb AI Writer is the latest AI-based writing tool that is transforming the way content is created.

Its advanced algorithms allow it to understand text and rewrite it in a human-readable and SEO-friendly way. It is an ideal tool for bloggers, influencers, and website owners given the AI templates and tools that it provides.

With over 580 reviews and 100,000 users worldwide, Katteb AI Writer is rated 4.3/5 for its ability to generate high-quality content in 60 different languages. It has all the features necessary to create articles, product descriptions, ads and more – making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to quickly generate content.

Katteb AI Templates

There are a number of AI writing templates provided as part of this ai writing tool ensuring you can create high-quality content for a considerable number of use cases.

  • Katteb Plus – Fact-Checked Writer with Super Linguistic Powers
  • Credible Writer – Content based on the sources (URL) that you enter
  • Katteb Assisant – Non Factual AI Assistant that can write in many formats
  • Article Rewriter – Fetch and rewrite any article
  • Blog Intro
  • Long Form Article – 2000+ word articles
  • Featured Snippets – Create Featured Snippets using AI. You enter the paragraph it drafts the snippet.
  • Brand Statement
  • Headlines – Generate fact-checked headlines
  • Real Estate Description – Generate property listings descriptions
  • Factbook Posts – Generate creative FB posts
  • Paraphrasing – Rewrite and Enhance any sentences
  • Product Description
  • Video Description
  • About Us Page
  • Ads Targeting Ideas
  • Facebook Ads – Generate text for FB ads
  • Blog Outro
  • Pitch Deck
  • Key Sentences – Summarizr text into key sentences
  • PAS Formula – Problem Agitate Solution format
  • Twitter Hooks – Write catchy Twitter hooks
  • Pros & Cons – Review a product or service and create a List of Pros and Cons
  • Blog Subheadings
  • Song Lyrics
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Google Ads
  • Promotional Ideas
  • Summarizer
  • Blog Outline

Katteb Plus & Credible Writer – The Game Changers

Katteb Plus and Credible Writer are two of the AI templates. These are unlike other templates I have used and are what stand this tool apart from other AI writers.

With Credible Writer you can enter a source for the tool to use whilst creating the text you have asked it to.

Credible Writer Test. I went to google, found an article on a football (soccer) match played today and provided that article as the source. I asked the tool to summarize the game. The output was spot on. It’s shown below.

Katteb AI Output

The Katteb Plus AI template creates fact-checked writing and provides links to the sources used. Sounds too good to be true right? It works.

To test the tool I asked it to “write a report of the manchester city Vs Aston Villa game on the 12st February 2023”. No other input. It gave a really impressive output that was indeed factually correct.

Katteb AI Review - Output

To further test the tools fact-checking capabilities I ask it to write a summary paragraph about the pricing of an eCommerce platform I use. I knew the platform had a sale on vastly reducing the monthly price plans.

Amazingly Katteb provided information on the latest (sale) pricing without any input from me on where to get that information. WOW this thing really works.

Katteb AI Writer’s Quality of Output

Katteb AI Writer’s Quality of Output is one of its standout features and it’s no surprise why it has been praised by 100,000 users worldwide. It produces high-quality content quickly and efficiently. 

Having recently tried WordHero I can say with certainty that Katteb is better than WordHero, Katteb truly is a great tool for content writing.

By way of example, using its Twitter Hook template I entered “Review of SPOD Print on demand”

It gave the following as a result: 

“SPOD is one of the top print on demand services out there.

From t-shirts to mugs, they have it all and their prices are competitive.

But how does their quality stack up? I did a deep dive review to find out. Here’s what I discovered about SPOD  👇”

Katteb Pricing

Katteb offers a free trial where you get 2000 words to try out the tool.

In terms of paid plans Katteb AI Writer has affordable plans starting at just $15 per month, with 2 further plans at $20 and $25 per month.

Each plan includes an increasing amount of words, 30k, 100k, and unlimited words respectively.

Katteb Life Time Deal

There are lifetime deals available on AppSumo for a short period of time. The deal makes the tool even more attractive. These won’t be around forever so it’s worth getting on them asap.

Generate Content Quickly

Katteb AI Writer makes content creation fast and easy. It utilizes AI technology to generate high-quality content in a fraction of the time compared to manual writing. By leveraging accurate data from reliable sources, Katteb AI Writer is able to generate accurate and relevant content quickly. The platform also offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to customize your content easily, so you can create articles, product descriptions, and ads tailored to your needs. With Katteb AI Writer, you can plan and optimize your content in a matter of minutes, giving you the tools to reach your business goals faster.

Other Key Features

AI Art Generator

Within Katteb there is an option to create AI art. Here is an example of some I created.

Prompt: robot typing at a computer, detailed pencil sketch, over-the-shoulder view, black and white 

AI Art

Plagiarism Checker

As with some of the better AI tools, a plagiarism checker is included. It has a nice simple interface and it highlights the text in green (unique) or red (plagiarized) which is a nice touch.

Plagiarism Checker

Article Rewriter

Functionality to import an article and rewrite it step by step. Katteb gives variations (based on the number you request) for each section of the article.

It’s a great way to update an old article and improve it. The functionality works seamlessly and is a welcome addition to the product.

Ease Of Use

The Katteb artificial intelligence platform is simply laid out and easy to use ensuring that you encounter no issues when creating quality content. 

When creating content you do not need to leave the page to use different AI templates. There is a simple drop-down to select the template you want and enter the input required to generate the content; an efficient way to create.

Customer Support

I have had only one reason to contact customer support and they responded quickly answering my query. Katteb offers email support and chat support (during office hours).

There are a number of short YouTube videos available that explain how to use the tool. These are very helpful and ensure you can get the most out of the capabilities Katteb has.

What Katteb Customers are Saying…
  • Very nice app and functionality inside!
  • it allowed me to generate an entire article in a fraction of the time it normally would take.
  • I have purchased a lot of Ai tool deals, and this is one of the best.
  • Katteb.com has been a game-changer for me.
  • Incredibly easy to use and allowed me to choose an outline of topics
  • Had no luck getting my issue resolved.
  • I keep getting errors with this thing.

Katteb AI Writer Review Summary

Katteb AI Writer is an AI copywriter with a range of features designed to help webmasters, writers, and businesses generate content quickly. With a 4.3/5 rating from 100,000 users worldwide, Katteb consistently learns and checks facts before writing, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

It also offers an AI Art Generator and can plan and optimize content for maximum results. Whether you’re looking for articles, product descriptions, or ads, Katteb AI Writer has the tools you need to get the job done quickly and effectively. Overall, Katteb is an excellent choice for anyone looking to generate content quickly and accurately.

Katteb AI Review Conclusion

In conclusion, whilst its hard to say if Katteb AI is the best ai, it is definitely an excellent writing tool. It offers a great range of features and benefits to match many gpt-3 or gpt-3.5 using tools.

What stands this content writer apart is the fact-checking capabilities. It is not a gimmick. It works. 

Having an ai copywriting tool that isn’t driven by outdated data means you can quickly and easily create content based on recent events.

This is one of the best Atools on the market and one you should check out before they increase their prices.