Creative Fabrica Spark | CF Spark AI Text and AI Art Review


Everyone is launching AI tools and they can be quite costly and some are down right terrible.

If you are a print-on-demand seller or need design elements like fonts, illustrations graphics etc then a Creative Fabrica subscription, is a no-brainer.

Now they’ve made it even more attractive (as if it wasn’t already) by adding their own family of AI tools Creative Fabrica Spark (CF Spark)

Are they any good? Yes. Can they save you money? Yes. Why? Because the value that Creative Fabrica offers is mindblowing, not they’ve gone and added more to an already packed full subscription.

If you’re an SEO writer then no, CF Spark isn’t going to cut it compared to other dedicated writing tools.

But if you are in ecommerce selling print on demand for example, then it provides great timesaving functionality to remove the need for a separate tool.

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What is Creative Fabrica Spark?

CF Spark Features

Creative Fabrica Spark is a collection of AI tools provided by Creative Fabrica that are designed to enable users to unleash their creativity and make money at the same time.

Creative Fabrica’s mission for Spark is to revolutionize the way people consume art, with the aim of making it easier and more affordable for everyone to get involved in creating artwork, even if you can’t draw (like me).

CF Spark includes:

  • CF Spark Art – Create Art – An AI Image Generator (text to image)
  • CF Spark Writer – Create Text – An AI Text Generator
  • CF Spark Flow – Guided AI art creator
  • CF Spark Patterns – Create seamless AI Patterns (repeated images)
  • CF Spark Crystalline – Create Art in PNG file format
  • CF Spark Coloring Pages Generator – Create personalized coloring pages
  • CF Spark Sketch – Create pencil sketches
  • CF Spark ImageMix – Create an image by providing a URL of an existing image

So whilst there is a good list, a number of the above are just different ways of creating AI art, cut files, and clip art. But the images are high-quality

What you can do with CF Spark?

CF Spark is a new suite of powerful digital tools powered by Creative Fabrica and AI technology. It can be used to create beautiful images, graphics, and art, as well as generate unique text creations.

With CF Spark, you can easily create stunning visuals with the help of powerful graphic generation tools, explore the world of AI-generated art, and customize your creations with detailed settings.

Can I Use CF Spark For Free?

No, you need a Creative Fabrica subscription to use CF Spark.

If you have a standard Creative Fabrica subscription you can use Spark for free, however, it can be slow as your requests go into a queue. Everyone can also see what you create.

If you want to make your art private or want to speed up the creation you can purchase credits or an enhanced subscription for $9 a month that gives speed credits which makes generation faster, speeds up the process, and keeps your creations private.

Try Spark for free with a 1 Month Free Trial

CF Spark – Spark Writer

Spark Writer is CF’s AI-powered writing assistant that can help you write almost anything.

Creative Fabrica Writer

There are a significant number of templates included including an Article Creator that will help you create a whole blog post using a few simple inputs.

There are 38 templates to cover the following use cases

  • Personal
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Ad
  • Email
  • Book
  • Essay
  • Copywriting
  • Startup
Blog Templates
Blog Templates

To test the tool, I used the Article Outline template.


“The environmental benefits of Print On Demand”


“1. Print on demand is a printing technology that allows for variable-data printing, meaning that every copy of a print job can be slightly different.

2. Print on demand is more efficient than traditional printing methods, as there is no need to print large quantities of a single print job.

3. This efficiency leads to reduced waste and fewer harmful emissions from the printing process.

4. Additionally, print on demand books are often lighter than traditional books, which results in lower shipping costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

5. Print on demand also eliminates the need for inventory storage, as books are only printed when they are ordered.

6. All of these factors combined make print-on-demand a very environmentally-friendly printing option.

7. print on demand is also more affordable than traditional printing methods, making it a great option for both individuals and businesses alike.”

That’s pretty good and more detailed than many AI tools I’ve used. I would shorten the titles but it worked great as an outline to be fed into the next step of the process.

What blew me away though was the Article Writer. I took the above outline and pasted it into the Article Template and it returned a 1700-word blog post. Was it perfect? No. But it was really impressive and the article is far longer than many other platforms.

Etsy AI Templates

Etsy AI Templates

If you sell on Etsy, Creative Fabrica has added 4 Etsy focused AI templates (I wish they hadn’t bothered) :

  • Store Name
  • Store Bio
  • Product Listing Titles
  • Product Listing Descriptions

Whilst Store Name and Store Bio are likely to only ever be used a few times. The other two you will only use once and realize they arent worth it.

The Product Listing Titles were terrible. No Etsy expertise has been added, it allows you to enter some information and it gives you a short title that doesn’t include the keywords you told it to.

The product description template didn’t fair much better.

CF Spark – AI Images

CF_Spark Prompt

To create an image you simply enter a description into the text prompt, click your ratio, and click Ignite.

Here is a very simple example of cf spark prompts:

Prompt Input

“Little colourful real looking bird on a bird bath”


CF Spark Images
CF Spark Generated Images

Creative Fabrica Prompt Builder

Given how important prompts are, CF makes it easier by providing a prompt builder.

CF Spark Prompt Builder

The Prompt builder has so many options to choose from. You simply look at the options for each category and click the ones you want. It then adds them to the prompt.

Art Medium Prompt Options

5 Tips to Write Good Text-to-Image Prompts

Writing good text-to-image prompts can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right strategy, anyone can develop effective prompts that inspire great design. Here are five tips to get started:

1. Start with a prompt that clearly defines your goal. What do you want the image to accomplish? This will set the tone for the rest of your design.

2. Include as much detail as possible in your prompt. The more information you provide, the better equipped AI will be to create an accurate design based on your specifications.

3. Keep your inspiration in mind when writing prompts. Consider what type of image will best help convey the message you’re trying to communicate and provide specifics to help guide the AI system toward creating something unique and powerful.

4. Don’t forget about aesthetics! Make sure you consider how the final image should look – use words like “colorful” or “minimalist” to give designers a better idea of what kind of visual style you’re going for.

5. Think outside the box! Look at examples of other designs in order to get ideas and inspiration for your own project, then use those ideas as a jumping-off point for crafting innovative and eye-catching text-to-image prompts that will make your project stand out from the rest!

Creative Fabrica Spark Pricing

CF Spark comes free as part of a Creative Fabrica subscription. You can usually get a subscription at significantly discounted prices.

I’ve secured an annual subscription for $49.99 – Check it out here

For an additional $5 per month, you can get 1000 Spark Speed Credits per month. That’s probably overkill unless you are creating a lot of images.

Creative Fabrica Spark Alternatives

CF Spark Writer Alternatives

Free CF Spark Writer alternatives are: ChatGPT, Googles Gemini or Claude.

All offer paid plans too.

My current favorite AI writing tools are ZimmWriter and TextBuilder.

AI Image Generator

Jasper was one of the first to launch a commercial image generator, but it is expensive at $20 per month.

Dall-e 2 is a free image generation tool by Open AI that is well worth checking out.

Creative Fabrica Spark Review Conclusion

If you have a CF subscription (as I do) you will be loving the new features that Spark brings. Whilst I won’t use the art generators that much, the quality of the AI writer was impressive as a freebie extra.

Is Creative Spark worth the Creative Fabrica subscription fee on its own? No.

If you are on the fence about getting a creative fabrica subscription this should help you make the decision. Do it, you’ll thank me later.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Yes you can but you need to make sure you adhere to the licensing terms of the item you download from CF and ensure you are adhering to Etsy’s policies.

For example, you must design or hand-make the items you sell on Etsy. You can not, therefore, download a design from CF and simply sell it on Etsy using POD. However, you can get a number of elements (graphics, illustrations, and fonts) and put them together in a unique design and then sell that one Etsy.

Yes, you can hide your art and hide your prompts but only if you have a paid-for CF Spark subscription.

Yes, you can use graphics and fonts downloaded from Creative Fabrica in Canva by simply uploading them.

Creative Fabrica Spark (or CF Spark) is a collection of tools provided by Creative Fabrica that utilizes AI to generate Art, Text and Patterns.